1984 Wimbledon Mens:  McEnroe vs. Conners , Conners vs. Clerc
1984 US Open Mens:  McEnroe vs. Lendl  (only 1st 2 sets)
Women's Tennis  date?  US Open -  Semi-final:  Selas vs. Navratilova     Selas wins   (2hrs)
Wimbledon 2000:  “The Classic Match”  1980 Final  Borg vs. McEnroe
Date?  Battle of the Champions:  Jimmy Conners vs. Martina Navratilova (2 disks)

Date? Women's:  Graf vs. Navratilova    and  McEnroe vs. Edberg
Date? Women’s VA Slims Championship:  Navratilova vs. Sabatini  (live 2 disks)
Date? Women's VA Slims Semi-Finals: Navratilova vs. Jana Novatna  & Gabriella Sabatini vs. Monica Seles
Woman’s Tennis:  date?  Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay  (martina Navratilova vs. rinaldi)   HTS  (early 90’s?)
1987 Wimbledon Women's: Navratilova vs. Graff  (3 disks - and has some other doubles footage too)
1990 Wimbledon Women's Championship:  Navratilova vs. Zina Garrison
1991 Team Tennis: Los Angeles vs. Atlanta (mixed doubles)  (1.5hrs) plus has--  1991 Australian Rules football:  Melvin vs. North Melvin -playoffs
1993 US Open Women's 4th round:  Navratilova vs. Sukova
1993 Wimbledon Women's Semifinals: Navratilova vs. Novatna  (plus Martinez vs Graff (partial))
1994 Wimbledon Women's:  Navratilova vs. Novatna
1994 Wimbledon Women's Semifinals: Navratilova vs. Gigi Fernandez
1996 Eurocard Open:  Quaterfinals  Sampras vs. Agassi  , Semifinals: Sampras vs.Semerick ,  Finals: Sampras vs. Becker
1996 US Open: Chang vs. Spadea, Agassi vs. Simerink  + women's matches
1996 US Open: ( 2nd disk)Conners vs. Borg , Finals: Sampras vs. Chang
1996 Eurocard Open:  Pete Sampras coverage through Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals  (2 disks = 6 hrs)
1996 Wimbeldon:  Finals: Washington vs. Krajicek  + men's challenge: McEnroe vs. Gomez  (plus some US Open Golf footage)
11/1996 ATP World Championships:  (germany)  semifinals: sampras vs. Ivanisevic , Finals: Sampras vs. Becker
12/1996 Compaq Grand Slam: Semifinals: Hennman vs. Becker , Finals:  Becker vs. Ivanisevic   French Open coverage: Muster vs. Volinea , Chang vs. Edberg  Plus Women's:  Seles vs. Maaleva , Graf vs. Hernandez
12/1996 (second disk):  McEnroe - Sampras - Courrier - Agassi  + has Austrailian Open 2nd round: Sampras vs. Voleris
1997 Austrailian Open:  Courrier vs. Tarango, Ivanesivic vs. Woodruff , Washington vs. Woodbridge ,  Moya vs. Karbacher,  Rios vs. Schaller
1997 Austrailian Open: (2nd disk)  Muster vs. Ivanisevic, Chang vs. Rios (partial)
1997 Austrailian Open: (3rd disk) Sampras vs. Muster , Finals:  Sampras vs. Moya
9/8/01 Women's Tennis: Grand Slam Championship:  Venus vs. Serena Williams  (CBS   1:35)
3/16/05  Pacific Life Open  Coria vs. Agassi  (Agassi wins 6-4, 6-1)  ESPN2
7/3/05  Wimbelton Woman’s Final:  Venus Williams vs. Davenport7/5/07 Wimbelton  Women’s Semi-Final  (2 disks  6hrs) NBC
7/6/07 Wimdelton  Men’s Semi-Final (2 disks   6hrs)  NBC
7/6/08 Wimbelton Men’s Final:  Federer vs. Nadar  (long final!)  3 disks
7/4/09 Wimbelton Women's final:  Serena vs. Venus Williams
7/4/09 Wimbelton Men's doubles final:  Bryan/Bryan vs. Nester/Zimonjie
7/5/09 Wimbelton Men's final:  Federer vs. Roedick
6/6/10 French Open:  Men’s Final (2 disks)
7/3/11  Wimbledon Championship:  Men’s Finals   7/3/11  (NBC 4hrs)
7/7/12  Wimbledon Women's Championship:  Serena Williams vs Radwanska
7/8/12  Wimbledon Men's Championship:  Fedderer vs. Murray
6/8/13 French Open:  Women's final  Serenna Williams vs. Sharapovov
6/9/13 French Open:  Men's final  Nadal vs. Ferrer   (game inturupeted by crazy guy with flare!)
7/6/13 Wimbledon  Women's Final , Doubles final, and Men's Semifinals
7/7/13 Wimbledon Men's Final   Murray vs. Dovachvic

