Goofy Action flicks      B-Horror flicks      80's stupid sexy flicks      B-Movies   ETC

Fast Walking  1982 Prison cult flic  Stars: a young James Woods & Karen Black "
Street Trash
Escape from NY
The Stuff
The Car
KISS meets the Phantom
Destroy all Monsters (Godzilla type video)
28 Days Later  (original full version)  DVDmaster
Rock and Roll High School (features Ramones)  DVDmaster
Sasquatch     1 DVD 
FLASH GORDON - Ming Attacks the Earth  -- 3 episodes  (1936 B&W sci-fi) 1 DVD 
DO or DIE (andy sidaris film)
THREADS- "NUCLEAR WINTER"  1980's TV broadcast meant to shock!  3hrs DVDmaster
Orgy of the Dead - old erotic horror flic  (90min)
The Cars that ate Paris  ---1984  (91min)
Gone in 60 Seconds - part 2  (original - short film before filmakers death)
Deadline Auto Theft -  Gone in 60 seconds trilogy flic
Sting of the Black Scorpion
Bikini Bandits Experience  (1hr)  DVD
Video Violence Part 2 (B- horror Gore!)  90min

SPEEDWAY -  Elvis Presely  1968 color flic                   1hr 39min
Star Wars – 70min music montague from all episodes (special insert disk with Episode III soundtrack)
Father Guido Sarducci Goes to College   (1985 OOP flic)  1hr
Piranha   1978 classic B-horror flic  (92min)
Top Fights 2: Deadly China Dolls  (oriental girl fighters)
A Dirty Shame  - stars Tracy Ullman & Knoxville

One in a Million – Story of Ron LeFlore of Detroit Tigers  (1985 movie stars Levar Burton)
Jaws – 20th anniversary   2005 release bonus disk with all the extras and outtakes

Road Rage  (B-movie)  action  stars Casper Van Dien
Satanic Yuppies  (B comedy-horror) 1996  sexy chicks
Frostbite   (skiing B-comedy-sexy  )  2005
Heavy Petting Detectives (nerds)  stars Rhonda Shear  B-comedy  1995
Prison-A-Go-Go   (Cheesy B-prison Girl flic)  stars Rhonda Shear    2003
Best of Tromma Dance Film Festival  Volume 2
Too Hot for Tromma’s Edge Tv  (1.5hrs)
Hot Wax Zombies on Wheels -- 2000  Cheezy B-comedy horror(1.5hrs) 
Faust “Love of the Damned” -- 2000 B-horror(100min) 
Cover Me –  1995 sexy thriller stars Shae Marks

Girlfriend from Hell – 1990 B-sexy horror  (95min)
Hell Night – 1982 B-horror
BEAKS The Movie  -- 1987 cheap rip-off attempt at Hitchcock’s The Birds
The Sting of the Black Scorpion – 2002 sexy action thriller  (1.5hrs)
Getting’ Even – 2005 very sexy B-spoof  (1.5hrs)
976-Evil  -- 1989    B-horror  (1.5hrs)
Slaves of the Realm -  2003 B-Fantasy stars Rena Mero (aka. Sable of the WWF)
Lunch Wagon  -  1982 Sexy comedy  (stars 1980’s playmates)  (88min)
HOTS II  - 1990  poor attempt at a follow up to the sexy comedy HOTS
E. Nick  A Legend in his own Mind  -  1984  sexy B-comedy  (75min)
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama  -  1987  B Cult horror/comedy  (80min)
Good-Bye Cruel World  -  1981  B-horror/comedy  (84min)
Bloodsuckers from Outer Space     B-horror   (80min)
Babererllas  --    2003 sexy sci-fi  (80min)
Assault of the Killer Bimbos  --  1988  sexy B-comedy  (85min)
Double-D Avenger   --  sexy B-thriller/comedy  (77min)
Speedo: POV   - demolition derby documentary about Ed Jager (2003)
Demon Rage - Cult horror    1970's  bizarre (stars Lana Wood)
The Warriors - 1979 B-sci-fi action
The Warriors - Director's Cut (2005 RErelease)
Videodrome -  1983 B-horror   (1.5hrs)
Kentucky Fried Movie - 1977 B-comedy  (1hr 23min) 
Kingdom of Spiders - circa 1980 cult creature horror - Stars a young William Shatner  (95min)
The Seduction - 1990 sexy thriller stars Morgan Fairchild  (105min)
Fastbreak -  1979 Basketball sports flic stars Gabe Kaplan
Mulletville - 2002 redneck spoof  R (110min)
Pretty Cool - 2005 sexy comedy

