4/10/89  24th annual country music awards show (CBS 2hrs)
1989 Miss USA Pageant  (miss Texas wins) - Plus Elvis live performance (TV special - Hawaii probably from the 70's) 
1989 Miss Universe (only 30min worth) & Where the Boys are 1984  (misc. taped from TV)
1/31/90  24th T TNN Grand Ole Opry & Vicki Lawerence show with Reba (from old VHS tape) 1:15
1992  TNN Network: Grand Ole Opry  (2 shows)   (from old VHS tape)  2hr
1990's CMT Network:  Country Music Videos  (from old VHS tape) 2hr
1/4/96 Grand Ole Opry 70th Reunion Special - TNN Network (from old VHS tape) 1hr40min
4/9/98 Tammy Wynette Funeral & Ceremony  (TNN/CNN live from old VHS tape)  1hr30min
1/31/90  24th TNN Music City Country Music Awards Show
2/4/90 Sammy Davis Jr. 60th Anniversary (NBC special - from VHS tape live recorded - runs 2hrs - cuts off last 15-20min.
1/15/92 Glenn Brenner Dies - Local Washington DC Sports reporter for CBS (local coverage and tributes from local ABC and CBS)
5/21/92 Johnny Carson - 2nd to last show (Robin Wiliams) (plus finals show)  (both on 1 disc)  2:15 run time
5/22/92  Johnny Carson - FINAL SHOW  NBC  (recorded live NBC on TV)  (1hr)

