MILITARY - documentaries & News 
The Red Baron -  Documentary of the WW1 ace  1hr  (DVDmaster)
The Civil War  - 3 tape documentary 
SINK THE BISMARK     2 hr History Ch Special
HISTORY - OUR CENTURY:(5hrs) road to infamy, death of the wolfpacks, cossacks of the sky, eye on history-D-Day, Iwo Jima Hell's Volcano.
Achtung Panzer - 3 part video - German Armor - Tigers, Panzerjaeger, Sturmgeschutze, Sturmartillerie  *DVDmaster
The Russian German War - 3 part series
Blood & Iron - story of German war machine (3 part series set to DVD)
The B-24 (bomber) Story  &  B-24's at War  (2 parts)  2.5hrs  (DVDmaster)
Hitler - The Whole Story   1.5hrs total (DVDmaster)
Korean War (triumph & tragedy) Vol 2   1hr  (DVDmaster)
Hitler's Lost Sub  -WGBH  2 hour special  (DVDmaster)
Story of GI Joe -  Questar video (1hr)  from the Famous Americans of the 20th century series
The Ronan Disaster (WW2)  history ch special
Arab - Israeli Conflict  (special on the history of what today is a brutal ongoing battle)
Bataan Death March  special (plus TWA -800 cover up, Unzip that Fish, Prep. at Tinian)
Eagles Over the Gulf: Desert Storm - the Original Air Footage (30min)
21 Days to Baghdad   1.5hrs National Geographic Special
Target Berlin - story of the P-51 Mustang over germany  (discovery wings)  1hr
Pearl Harbor in Color   (discovery wings)  new footage!  1hr
Target: Pearl Harbor  - eyewitness story of the bombing of Pearl Harbor (1991)
Jessica Lynch Story (2003 POW Iraq war story)   NBC  11/9/03  2hrs
Uncle Saddam (Sadam Hussein documentary video)  (1hr)  2003  DVD
Baghdad Bob - Iraq Minister of Misinformation  (45min) documentary  2003  DVD
”Buried in the Sand”  - Iraqi terror treatment and cruelty (disturbing documentary)  (1hr)
6/6/04 D-Day early AM tribute to the Brave + Ron Reagan Tribute  Fox & MSNBC  DVD
Tiger Attack   1hr History Channel Heavy Metal  WW2 tank  (1hr) DVD
Blood & Iron  - Story of German War Machine
Radio Bikini  - Marshall Island Atomic Bomb Tests RARE documentary (1hr) DVD
US Atomic Bomb Tests   (1hr) documentary  DVD
Trinity & Beyond:  THE ATOMIC BOMB MOVIE (1999- william shatner)  2hr
American Atomic Bomb Tests  2  disk set  (2 hrs total)  DVD
Atomic Testing -  3 DVD documentary and raw film footage
The Fight for Baghdad   2hrs
The Price of Victory "Street war in Baghdad"    1hr
USS Wisconsin - The Last Battleship   (Wis. public telev.  30min special)
M1 Abrams Super Tank - Modern Marvels (1hr history channel)
VICTORY AT SEA:  6 disk comprehensive collection of the war in the war in pacific WW2 (B&W real footage)
Vietnam: In the Year of the Pig  (rare 1985 documentary)  103min
Gulf War 1991 - 1.5hrs of news footage - near the end of the war (recorded from VHS recording from TV)
1991 CNN Presents:  War in the Gulf - A timeline for War  (great synopsis) 2hrs
1991 Gulf War - Norman Schwartzkopft press Conference discussing strategic moves and maps to end the war  (NBC news footage) (2hrs)  (from old betamax tape)
SR-71 Blackbird – The Secret Vigil     aviation week video  (1hr)
World's Aerobatic Team - aviation week video  VOL2 #1 (1987) 1hr
Flight Deck - aviation week video VOL2 #2 (1988)  1hr
Architecture of Doom:  1991 doc film about Nazi philosophies of death  (2hrs)
The Divided Union – 3 disk documentary Special about the Civil War (from Readers Digest)
D-Day Normandy – Eye on History  (by Lou Reda)
US Air Force Thunderbirds and US Navy Blue Angels
Mustang P-51 Fighter    1992 doc.   (43min)
Air Power Series: SR-71, Flight Deck, Test Pilot, Arctic Warriors, Air Show (1989 time life series)( 5hrs on 5 disks)
Target: Pearl Harbor  70min  produced in 1991.