Free-Style Biking:  1985 Grand National Championships - Flatlands  (30min) old video.
1989 Tour De France    Final Stages only  (2 discs)
7/10/05 Tour De France   Stage 9  (1hr) CBS

7/24/05 Tour De France   Late rounds – lance Armstrong  (1hr)  CBS


5/5/79 105th Kentucky Derby (Spectacular Bid wins) -5min - just this race - found on the end of an old VHS tape!!!!!
5/21/05  Preakness Stakes   (1hr of coverage)
8/13/05  Arlington Million & Beverly D. Stakes  (2hrs)

10/29/05 Breaders Cup  (NBC)  5hrs
5/6/06 32nd Kentucky Derby     Barbaro wins
5/20/06 Preakness Stakes   (2 disks -- has  pre-race coverage)
5/5/07   133rd Kentucky Derby  -  Street Sense wins  (NBC)
5/3/08 Kentucky Derby  Big Brown wins
5/17/08 Preakness Stakes  Big Brown runs away from pack
6/7/08 Belmont Stakes  “Big Brown disappoints”
5/2/09 Kentucky Derby   (4 full hours of coverage)
5/16/09 Preakness Stakes  (Baltimore, MD)  2hrs
5/1/10  136th Kentucky Derby     3hrs 30min
5/15/10 Preakness Stakes    2.5hrs  (NBC)
5/7/11  137th Kentucky Derby   (3hrs)   NBC
5/22/11 Preakness Stakes  (2hrs)  NBC
5/5/12  138th Kentucky Derby  (3hrs)  NBC " I'll have another" 15/1 fav  wins
5/19/12 137th Preakness Stakes   NBC  "I'll have another" wins again"... triple crown talk!
6/9/12 144th Belmont Stakes  NBC  "I'll have another" retires before the race
5/4/13 139th Kentucky Derby (4hrs coverage)  ORB wins  NBC
5/18/13 138th Preakness Stakes   (3hrs coverage)  NBC
6/8/13 145th Belmont Stakes  (2hrs) MNC
5/3/14  140th Kentucky Derby (3hrs coverage)  California Chrome wins it   NBC
5/18/14 139th Preakness Stakes (2hrs coverage) California Chrome again!
6/7/14 146th Belmont Stakes  - Tonelis wins, California Chrome comes in 5th and owner is pissed - controversial interview at end!
5/1/15  141st Kentucky Derby  - favorite  American Pharaoh wins (NBC)  -4hrs coverage
5/16/15 140th Preakness Stakes - American Pharaoh wins again (some satellite interference due to weather)
6/6/15  147th Belmont Stakes - AMERICAN PHAROH WINS TRIPLE CROWN!!!!!
5/7/16   142nd Kentucky Derby    Nyquist wins  (3hrs - NBC)  much pre-race stuff
5/21/16 141st Preakness Stakes - Excelerator wins (NBC) 3hrs
6/11/16  148th Belmont Stakes    Creator Wins
5/6/17  143rd Kentucky Derby   Always Dreaming wins  (2 discs with pre-coverage and races)
5/20/17 142nd Preakness Stakes  Cloud Computer wins
6/10/17   149th Belmont Stakes  Tapwrit wins 
5/5/18 144th Kentucky Derby   Justify wins in convincing fashion
5/19/18  143rd Preakness Stakes  (Justify wins second leg of triple crown in fog) 
6/9/18 Belmont Stakes   Justify wins the triple crown!!!!  (NBC 4hrs)
5/4/19 145th Kentucky Derby    Maximum Security controversial DQ by lane violation - Country House wins  (NBC)
5/18/19 144th Preakness Stakes  War of Will wins (2.5hrs) 
6/8/19   151st Belmont Stakes  Sir Winston 10-1 
6/20/20  152nd Belmont Stakes  Favorite Tiz the Law wins by a lot! (2 discs)
9/5/20  146th Kentucky Derby - Authentic wins (then kicks over Bafferton at winner circle!   (3 discs - has pre-races too)  empty stands
10/3/20 145th Preakness Stakes   Swiss Skydiver wins  (2.5hrs  NBC)
5/1/21 147th Kentucky Derby   Medina Spirit wins but is revoked due to drugs found in test , Bob Baffer suspended
5/15/21 146th Preakness Stakes   Rombauer wins  (Medina Spirit runs but is far back)
6/5/21 153rd Belmont Stakes    Essential Quality wins