1992  Loretta Lynn : Seasons of my Life  (TNN special) + Evening with 
Country Greats Special (from home VHS)
Johnny Carson -  10 Classic Episodes from 1955-56 season on 2 discs (4.5hrs)  dated  2007  (official Shout DVD)
10/2/91  25th Annual Country Music Awards show
1991 Grand Ole Opry -  65th Birthday Celebration "The New Tradition" Live from TV
1992 Music City News Country Songwriters Award Show  (TNN 3hrs) + 1992 Funny Business w/ Charley Chase 1hr show
2/25/92   34th annual Grammy Awards  Show (2 discs plus has some of billboard awards show and Shania Twain on Letterman
2/25/92  34th Annual Grammy Awards Show - Whoppi Goldberg hosts -- different VHS recording
11/23/92 Crook & Chase:  Tribute to Roy Acuff (1903-1992) (2hrs)  music
5/4/94   1994 World Music Awards show
1994 MTV BEACH HOUSE - Bill Bellamy & Kim Cole's - clips from Beach week (runs about 2hrs and recorded and edited crudely by a fan) - no music just clips from the each/interviews etc
1994 BOB HOPE Birthday Celebration
A BOB HOPE CHRISTMAS (1997 special) from official VHS (1hr)
1/30/95 American Music Awards Show
3/1/95  37th Grammy Awards Show   (CBS)
12/6/95 Billboard Music Awards Show  (host: Jon Stewart)
1/29/96  23rd Annual American Music Awards show (joined in progress)
1995 The Wizard on Ice - hosted by Bobby McFerrin (ice skaters)   CBS (taped from TV)
2/28/96  38th Annual Grammy Awards show  (CBS) 
5/10/96 TNN Music City Country Music Awards  (2;40 run time) 
8/21/96   MISS TEEN 1996  (joined in progress)  Miss Texas wins  (old letterman show taped on video prior) from old VHS tape
10/2/96 Music City country music awards show (TNN 4hrs)
1994 NBC Talk Show episode:  Jane Whitney  (40min)  no more details - recording from TV
Greater Tuna - Slapstick Comedy Special - filmed in 1994 at Fort Worth , TX
Shattered Trust - Shari Karney Story (Made for TV movie - stars Melissa Gilbert) NBC - based on true story
The Last Don - 1997 CBS mini series movie (Danny aiello, Kristy alley, Daryl Hanna)
1987 American Films Institute - Comedy Special   (30min - recorded from TV)
Lawrence Welk Tribute  - (date?)  recorded from a TV special presentation
12/1/85 Dick Clark's 33 1/3 Anniversary Special  (Betamax video to DVD)
4/10/97  4th Annual VH1 Honors (VHS transfer to 2 DVD's)  JIP early
1989  Kenny Rogers Music Special  (NBC 1hr)  with Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson
1996 Regis & Kathy Lee Mother's Day Special  (1hr) plus has Rikki Lake show and talk shows after (1hr)  (2hr TRT)  DVDed from old VHS taping
1/27/97 24th American Music Awards Show  (ABC)
1999 VICTOR AWARDS  (2hrs)
Jerry Springer -- TOO HOT FOR TV  - the deluxe version!
Jerry Springer -- Too Hot for TV  2(000)!!
Jerry Springer - Talk Show episode from the 1990's - "oddities people)  40min
Evel Knievel: "Hell on Wheels"    A&E BIOGRAPHY SERIES 12/20/98     1 hr
BRUCE LEE - A&E Biography (1hr)
Sports Blooper Mania 1988 (featuring Morganna!) 30 min
Trains Unlimited :  1hr special on History Channel 
Great Scenic Railway Journey's (PBS Special)  11/3/03   3hrs
LGB in America - Video Magazine Volume 1  (1992)   45min
The Metroliner - Amtrak Washington DC to Philadelphia  (1986) train video
12/31/99  2000 MILLENIUM CELEBRATION   4 tapes 24hours!!!
MSNBC Documentary double:  North Hollywood shootout (1hr) & Sex-Laws-and-Videotape (1hr)
North Hollywood Shootout - Terror in LA - MVP special video (1997)  30min
"44 MINUTES"  FX Channel re-enactment of the North Hollywood Shootout (mario van Peebles) 6/1/03 2hrs (DVDmaster)
TLC  Sports Disaster  (1hr)  has some very rare footage of Tigersharks minor league violent fight