Dallas Connection -  1994 sexy action stars Julie K. Smith & Julie Strain
Guns -   1990  sexy action stars Donna Speir & Roberta Vazquez
Nail Gun Massacre  - 1985 cult horror  (90min)
Tales from the Crapper - 2004 B-horror/comedy  Julie Strain, Ron Jeremy  (1hr 36min)
Beach Balls -  1988 sexy comedy  (1hr 23min)
Filthy McNastier & Filthy McNastiest -  2002 double feature   cheezy sexy B-horror-comedy (2hrs)
Fantasm Comes Again  1977 B-cult film  (Uschi Disgart)   1hr 39min
Bare Naked Survior   2001   sexy spoof  (Julie K Smith)   1hr 38min
Black Scorpion   1995 sexy thriller  (1hr30min)
Hard Ticket to Hawaii - 1987 Andy Sidaris sexy action flic  (100min)
Fit to Kill - 1993 Andy Sidaris sexy action flic  (100min)
Enemy Gold  - Andy Sidaris sexy action  (90min)  Julie Strain, Suzi Simpson
Common Law Wife- Jennie, Wife Child   1963 B-movie
1990: Bronx Warriors   1982  (92min)  post apocalypic sci-fi action
The New Barbarians     (91min)  post apolcalypic sci-fi action
2019: After the Fall of New York  (96min)   post apolcalypic sci-fi action
The Amazing Spiderman  - 1986 Live Action Film  (1.5hrs)
Evil Breed - Legend of Samhain  2002 (78min) Jenna Jameson Horror flick
Gingerdead Man (70min)  2005 cheezy horror flic stars Gary Busey
Vultures - 1986 Cult Suspense
Rebel High-  1988  cheezy action spoof comedy
Fraternity Vacation -  1985 sexy comedy  (tim robbins)
Creepers -  1985  cult B-horror (82min)

Masters of Horror – Homecoming   2005 cheezy B-horror  (1hr)
Saturn 3 -  1980 sci-fi  staring the hot Farrah Fawcett
Chosen One: Legend of the Raven   1998 sexy thriller stars Carmen Electra

From Star Wars to Jedi -  Making of a Saga    (65min)  1989

My Pet Monster – Live action  kids video show (1986)  1hr+
Ants  -  1977  B-horror flick    Stars   Suzanne Somers  (93min)
Frogs -  1972  B-horror flick   Stars  Joan Van Arc & Sam Elliot  (90min)
Tarantulas: Deadly Cargo -   1977 B-horror flick    (96min)
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park  -  1978 Kiss debut film  (96min)
Baha Oklahoma -  1988 Country Music film  (100min)
Happy Hour -  1991 B-Comedy   stars Tawny Kitaen (88min) 