Loose Change - Taylor Steele movie
Focus - Taylor Steele movie
Hit & Run - Taylor Steele movie 
Public Domain -  1988  Powell & Peralta   Bones Brigade  (1hr)
Propaganda -  1990  Bones Brigade video 7   (50min)
Skateboard Superstunts  - 1987 vintage video  (26min)

Skateboarding:  Best of 411 Video Magazine
3/26/06 Snowboarding - State Farm World Cup
Skateboarding! - Schmitt Stix Team  (1980's vhs video to DVD)
Dogtown and the Z-Boys(birth of extreme skateboarding) 2002 (91min) PG-13
Snowboards 'N' Exile (50min) - snowboarding music videos  (2hrs total)

Windsurfing (vintage videos converted to DVD): Fast For WarD - Neil Pryde (30min) Moving Target - Neil Pryde (25min) Russian Wind Surfing - foreign VHS home taped.. with Russian news, Alf, and Tennis Match featuring Ivan Lendl


PGA:  88th US Open   (3.5hrs of 1 day of coverage)  ESPN
PGA: 1988 Masters Highlights (Augusta, GA)  (1hr)
PGA: 1989 Masters – Nick Faldo wins in sudden death   CBS  (2 disks)
PGA  1990 Players Championship - 4th Round  (from original VHS taped from TV)  NBC
PGA  1990 US Open  - final round ?   (3 discs from old VHS trap) 
PGA 1990 Seniors Championship - 3rd and 4th Round  (from original VHS taped from TV)  NBC
1991 Masters  (CBS  3hrs coverage)
1992 US Open –“Kite Soars over Pebble Beach “ (54min)
2001 Masters – commercial video – highlights of golf tournament (1hr)
3/28/10 Arnold Palmer Invitational:  FINAL ROUND (NBC 4hrs)  Orlando, FL
Legacy of the Links – History of Golf with Lee Trivino  (1987 doc)  90min
4/8/10 - 4/9/10 Live from the Masters - Agusta  TIGER WOODS IS BACK   (7 discs of footage from the 2 days  - Golf Channel and ESPN2)
World's Worst Avid Golfer - rare early RHONDA SHEAR - 1985 golfing spoof special (from old VHS)


Lacrosse- SILVER CELEBRATION  - 25 years of NCAA Championship Lacrosse  (1995)
1995 date? MILL  Rochester @ Baltimore  (JIP early in game)
4/8/95 MILL Championship:  Rochester @ Philadelphia  (at Spectrum)  JIP early in game
5/15/11  NLL Lacrosse Championship:  Washington Stealth @ Toronto Rock

2011 NCAA Championship:   Maryland vs. UVA      (3hrs) 5/30/11


Roller Derby 1973 - San Francisco vs. S.W. Red Devils (nice quality)
monster Mania! -  1986 monster truck video (beta video to DVD)
Bigfoot Strikes Again - monster trucks video from 1989  (1hr)
Grave Digger - Domination  (2001)  48min
Return of the Monster Trucks  - 1986  (1hr)
Monster Jam  -  2002 World Finals III  Racing  (40min)
War of the Monster Trucks  - 1986  (40min)
Off-Road Wars  (1989)  40min   VHS transfer to DVD
Blood Sweat and Gears (monster trucks) -w/ sgt slaughter (1980's)  37min   VHS transfer to DVD