6/29/01 HOWARD STERN - MSNBC Headliners & Legends  (1 hour)
6/10/91  Country Music Special then 1991 CMA Awards Show  (combo)
12/8/03 MSNBC  Special - Piece of CHYNA + Women's Body Building
9/8/01  Women's  TENNIS   Grand Slam Championship -- WILLIAMS SISTERS Venus vs. Serena 
I want my MTV  - pure MTV flavor  - all on-air promos     1996   (45min)
12/17/02  99th anniversary of Flight @ wright Bros Memorial  Aerial Flyover (B2!)  25min home video)
Disneyland's 30th Anniversary Celebration (2/1985)  (also has Bugs Bunny 1000 tales, and 1985 SOLID GOLD episode)
Heart's of Darkness - A Filmakers Apocalypse
1989 Tour De France - Final Stages only
1990 Rose Bowl Parade (2 tapes -- 4hrs ) full coverage
Frank Sinatra's 80th Birthday Party   (ABC)  12/12/95  2hrs 43min
M.A.S.H.  Finale   2/28/84   4hrs 22min
M.A.S.H. Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen
The Fugitive - 1966 TV Show -  "The Final Judgment" Parts 1+2  = the 2hr conclusion to the series  (goodtimes video - reissue on VHS)
26th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards Special (date?)
2000 "A New Millennium" New Years Eve  ABC Special  (4-5 hrs)
11/23/95  Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Special
The JUDDS in Concert ( date?)  (Bside- star trek 25th anniversary special)
Princess Dianna Funeral -- 2nd half of TV coverage
1993 ABC Michael Jackson Talks - a  2hr+ Oprah Winfrey special
The Story of the Corvette  &  The Story of the Camaro  (1hr total)   DVDmaster
Corvette - The Fastest 50 years  2 disk documentary set (neat!)
Jay Leno show -  7/15/03  Sarenna Williams Tennis star (busty in black leather outfit)
ABC News - LIFE The 50th Anniversary  Video Special
1/20/02  59th Annual Golden Globe Awards show (plus has pre-show hosted by Dick Clark)
5/22/02  37th Academy of Country Music Awards Show  (CBS)
3/12/03   TV Land Awards   1st Annual Awards show   (2.5 hrs) DVD
12/31/03 - 1/1/04   FOX New Year's Eve Celebration (4hrs coverage)
12/31/03 - 1/1/04   ABC Rockin' New Year's Eve  (4hrs coverage)
6/6/04    Tony Awards (Hugh JackmanO) CBS  3hrs  DVD
3/23/98    1998 Academy Awards
10/14/04  Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show  - Episode 102   (30min)  (WB screener)
12/7/04 & 12/14/04 High School Reunion – 1st 2 episodes   (WB screener)
2/13/05  47th Annual Grammy Awards  (ends early)   (3.5 hrs)
3/16/05  3rd Annual TV Land Awards Show  (2hrs)
1/25/05 1st annual Autorox  automobile awards show  (spike TV)  1.5hrs
4/11/05  Miss America Pageant   (miss NC wins)  NBC (2hrs)
4/2/05  Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards  (host Ben Stiller)   (2hrs)
5/30/05  2005 Miss Universe Pageant  (Miss Canada wins)  NBC
6/5/05   2005  59th Annual Tony Awards   CBS
12/31/05 New Years Rockin' Eve - Final Dick Clark show!  ABC  (2 hrs worth)
12/31/05 New Years Eve with Carson Daly  (2 hrs worth)
1/13/06 Tyra Banks Show -  Pam Anderson "look sexy" episode (+ Tony Danza show)
2/8/06 Tonight Show - Jay Leno  guests:  Felicity Huffman (D. Housewives) & Jerome Betis
2/13/06 The Big Idea - Donny Deutsch - Tom Sizemore candid interview of his troubled past  (1hr  MSNBC)
5/23/06  41st Academy of Country Music Awards Show  (3hrs) CBS
6/5/06  ALMA Awards Show  (ABC)  1.5hrs
6/11/06 Tony Awards Show   (CBS)   3hrs
9/27/06   20/20  Barbara Walters interviews Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s widow
11/15/06 Tyra Banks Show -  entire audience is in bra & panties show  (1hr)
6/15/07 Daytime Emmy Awards  (Bob Barker shows!)
2004 TV Land Awards show  (3/17/04)
2005 TV Land Awards show  (3/16/07)
2006 TV Land Awards show  (3/22/07)