More! Police Squad  - 1985 spoof comedy stars Leslie Neilson  (beta transfer)
Killer Workout -  B-horror   1987   (89min)
Mausoleum -  horror   1983  (96min)
The Brain – Mind over Matter    B-horror  1988 (94min)
Brain Damage -   cult horror   1988  (89min)
A Man Called Sarge -  slap-stick comedy    (1980’s) (86min)
Fear City -  sexy thriller   (stars the young Melanie Griffith)  R
Class of Nuke’em High 2 -  B-horror   1990
Incredibly Strange Creatures (who stopped living & became mixed up zombie)  - weird B-horror   (90min)
Cyclone – 1987 sexy action thriller  (89min)  stars Heather Thomas
Frotress – 1992  Sci-Fi action thriller (95min) stars Christoper Lambert
New York’s Finest -  1987 sexy spoof comedy
With Friends like these – 1990 B-horror trilogy cult flic
The Dorm that dripped blood -  1985 B-horror  (84min)
Neon Maniacs – 1985 B-horror (90min)
Thunder Run – 1986 cult action-thriller (84min)
Iron Warrior – 1987 B-sci-fi action (82min)
Saturn 3  -  1980 Sci-Fi Staring Farrah Fawcett
Battlestar Galactica -  original movie  (PG)  125min
Drianiac -  1990's B-horror   (87min) R
Slaughter High -1985  B-horror  (91min) R
C.H.U.D.   -   1984  B-horror  96min  R
C.H.U.D.II  -  1988 B-horror   84min  R
Mulva Zombie Ass Kicker – Filthy McNasty   B-movie  105min
DOMINO -  1989 Bridgette Neilsen  sexy-thriller   (95min)  R
Red Shoe Diaries – Double Dare 2   1993   sexy  (94min)  UR
Rescue from Gilligan’s Island  (95min)
Hells Angels on Wheels   (1970’s)  95min  young Jack Nicholson
Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley (1957  1hr 32min)
Viva Los Vegas – Elvis Presley (1963  1hr 25min)

Roustabout – Elvis Presley (1964  101min)

Loving You – Elvis Presley  (1965   102min)

Snapdragon  - Erotic Thriller featuring Pam Anderson’s first leading role  (R)
School for Sex     -  late night USA network B-movie (2hrs)
Return of Swamp Thing  - 1989  (87min)
The Day After – 1983 ABC movie
Deadly Deception – 1987  CBS movie  (2hrs)
How to Make a Monster  - Julie Strain  2001  cult B-movie
Vampires on Bikini Beach -  late night USA network B-movie (2hrs)
Red Scorpion 2   - Action Thriller    1994  (1hr 34min)
Pandemonium  - 1980  comedy  (1hr 22min)  Judge Reinhold
Cat's Eye - Trilogy of Terror  -   1985 Stephen King Classic
Snakes on a Train  - 2006   B-horror  (R)

Combat Shock -  1986  B-action – Vietnam vet goes nuts in hometown  (85min) R
Ice Spiders - 2007 B-horror
Holocaust 2000 - 1978 Post Apocalypic    Kirk Douglas stars
Circus of Horrors - 1960 horror classic (87min)

Easy Wheels -  1989  sexy action biker B-comedy  R  (94min)

Death Feud -  1989 Frank Stallone B-action  (85min)
D.O.A. II  - 1969  cult horror  R  (97min)
The Chilling - 1989 cult horror stars Linda Blair   R  (91min)
Street Fight - 1987 Animated cult comedy    R   (89min)
Punk Rock Holocaust 2 - 2005 cult flic
Slaughter High - 1985 Cheezy cult horror  R  (90min)

Pumpkinhead   -  1988 Cult Horror   (1hr 27min)  R
Deadly Diamonds -  B-action  (93min)  R
Monster High  - 1989 B-horror (R)
Thunder Run -  1986 B-action/thriller  (84min)

I was a Teenage TV Terrorist – 1985 B-comedy    (85min)
The Kindred – 1986 B-horror (92min)
The Willies – 1990 B-horror (92min)
Night Wars – 1987 B-action (90min)
Drianiac  - 2000 Cult Horror flick (1:17)

Jump the Band -   Cult Horror spoof movie   (2008)  98min

Critters 4  -   Pg-13  spoof horror   94min (2003)
42nd Street Forever – Weird, wild and crazy theatrical trailers from around the world  (128min) 2001