1993 Ice Skating special show  (2 disks)
The Artistry of Torvill & Dean  --- Ice Skating Special (ABC   45min)

1994 Women of the Ice Revisited - Karagen - Harding   (fox 2hr special)
Jan 1989 World Championship Figure Skating (Brian Boitano) plus some of 1989 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Golf
1998 Figure Skating Championships (transferred from someone's personal VHS recording off TV)
2/23/14 NANCY @ TONYA - aired during 2014 Olympics on NBC -  finally some truth and rumors about the 1994 scandal
Kristi & Katarina (yamaguchi/witt) Ice Skating special (+ sitcoms, late show)
12/3/04 Ice Wars – Team USA vs. Team World  - Ice Skating competition     (2hrs CBS)
Magic Moments on Ice - ABC Sports Highlight Video profiling the historic top Ice Skaters in the sport!
2005 (date?) State Farm US Ice Skating Championships - Michelle Kwan  (ESPN)  only 25min of footage from old VHS tape
9/25/05  Summer 2005 Women’s AVP Volleyball Finals  (Boulder CO)
John Arlott’s VINTAGE CRICKET  (1988) BBC video  - 1970’s matches
P.K.A. Karate - Bill "superfoot" Wallace - Super Sparring training video plus features a rare 1980 PKA title match - Bill Wallace's final match (vs. Robert Biggs)
Iditarod 2006 – Mother Nature’s Turn to Dance   (95min)
1990 Pringles Family - HyrdoFest -  Hydrofoil Boat race  (dubbed from home beta video) (1hr)
Sailing:  AMERICA'S CUP - "Yank it Back"   (48min)
3/10/12   2012 USA Ski Pipe - free Ski (NBC) pre-olympic debut  (2hrs)
1/2015 Lindsay Vonn: "The Climb"  - NBCsportsnet 1hr special on Woman's Skiing Star -Vonn's recovery and attempt to compete in the next winter Olympics
1995 The Wizard on Ice - hosted by Bobby McFerrin (ice skaters)   CBS (taped from TV)


Gridiron & Steel - The mills are gone but the still burns   (2001)   Documentary about Pittsburgh work and sports
Greatest Moments in Western Pennsylvania Sports History  (1992)  Ross productions  - features the Pens/Steelers/Pirates
1993 – Best of ESPN Sportscenter  (45min)
101 Superstars – G.S.L. – greatest sports legends video  (65min)  1988
ESPN 25 – Silver Anniversary Special   -most memorable moments in ESPN history  (2hrs)
12/3/04  20/20  Conte – Balco sports steroids scandal controversy (Barry Bonds)  (1hr)
12/19/04  CBS 60 Minutes:  Ricky Williams candid interview  (plus ancient box-jesus? + more)  1hr
12/24/04  Fox Football Special:  Brett Farve 4-ever  (biography of Farve)  (1hr)  JIP 1min late
12/28/04  ESPN Classic: BEST OF ESPN SPORTSCENTER COLLECTION (1997-2004)  1hr per year (8 hrs total)
12/30/04  ESPN  “Year in Review of Sports”   (1.5hrs)
ESPN Classic Super Bowl Highlights  - 2 disks =  8 hours and covers 30min shows of Super Bowl 1 through 18
1/29/05  ESPN News -  misc highlights etc from the days events  (noon-3pm)  3hrs
1/30/05  TLC -  Sports Disasters      1hr special on TLC channel (shocking videos)
3/3/05  ESPN U  -- debut show – launches the new network  - college gameday 8pm
3/30/05  60 Minutes show -  feature segment on Steroids in the NFL  (panthers controversy)
1992 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders USO tour visit troops in Korea  (rare 20min home video shoot by serviceman!)
(plus has military news channel features on video afterwards)
7/17/05  2005  ESPY Awards show   (2hrs)
10/15/05   ESPN sports wrap-up shows with coverage of big week of great college football and MLB playoffs  (3.5hrs)
10/16/05  60 Minutes   Bill Romanowski’s book release and intimate details of drug use and NFL football  (plus Heroin production in Afghanistan and Ivory Billed woodpecker found in Louisana)
10/27/05 Fox Sports - misc daily highlights & Tennis match and Badminton match
1/1/06  MSG - New York local sports teams highlights and review  (1hr)
3/2006  FoxSports Beyond the Glory:  Sex in Sports
3/26/06 Pistol Pete: Life and Times of Pete Maravich  (1.5hr CBS special)
5/28/06 Ben Hogan: The Quest for Perfection   (1hr   CBS special)
7/16/06 ESPN Sportcenter   3hrs of sports highlights of the day
7/16/05  2006  ESPY Awards show   (2hrs) 2 disks
BRAWLS -  commcerial made video highlighting huge fights in various sports (30min)
Lighter Side of Sports: Outrageous Sports Pranks (vol. 2)   1999  (30min)
3/1/07 George Michael  FINAL SHOW Sports on Local NBC  4 Washington News
5/30/07 ESPN News – scores & highlights from yesterdays day in sports  (3hrs worth)
1/08  ESPN News: Mitchell Report Breaks – 3hrs of ESPN coverage from the day  Roger Clemens accused of doing Steroids!
Greatest Moments in Sports History  (1990)  45min
Greatest Sports Moments of the 1980’s  (1989)  45min
Great Moments in Pennsylvania Sports (official VHS video highlighting flyers/steelers/pirates moments)
2008 ESPY Awards  (2hrs)   (7/08)
ABC – Wide World of Sports -  40 years of Glory  (“the thrill of victory,,, the agony of defeat”) 69min
12/24/09 George Michael DIES -  2hrs of local NBC News coverage and retrospect
Misc Sports Highlights disc - vintage and newer.. homemade (??)
12/13/10  NBC sports  - misc  -  has  3hrs of Ice Skating and winter sports (unsure of event/competition names)
12/25/10     2010 ESPN Sportcenter - Year in Review  (1:30)
7/13/11   ESPN – ESPY Awards         hosted by Seth Meyers
9/16/12  ESPN rolling highlights  - football and baseball etc  (runs 3.5hrs)
7/18/13  ESPN - ESPY Awards    hosted by Stuart Hamm
7/15/15  2015  ESPY Awards show   (23rs)  controversial Bruce Jenner transgendered to Kaitlin Jenner wins award 2 disks
7/12/17 ESPY Awards Show   (peyton manning hosts)  3hrs  (ABC)
7/18/18 ESPY Awards Show   (the end features athletes of the year are the gymnastics victims of Larry Nasser) 
1/1/20 ABC 7 Sports Best of 2019  - 1hr local DC special about Nationals and other sports winners of the year!
7/10/21 ESPY Awards     ABC