2005 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards  (2/5/05)

11/25/07 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade  (NBC)   3hrs

2/24/08   80th Annual Academy Awards Show (ABC)  (2:41)
1986 Grammy Awards & 1986 People's Choice Awards (2 on 3 disks)

       plus David Copperfield show & Bob Hope  (3 disks)

1988 American Music Awards show & 1988 Grammy Awards (2 on 3 disks)
60 Years with BOB HOPE   (1990) vintage footage   1hr
11/24/08     2008 American Music Awards Show    (JIP)   ABC   3hrs
2/22/09  81st Annual Academy Awards Show  (2 discs) ABC  Kate Winslet finally!
2/6/93 Country Music Celebration  (features  Dolly Parton tribute)  (2hrs)  slight audio static from cable feed

9/20/09   61st Emmy Awards Show     CBS   (3.5hrs)
2009  Miss Colorado Pageant   (2hrs)  Alt Sports

2009 Miss Venezuela  (10/2009)   Univision  (2hrs)

2009 American Music Awards show    (3hrs  ABC)  Adam Lambert controversial performance
11/26/09 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade  (NBC)
11/26/09 Thanksgiving Day parade  (CBS)
11/26/09 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade  (ABC)
12/7/09 Carrie Underwood - 2009 Holiday All-Star Special  (ABC) 2hrs
12/9/09 ABE POLIN TRIBUTE: "REMEMBERING ABE"  2.5hrs Comcast local special  (death of the owner of the Washington Bullets/Wizards and Capitals)
12/19/09  Blizzard of 2009 in Washington DC  NBC COVERAGE  (4hrs)
12/19/09  Blizzard of 2009 in Washington DC  ABC COVERAGE  (4hrs)
12/31/09 ABC- Dick Clark’s Primetime – Rockin New Year’s Eve  (9pm-11:30pm)
12/31/09 – 1/1/10  ABC   Dick Clark's Rockin New Year’s Eve Special
12/31/09  - 1/1/10  FOX   Billboard New Year’s Eve Special  (2hrs)
12/31/09  - 1/1/10  ABC-NBC  New Year’s Eve mixed channel surfing (3hrs)
12/31/09  ESPN:  REDBULL- New Year No limits – Longest Car Jump (Los Angeles- LIVE)  2hrs
1/1/10 Tournament of Roses Parade  (ABC)  (2.5hrs)
1/17/10  67th Annual Golden Globe Awards show (NBC)  3hrs
1/22/10 A Hope for Haiti: Celebrity Benefit for Earthquake Victims  (NBC  2.5hrs)
1/31/10 52nd Annual Grammy Awards  (CBS  4hrs)
6/13/10 64th Annual Tony Awards  (ABC 3hrs)
8/9/10  2010 Teen Choice Awards Show  (2hrs) Fox
11/25/10 Beyoncé:  I am  World Tour   ABC Special  1.5hrs 
11/25/10 Taylor Swift Thanksgiving Special
11/25/10 NBC's People of the Year  (1hr)
11/25/09 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade -64th Annual  (NBC)
11/25/09 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade  (CBS)
11/25/09 IKEA Thanksgiving Day parade  (ABC)
12/1/10 Grammy Countdown Nominations Award Concert   (1hr) CBS special
12/3/10 Christmas in Rockefeller Square   NBC  Music performances and lighting of the tree (Mariah Carey performs)
12/15-16/10  Larry King Live   - Final 2 shows  (1hr ea = 2hrs)
12/25/10 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade   (ABC special  1hr)
12/31/10 - 1/1/11  New Year's Eve with Carson Daly  - Pre show and show (2 discs)  2hrs
12/31/10 - 1/1/11 Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest  (2 part event)
12/31/10 - 1/1/11 New Year's Eve Celebration with Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin 
12/31/10 - 1/1/11 New Year's Eve Live - Fox News   (3hrs)
2/13/11 - 53rd Annual Grammy Awards show
4/3/11 Academy of Country Music Awards Show - Lady Antebellum big winners of night (runs 2hrs - JIP early)