Johnny Sunshine – 2007 Cult zombie horror  (1hr 20min)
The Day Reagan was Shot  - 2002  (98min)  thriller based on true story
Oversexed Rugsuckers from Mars  (1989)  Cult horror spoof movie  (90min)Zombie Strippers (2008)  90min  Robert Englund/Jenna Jamison  Sexy B-horror
They Crawl -  B-horror “roachs!”   88min
Dark Star -  1971  B-comedy on Star Wars type spoof  (91min)
The Mummy’s Shroud – 1967 Classic Horror thriller  (90min)
Cemetery High   (1988) cult horror
Chupacadabra Terror  (2005)  88min
Corpses  (2004)
Luther the Geek  (2005)  troma cult horror
Slumber Party Massacre II   (1987)  77min  (remastered DVD)
The Supernaturals  - 1985 B-horror  (embassy)
Sole Survivor – 1982  B-thriller
The Stuff – 1985  B-horror  (93min)  R
Goulies III – “Ghoulies go to college” – 1988  (93min) (vestron)
Night of the Demons -  1989 B-horror  (90min)   unrated
Night of the Demons 2 -  1994 B-horror (republic)
Return of the Living Dead Part 2 -  1987 B-horror  (89min)  Lorimar  R
Screamers -  1985 Cult Horror  (83min)  (embassy) R
Star Crystal –Extra Terrestrial Nightmare -  1985 B-sci-fi  (93min)  R
Evil Dead II    1987  (84min)  R
Psycho Cop 2 -    1993  Cult Slasher   R  (80min)
Alice Sweet Alice -   1977 Brooke Sheilds’ first film!   Rare Cult thriller/horror  (108min)
Monster High - 1989 B-horror (2002 DVD)  R  (84min)
Gutterballs - 2008 Bowling B-slasher horror  (1:34)
Dead-Alive  1992 Cut horror     unrated (97min) 
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero -   1970 (93min)
Captian America - Live Action Movie from 1992  (based on cartoon character)  103min
Snakehead Terror  -  2004  B-Horror  (1:31)
Terror Vision – 1986 B-horror  (84min)  lightning video
Blood Beach – 1981 B-horror    media video
The Howling III -  1988 B-horror (PG-13)  94min  Vista home video
Death Kiss -  1976 horror  (80min)  Prism 1985 video
976-Evil -  1989 Cult-horror (105min)  RCA columbia
The Devonsville Terror – 1983 Cult-horror  (97min)  Embassy video
Alien Raiders – 2008 Cult-horror  (1hr 25min)
Deadly Friend -    Wes Craven 1987 cult horror   R (91min)
Howling IV   -  1988 B-horror    IVE video  R
Prom Night III – The Las Kiss  (1990)  97min   B-horror
Parents – 1989 Cheezy suspense Randy Quaid horror
Blood Tracks – 1986 Cult slasher horror  (82min)
Patrick  - 1980’s suspense cult thriller   (96min)  pg-13
MC3 - Maniac Cop 3    1993horror   unrated  (85min) 
Offerings -  1988 cut horror   R  (96min)
Beachballs - 1985 sexy beach comedy  R (76min)
Graveyard Shift III "The Understudy" - 1988 horror  R   (88min)
Scanners III The Takeover -   1991 horror  R  (101min)
Robo Warriors   - 1996 B Sci-Fi    PG-13
The Amazing Howard Hughes        rare  1978 movie - featuring Tommy Lee Jones
Fantasic Planet - 1973 Roger Corman Animated rare movie (won Cannes Award)
Hollywood Hot Tubs 2 "Educating Crystal" - 1991  R  sexy comedy
The Sender  -  1982 B-horror/thriller  (92min) (from laser disk)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - "A Family Portriat"  1988 MTI  (70min) Documentary about the cult film
Return of Spinal Tap     1993 MPI video   (110min)
Megashark vs. Crocasaurus     2010  Chessy horror  (R)
Mega Piranha   2010  Cult horror
Beast of Blood      Image films   2002
Mutant  (roger corman films)  1982 cult classic  (82min)
Virgin Beasts  - (troma)   2005
The Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror  (Ariztical)
Bride of Re-Animator  (1989)
Re-Animator Resurrectus    (1985) Anchor Bay
Santa Claus conquers The Martians   (2004)