11/13/99 Miami @ VT (10-43) just ending but has footage of ESPN GAME DAY earlier at VT, and footage of John Elway retirement night 
(from old VHS tape)
10/16/99 Syracuse @ Virginia Tech (0-62) - partial but has longer footage of ESPN gameday at VT - VT special teams special , has Reggie White # retired ceremony in Green Bay too. (from old VHS tape)

1999 MISC sports highlights footage:  Sportscenter BEST OF 1999,   VT Hokies Highlights piece (5min) , Sportscentury: Jim Brown (from old VHS tape)

OJ Simpson - The Hidden Tapes ( special that aired 2015 revealing details about case that never came out back in trial)
O.J. - Made in America  (5 part series)  30 for 30   ( PARTS 1, 2, 3)  need parts 4 and 5

30 for 30   ESPN Special shows (1hr each)
--  A Kings Ransom:   Wayne Gretzky moves from Edmonton to Los Angeles
--  Small Potatoes:  USFL and its demise due to Donald Trump

-- The Band that wouldn't Die:   Baltimore Colts band stays together even when team left town
-- Muhammad and Larry  (boxing)
-- WIithout Bias:  The Len Bias Story  (1986 UMD basketball star – tragic death)
-- The Legend of Jimmy the Greek
-- THE "U"  - Story of the Miami Hurrianes Sports Program (2hrs)
-- THE "U" -  Volume 2  (more modern stories)  ending cut off (2hrs)

-- Straight ouf of LA
-- The Guru of Go
-- The 16th Man
-- Run Ricky Run   (Ricky Henderson story)

-- June 17, 1994  (unique day in sports - featured- OJ chase, NY Rangers win cup, + more)
--“The Two Escobars”
--"The Birth of Big Air"  (trick biking)
--"Jordan rides the Bus"  (1hr)
--"One Night in Vega"   (1hr)
--"Little Big Men"    (1hr)
-- Lisa Lax & Nancy Stern Winners   (martina navaratalova) (1hr)
--"House of Steinbrenner"  (1hr)
--"Marion Jones: Press Pause"  (1hr)
--"Fernando Nation"  (1hr)
--"Tim Richmond - To the Limit"  (1hr)
-- "Once Brothers"    Vladi Divac NBA story  (1.5hrs)

-- "The Best that never was"   Marcus Dupree running back story (2hrs)
-- "Pony Excess"     (2hrs)
-- "Winning Time:  Reggie Miller vs. the NY Knicks"  (1.5hrs)
-- "4 Days in October"   Boston - NY Yankees MLB series  (1hr)
-- "Broke"  - Professional Athletes spend all money living lavish lifestyles (1.5hrs)
-- "9.79" - 100M Seoul Olympics Ben Johnson Steroid Scandal  (30min)