Bloody Shenandoah - Civil War battle documentary   50min
Gettysburg in Minature  (1988)   (40min)  minature displays of the battlefields
Antietam – Bloodiest Day in American History  (125th anniversary battle reenactment)  42min
Black Fox – Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler    1962 B&W Doc.
Poison Dust-  Documentary about radiological poisoning of the desert warfare troops  2005 (1hr 39min)
The Anderson Platoon -  Vietnam War public television documentary (64min)  1966
The Great Ships – Battleships – History Channel  1991   (1hr)
Firestorm in Dresden – B-17 vs. Luftwaffe  (discovery collection)  (1hr)
Patriot Act -  Jeffery Ross home movie shot in Iraq (2006)
Cities at War - The Doomed City -BERLIN   (1986 from 1968)    (65min)
Vietnam:  “They were young & brave “– return to Ia Drang Valley  (1hr) ABC news video
Vietnam: “Countdown to Tet”   (58min)  1998 Time Life Video
The Civil War – 1862 A very bloody affair  (time life video) 1990  (1hr)
1991 Iraq War  -  8 disks (16 hours) of edited coverage, live shots, interviews, highlights, news reels, reports - etc - put together by a person recording news footage off TV as events unfolded  (time frame approx:  1/16/91 - 2/6/91)
Black Fox – Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler  (89min)  B&W doc
Grenada War   (1994)  35min Doc.
Carlos Hathcock - Marine Sniper  (war story documentary)  1993
The Story of the S.A.S.   (military documentary)  2000
Freedom on 6th June -  the battle of normandy  (20min) film relates facts with precise catrography
Guns of War -  Service with Honor   M-16  (2004)
Ambush in Mogadishu -  The story of Blackhawk Down  (PBS   1hr)
The Berlin Airlift   -  WETA documentary   (1hr)
D-Day and the Invasion of France -  WW2 Strategy of Victory video  (1997) 50min
CBS Reports:  Victory in the Pacific    (1995)  93min
Hitler & Stalin -  A Legacy of Hate   (1993 CBS video doc.)  hosted by Charles Kuralt  (94min)
Civil War Battlefields   (2 disc doc on the virginia battlefields)  (MM&V video)
World War II - The German Front  4 chapters:  prelude to war/nazi strike/secret life of hitler/nuremberg trials  (digiview entertainment DVD)  205min
The Occult History of the Third Reich - 2 disc set   (1987 War zone DVD)  2004 re-release
Memories of Dai-Do - The Magnificent Bastards    (1998  vietnam war local documentary)
Stolen Honor - Wounds That Never Heal       Vietnam POW's tell their stories  (2004  doc)
A Call to Duty - The commissioning of the USS Harry Truman  (LNC official video) from Norfolk VA
General Dynamics Video:  F16 thunderbirds/F16 Combat/F16C/F16 Birds of Prey/ACES- WW1/F-111/F16 mfg.  (2hrs total)
Modern Combat Aircraft 2:  West's Combat Helicopters  (1987)  1hr  tech doc
Virginia's Civil War Parks  (1989)   1hr
The Battle of Chickamauga  (1988)  1hr    Documentary about Civil war battle in GA/TN
Iraq for Sale - The War Profiteers    (Brave New Films DVD)
2/25/13 THE BAYOU- DC's Killer Joint  - MPT 1.5hr special about the historic night club in washington DC
The Battle for Korea - How the War was Won  (doc)
This is Korea  (doc about the country and the war) 
Preddy, The Mustang Ace -WWII's highest scoring P-51 Mustang Ace (VHS military doc)
6/1/94  ABC News Special: TURNING POINT - The Soldier's Story (D-Day special)   (1:10)