Devil Girl from Mars  (femme fatale collection)  image  2004
Mighty Gorga (& One Million AC/DC)   (something weird video)  1986/2002
The Notorious Daughter of Fanny Hill and the Head Mistress   (something weird video)  2002
Wham-Bam-Thank you, Spaceman  (something weird video)  2001
Arachnia  (edgewood)  2003
Dr. Hackenstein  (troma team)
Flesh Eaters from Outer Space & Invasion for Flesh and Blood  (troma double feature) 2005
Pyro     (troma team video)
Horror Hospital    (elite entertainment)
Inseminoid - aka Horror Planet  (elite entertainment)
Monsters Crash the Pajama Party   (something weird video)  2001
Horrors of Spider Island  (something weird video)  2000
Curse of the Fly
Return of the Fly
Humanoids from the Deep (R)  82min   New Horizons  1999
When Women Lost their Tails  (R)   94min    1971
Pecker    (R)   2001 New Line 
The Psycho Lover  & Heat of Madness  (something weird video) 2003
The Thirsty Dead & The Swamp of the Ravens  (something weird video)  2003
Death Curse of Tartu & Sting of Death  (something wierd video)  2001
Galaxis  (lions gate B-Sci-Fi)   1995
Mondo Balorodo (shocking perverted rediculous true stories)  Alpha Video  2004
Earth vs. the Spider & War of the Colossal Beast  (Lions Gate 1960 double feature)
Evils of the Night   (Shreik show 2006)
The Wasp Woman & The Attack of the Giant Leeches (Madacy video)
Monsturd  (Elite Entertainment)
Cat People  (R)   Universal
House on Haunted Hill & Last Man on Earth  (diamond entertainment double feature)
Bloodspell Collection (Bloodspell, Alien Blood, Drawling Blood)  Troma Triple B-header    (2005)
Hidden Fuhrer - Debating the enigma of Hitler's Sexuality  (cinemax/strand video)
She Demons   (image)  2001
Monster Kid Home Movies
The 50 worst Movies ever made  (collection review of cheezy films)  Passport video  (1hr)  2001
Tales of Voodoo - Volume 1  (3 discs):  Jungle Virgin Force, Temple of Hell, The Rapist
Sometimes they come back ... for more      R    (1989)   89min  Trimark
Bite Me!  Bugs with Bad Attitude    R     2004   shock-o-rama cinema
Devil Doll  -  classic  1964  creepy dummy movie  81min   Image
"Smash Cuts"  - Sci-Fi shorts fest     R  (92min)
Bigfoot Terror  -  4 features - Search for the beast (1997), Legend of bigfoot (1976), Shriek of the mutilated (1974), The capture of Bigfoot (1979)    (5hrs)  retromedia
Monster -   asylum films  2008,   (85min)
Sorority House Massacre II  -  1992   (R)   77min
Science Fiction Theatre-  1955-57  TV series   78 episodes on 10 DVD's
Unnamable II  -   (HP Lovecraft)  1993   R    cheezy horror flick
Radioactive Dreams - 1987 post nuclear war cheezy flick like mad max  (R)  (94min)
Cross of Iron  - 1984  WW2 movie James Coburn  (132min)
Life Boat -  (Hitchcock classic)  1988  video  from 1972 movie 
Martial Law  -  1991  cheezy crime fighting action flick  stars David Caradine
The Curse -   1987  R    Cheezy horror  (92min)
Bikini Island -  (early 1990's movie aired on HBO)   R  sexy thriller
Warlords 3000 - Mad Max like movie  R  (92min)   1:30  Vision video
Private Maneuvers  (date?)  R  goofy Comeday  (MGM)  1hr 22min
Dirty Laundry - 1987    PG-13   81min     Slapstick sexy comedy
Killer Fish  -  1978    (1986 key video)  101min   cult horror
Ice Cold in Phoenix -  2004   Sexy twisted thriller  (MTI video  DVD)
Invisible Invaders (1959) /  Journey to the Seventh Planet(1962)  (midnite movies) double feature   (1hr 7min / 1hr 17min)
Come & Get It  (2001)  20 short wierd films (231min)  color and black & white