-- "Ghosts of Ole Miss"   1962 Mississippi Univ racial violence breaks out
-- "Benji"    Ben Wilson murder scandal
-- "Elway to Marino"
-- “No Mas”  Sugar Ray vs. Duran
-- Free Spirits  - Spirits of St. Louis
--"Big Shot"  Bob Spano buys the NY Islanders
--"This is what they want"  Jimmy Conners story  VS McEnroe
-- Hawaiian: Legend of Eddie Aikau
--"Bernie and Ernie"
-- "You Don't know Bo"  Bo Jackson Story  (cuts off ending as F-ball game ran late)
-- "Youngstown Boys"  - OSU football
-- "Survive and Advance" - 1983 championship NC State Wolfpack & Valvano story
-- "The Price of Gold" - Story of Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan Olympic scandal
-- "Hillsbourgh" - 1989 soccer tragedy and coverup (2hrs)
-- "Maradona '86"  (1hr)   soccer
-- "Playing for the Mob"  (1.5hr)  Henry Hill fixes Boston College games
-- "The Day the Series Stopped"  1989 World Series - earthquake in San Fran  (1hr)
-- "Brothers in Exile" -  1.5hrs
-- "Of Miracles and Men" - story of Russian Team that lost to the USA in the infamous 1980 OLympics  (2h)
-- Reggie Miller   (1hr)
-- "Sole Man"
-- Rand University  (Randy Moss)  (1hr)
-- Trojan War   - the story of USC football - pete carroll years
--Chasing Tyson (1.5hrs)
--The Four Falls of Buffalo  (about 4 straight superbowl defeats)  2hrs
--1985 Bears -  story of super bowl champions -inside stories (2hr)
--The Gospel According to Mac - NCAA Colorado football coach saves team (2hr)
--Fantastic Lies - Story of the Duke Lacrosse controversy
--No Crossover - The Trial of Allen Iverson
-- O.J. - Made in America  (5 part series)  30 for 30   (5 discs)--"Believeland" Cleveland city sports' teams woos
-- "Doc & Darryl"  - Story of Met's Stars Gooden/Strawberry rise and fall
--Catholics vs. Convicts  (2hr)  Miami V Notre Dame and the "T-shirt"
--Lakers/Celtics   Parts 1 & 2
--Broke -- 2hr  - expose on how athletes dont manage money well
--George Best - All but himself  (soccer star's fall from grace) (1.5hrs)
--What Carter Lost - Story of infamous HS football team in Texas - stars that blew it all (1.5hrs)
--Year of the Scab (NFL Lockout and redskins scabs)  (1.5hrs)
--Tommy -  The Tommy Morrison Story  (boxer's rise and fall)  (1.5hrs)
"24 Strong"   HS football player Dobson shields 2 girls from gunshots  (30min)
--Nature Boy   (The Ric Flair story)  11/7/17  ESPN  (1.5hrs)
-- "The Two Bills" - story of Bill Belchek and Bill Parcels 
--"The Last Days of Knight"   Bobby Knight scandal  (2hr)
--"42 to 1"  - Buster Douglas KO's Mike Tyson beating the 42 to 1 odds  (1hr) 
--Deion's Double Play  - Deion Sanders plays both NFL and MLB game in same day (1hr)
--"The Good, The Bad, The Hungry" - competitive eating (chestnut/kobeashyi)
-- Chuck & Tito  (MMA history)  (1.5 hrs)
-- VICK  (part 1 & 2 )  (4hrs total)
-- Rodman: For Better or Worse  (2hr)  The Dennis Rodman Story
-- Be Water - Bruce Lee doc  (2hr)
-- "LANCE -  Part 1 and Part 2 (2hr ea)  story of Lance Armstrong rise and fall
--"Life & Times of Oscar Pistorius"  Part 1  (2hrs)
--"Al Davis vs. The NFL"  (1.5hr)
--"Breakaway"  WNBA Maya Moore fights for justice for a man (1.5hrs)

E:60 -Espn specials
E:60  The Calhoun Project  & Kelly's Sign (Pens fan Kelly needs a Kidney donated by fellow Pens fan!)
E:60  HUMBOLDT BRONCOS TRAGEDY  - minor league hockey team dies in bus crash  4/7/19


NINE for IX - ESPN Special series (1hr each)
-- "No Limits: - holding breath to deep depths
-- "Let them wear towels"
-- "Pat XO"
-- "The Diplomat"
Swoopes  - WNBA  (1hr)
-- Branded    (1hr)
-- The 99er’s

ESPN Sports Shorts: 

9/28/17  Strike Team - story of FBI sting redskin ticket giveaway! (30min) /  Nixon's National Champs (NCAA champ determined by president)  (30min)