Creature from the Black Lagoon - Classic Monster Collection (2000 re-release gold DVD)  
Something Weird Video:  EXTRA WEIRD SAMPLER   (2002)  short clips, bizzare, sexy, weird, cult flics
Zoltan Hound of Dracula    (1977)    horror flick  (congress video)
Galaxina  -  sexy goofy Sci-fi movie
Cannibal Women of the Avacado Jungle of Death -  (stars S. Tweed, Adrienne Barbeau, and Bill Maher
The Cosen One - Legend of the Raven     Troma video  stars Carmen Electra
Vampirella & Night Hunter  - double feature  (both  R   and  85min)  1996
Recoil  -  unrated   2003
Fraternity Vacation -  1985 sexy college frat comedy -  stars Tim Robbins  (95min) R
Sleep Away Camp 2 - Unhappy Campers   --  1988  (80min)  R   horror
Operation Delta Force 2 - Mayday   -- 1997 (111 min)
Police Academy 5 - Assignment Miami Beach  (1988)  PG
Slaughter Studios -  2002   (86min)  R   horror-slasher
The Exterminator  - 1980   embasy video  R  (101min)
Total Recall 2070  -  demo vhs.  take off of hit Total Recall - no stars in this one  (83min)  R
Witchouse II - Blood Coven  -  2000   Cheesy cult/slasher horror  (3hrs total)
Razor Blade Smile  -  1998   (101 min)  R    (vampire horror)
Eerie Midnight Horror Show   1974  (86min)    R  (vintage cheezy horro flick)
Hell Asylum    2002   (72min)  R   (gore flick)
Return of the Killer Tomatoes - The sequel   (99mi)  PG
The Midnight Hour  -  1986 cheesy horror (stars Shari Belefonte)  Vidmark
Rock 'N' Roll High School Forever -  1990 cheesy comedy stars Corey Feldman (94min)
1990: The Bronx Warriors  -  1984  post apocalypic sci-fi (ala road warrior)  R  (84min)
The Beach Girls  -  1982 sexy beachy cheezy comedy   (91min) from laserdisc
Outpost Zeta  -  1980 cheezy sci-fi  (1989)  92min
Disaster at Silo 7 -  1993 cheezy sci-fi     92min
Warriors of the Wasteland - 1982 rip off of mad max/road warrior  (87min) R
The Coronor - 1999 creepy horror  (75min) R
Not Quite Hollywood - a mix of clips - OZploitation   (cultish, campishm B- sexy movies mix) 2008 (103min) 
Warlock - Satan also has a son  (1992)  R   cheezy horror  (103min)
Honeymoon -  (1985)  Drama thriller  (98min)
Fangs - (1989) cheezy snake terror horror  R   (90min)
Goulies IV  -(1994)   R    83min  
Mother Jugs and Speed -  1988  (bill cosby/rachel welch classic) PG
Demonic Toys - (1991)   doll cheezy horror  R
Puppet Master - (1989)   doll cheezy horror  R
Spookies - (1985)  Sexy cheezy horror   R  (85min)
Invaders from Mars -  (1986)  Karen Black stars     (102min)
Death before dishonor -  (1991) cheezy action shoot'em up  R
The Octagon -  (1983)  Chuck Norris martial arts old classic
Avenging Angel - (1991)  sexy action thriller (94min)
Nightmare on Elm Street 5 "The Dream Child"   (1989)  R
Junior - (1986)   creepy horror     80min 
Basketcase - (1983)  creepy horror  (1983)  89min
Subspecies - (1991) cheezy horror   Full Moon video   R    90min
Trancers III  Deth Lives  -  (1992)   Cheezy horror  R  103min
Obvilvion -  (1994)    3031 cheezy sci-fi     94min
Dark Angel The Ascent -  (1994)  sexy cheezy sci-fi   R   93min
Urban Warriors - (1989)     Cannon video  (90min)
Circuitry Man - (1989)  wierd sci-fi movie  (R)   RCA video
Camel Spiders - (2012)  Roger Corman Cheesy horror
Project: Shadowchaser - (1992) Scif-fi thriller (97min)  Prism video
The Hidden - (1987) action drama  (R)  Media video     98min 
Nazis at the Center of the Earth - 2012 cheezy zombie movie  NR
Sucker The Vampire     1998  Troma DVD
Rumble Fish       cheesy action drama  (90min)  R
Foxy Brown    Pam Grier   1974   (91min)
Dogtown and the Z-Boys(birth of extreme skateboarding)  2002   (91min) PG-13
Thunder Warrior II   (88min)  cheezy version of road warror
Escape from Safehaven   (1989)    R   (87min)
Near Dark  (1987)  HBO video   action   (R) 94min
Evil Dead  (1998)  horror flick  (85min)  sam raimi
Evil Dead 2  - Dead by Dawn     1987 horror movie    (85min)
Gaydar - (2002)  20min movie (film festival winner)  (official DVD)
Spike and Mike's: Sick and Twisted - festival of animation  (2001)  100min
Kids in the Hall - Brain Candy    (1996)  R
Steel - Shaqueille O'neal  cheezy revenge action movie  (97min)  PG-13
Zombies vs. Strippers   (2012) R  sexy stupid cheezy zombie movie
Beach Babes 2 - Cave Island Girls  (80min)
Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Darkness - Broomstick Edition
Pink Floyd - The Wall  (official DVD)
Lake Placid 2 - unrated  2007
Thrill Kill   (1987)  85min  action
Green Ice  (1981)  115min  Action  Ryan Oneil, omar sharief,   Key video
Femailien  (1996)   80min   sexy sci-fi
Driving Force - (1990)  B-grade Thriller (R)   Catherine Bach, Sam Jones, Don Swayze
The Train - (1964)  B&W Burt Lancaster War movie
Mephisto - (1983)  HBO Video - nazi germany  132min
Topaz - (1985) MCA video - Alfred Hitchcock rare thriller  2hrs6min
First Men In The Moon - (1989)  RCA Columbia video - HG Wells (103min)
Night Breed - (1990) Clive Barker horror  (102min)  R   media video
Hideous! - (1997) cheezy monster horror  (82min) R  full moon video
Nice Girls Don't Explode  - (1987) goofy comedy (from laserdisk)  PG
The Hunter  -  (1980) Steve McQueen crime action drama  (97min) PG  (from laserdisk)
Tom Jones! - (1981)    1963 musical movie  (laserdisk)  (127min)
Game of Survival -   (1990's)   R    B-action flick"
Sharknado - 8/2013  Sci-Fi Channel much hyped B horror  (with commercials)
Heavy Petting Detective (1997)  Sexy spoof   Rhonda Shear stars
Porkys & Porky's II the next day
Howling III (1997) 98min
Funland - 1985 PG-13 B-horror  (99min)
Equinox Knocks - 2000 R B-humor  (104min)
The Andromeda Strain -  1979 classic   2hrs 10min
Gorgo -  1961 cheesy like Godzilla flick
A Night in Heaven - 1983 B-drama
How I got into College - 1989  PG-13 Comedy  (87min)
Bad Girls from Mars - 1990 sexy B-sci-fi/comedy  (86min)   vidmark video
Miami Vice II - Prodigal Son  (1985 movie)  (1.5hrs) (like Miami Vice TV show but uncut movie)
Zombie Lake - 1980   (83min)  image DVD
Invisible Man - original 1933 HG Wells B&W movie (1987 VHS) 1hr 11min
The Groove Tube - 1981 slapstick spoof (R) national lampoon like (rare)  1981 beta tape transfer (75min)
Bleeders - 1997 B horror (89min)
The Art of Dying - 1990 B-crime Thriller  (R)
Knights of the City - 1982  B-Action (87min) new world video - transferred from beta tape
Carnival of Blood - 1980's B-horror    transferred from beta tape
Mean Streets - 1973 Martin Scorsese's classic  (R)  (112min)  transferred from beta tape
Season of the Witch - 1984 Cesar Romero horror classic (R)  69min   transferred from beta tape
Treasure of the Four Crowns - 1982 - B-action rip off of Indiana Jones (cheesy)  (PG)  97muin   transferred from Beta tape
Battle Beyond the Stars - 1980 B-sci-fi  Sybil Danning  (102min)   transferred from beta tape
The Swarm -  1978 B horror about bees (96min)
One Man - 1974 detective action (1.5hrs)  PG-13
Bimini Code - 1984 cheesy triller copies "The Deep"  (PG)
Runaway - 1980's Tom Sellick Sci-Fi thriller (90min)  PG-13
Hospital Massacre - cheezy 1982 Horror movie (89min) R - from VHS recording from movie channel original airing
Deadly Passion - 1985 sexy thriller  (100min) 
Terror at the Opera - 1991  unrated horror  (southgate video)  107min
Jane and the Lost City  (PG)  94min
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down   1990 Comedy  (105min) NC-17
The Doberman Gang - 1972  G movie Key Video (85min)
Zombie High - 1987 Cheezy horror  (91min) R
Alligator II - The Mutation    PG13   (newline vhs)
Dead-Alive -   cheesy horror (85min)  R  Vidmark vhs
The Cars that Ate Paris  - 1984 (unrated version)  (91min) 
The Last Don - 1997 CBS mini series movie (Danny aiello, Kristy alley, Daryl Hanna)
Class -  Rob Lowe movie  (R)
High Stakes - B-Thriller   Stars Sally Kirkland (1989 R) 1:42
The Curse II: The Bite   1989 B-horror - radioactive snake bites man and he becomes snake  (JIP early) (R  1:38)
Hanger 18    1980 B-sci-fi thriller  (1:37)  worldvision vhs
The Warrior and the Sorceress - 1984 David Carradine  (R  84min)
Witchtrap  - 1988   (R  92min)
Deathstalker II   R  cheesy medieval times action flick (movie channel)
Impulse -  1989 Terresa Russell  B-drama   (102min  R)  laserdisc
Lake Consequence - 1993 sexy drama  (90min NR)  laserdisc
Resurrection  - 1980   drama (1hr 42min  NR)
Criminal Passion - 1994 drama ( 96min  R)
Laguna Heat - 1987  crime drama (110min R) laserdisc
Dangerous Pursuit - 1990 action drama (95min NR) laserdiscz
The Bedroom Window - 1987 thriller mystery (1hr 52min  R)
Disco Godfather  - 1979 black crime action  (R)   93min
Bitch Slap - unrated  2009 Sexy B-Action flick
Last of the Warriors - 1991 R  - mad max rip off post apocalyptic B movie  (96min)
Horror Express - 1986  Horror Thriller - Telly savalas (95min)
WIZARDS  - Ralph Bakshi Film  (animated film)
Killer Clowns from Outer Space  - 1988 B horror comedy
EVIL DEAD II  (1987 horror flick)  NR (84min)
The Munsters Revenge -  1981  96min movie
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow  (1982)  Orson Wells movie
Monster Island - 2004 Carmen Electra cheesy beast thriller horror flick (MTV video)
They Crawl   (creepy Horror)  88min   Lions Gate   R 
Black Scorpion Returns  (2001)  PG-13  sexy action crime thriller  88min
Savage Beach - R sexy action flick - cinemax
Waxwork - Cheesy Horror
Slammer Girls - Cheesy Girl Prison movie  (cinemax)
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - R  Cheesy Sexy horror  (cinemax)
Stacy's Knights -  Kevin Costner 1984 Vestron Video
Private School for Girls - Phoebe Cates 1983 sexy comedy
Seven Hours to Judgement - 1988 action thriller  (R)   Media VHS (90min)
The Art of Dying - B-suspense thriller  (date?)  (80min)  PM home video VHS
Escapes- - vincent Price hosts journey into supernatural - 5 original shorts (1986 VHS) 
The Butchers  - Troma Video(90min)2005
Psychomania - (1971) Rare cult classic - mobsters and motorcycles (89min)
Scanners -  (1981) (1hr 43min) Cult horror classic
School Spirit - (1985)  (1.5hrs0 1985 sexy comedy R
Night Patrol -  87min   R (new world video)
Combat Academy - 99min   NR  B-comedy
Roller Coaster -  1977 action thriller (119min)  PG  
IT lives Again -  1978 rare horror  (91min)  R
Fantasy Mission Force (uncut) - 1985 Jackie Chan  (90min)
DEAD ANT - 2017 (1:30) Heavy metal band fights ants! (kix songs!)
EVOCATEUR - The Morton Downy Jr. Movie (documentary about crazy talk show host that started it all)
ELIMINATORS - 1986 post apocalyptic  road warrior movie  (PG-13) (1hr40min)
Death Force - 1980's Samuri fighting B-movie (96min)  Top Video
StoogeMania - 1985  (83min)  Paramount  PG