6/12/11 - 65th Annual Tony Awards show  CBS (3hrs)
6/19/11 - Miss America Pageant   (Miss California wins)  NBC   (2hrs)
9/12/11 - Miss Universe Pageant
9/18/11 - 2011 Emmy Awards Show
11/24/11 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade  (NBC)   (3hrs 21min)
11/26/11  85th Anniversary of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Special  (1hr) NBC
12/25/11 NBC Holiday Christmas Parade  (2hrs)
12/31/11 Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve  (ABC) (3 discs) - much post event concert footage  LMFAO, Lady Gaga etc
12/31/11 All American New Years Special    (FoxNews)  (2hrs)
12/31/11 Carson Daly's New Years Special   (NBC)
12/31/11 New Year - No Limits:  ESPN special - Robbie Madsen/Lev Cycle/snowmobile jump in San Diego
1/2/12  123rd Tournament of Roses Parade  (NBC)  (1:45 worth)
1/2/12  123rd Tournament of Roses Parade (ABC)    (2hrs)
1/16/12 BETTY WHITE'S 90th Birthday Celebration (roast of sorts)   NBC (1.5hrs)
2/12/12 54th Annual Grammy Awards Show  (Adele big winner)  Whitney Houston dies/quazi tribute    (3:30   CBS)
2/26/12  Academy Awards Show  (3hrs+)
4/1/12 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards Show  (JIP early in show)  3hrs  CBS
4/22/12 Fox's 25th Anniversary Special  (25 years on TV)   JIP early  (2hr special)
5/6/12 Apple Blossom Parade  (Local NBC broadcast of VA parade)
6/10/12   66th Annual Tony Awards Show    (CBS)
6/15/12 "Walk the Wire"  ABC special  Nick Wallenda walk tightrope over Niagara Falls (4hrs coverage)
7/2012  Fox Anniversary Special  (JIP 10min late) 
2012 Miss Venezuela Pageant  (2hrs)
9/23/12   64th Primetime Emmy Awards show  (ABC)  Jimmy Kimmel hosts
11/18/12 40th Anniversary of American Music Awards  (all top performers participate - good show   PSY)  (3hrs ABC)
12/19/.12  Miss Universe Pageant  (Miss USA wins)  NBC   2hrs+
12/22/12  WWE Tribute to the Troops SPECIAL on NBC primetime  (1hr)
12/31/12 Dick Clark New Years Rockin Eve (Dick Clark has passed but Ryan Seacrest has picked up the show)  ABC
12/31/12 New Years Eve Live (from Las Vegas - sexy girls)  FOX
12/31/12 New Years Eve with Carson Daily      NBC
12/31/12 Pitbull presents:  What happens in Miami Never happens New Years Eve Special  (AXSTV)  2.5hrs  (great live show from Pitbull)
1/1/13 Tournament of Roses Parade   (ABC)  2hrs
1/13/13  70th Annual Golden Globe Awards show   (ABC)
2/24/13  OSCARS Awards show  (3hrs - ABC) Seth McFarlane hosts - controversial - but high ratings
5/19/13   2013 Billboard Music Awards Show -- a great show with numerous duets!!   (3hrs   ABC)
6/9/13  67th Annual Tony Awards show  (3hrs) CBS
6/16/13  Miss USA Pageant  -- Miss Connecticut wins  (2hrs  NBC)
6/23/13 "Skywire"  Discovery Channel special  Nick Wallenda walk tightrope over Grand Canyon (2.5hrs coverage)
11/18/13 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade   (4hrs)  NBC
12/5/13 SOUND OF MUSIC - 100% live NBC broadcast of remake of the classic (3hrs)
12/10/13 Victoria's Secret - Fashion Show  (CBS 1hr special)
12/4/13 Christmas in Rockefeller Square
12/25/13 Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale  (NBC special ) 1hr
12/25/13 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade  (ABC) 2hrs
12/25/13 Michael Bubble's 3rd Annual Christmas Special
12/25/13 Holiday Festival on Ice -  US Olympian hopefuls perform seasonal bits
12/31/13 A toast to 2013!  Speical hosted by Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb  (2hrs) NBC
12/31/13 New Years Rockin Eve - 50 greatest women in music (2hr special) ABC
12/31/13 ABC Rocking New Years  (about 3hrs)  ABC
12/31/13 New Year's Eve with Carson Daly  (1.5hrs)
12/31/13 New Year's Eve Live with Mario Lopez - Panic at Disco performs
1/1/14 Tournament of Roses Parade  (NBC)  2hrs
1/1/14 Tournament of Roses Parade (ABC)   2hrs
1/1/14 "What We Wasted Our Year On"  NBC Today show's Willie Geist special year recap
1/26/14 Grammy Awards Show (a good show!!!)  3+hrs CBS
2/3/14 Sports Illustrated: 50 Years of Beauty (NBC special- swimsuit special primetime show)  2hrs
5/16/14 THE VIEW - Final Barbara Walters show   (ABC)
5/16/14 Barbara Walters "HER STORY"  documentary about the history of Walters' career in TV
5/18/14 Billboard Music Awards Show  (JIP early)  ABC
5/31/14 Mariah Carey - At Home in Concert (with Matt Lauer)  (1hr Live NBC special)
6/8/14  68th Annual Tony Awards Show  (3.5hrs)  CBS
7/4/14 Macy's 4th of July Concert/Celebration/Fireworks show in NYC
7/4/14 A Capital Fourth  - concert and fireworks in DC  (PBS/WETA)
7/6/14 Miley Cirus - Bangerz Tour   (2hr NBC live show special)
2014 Miss USA Pageant   - Miss Nevada wins  (3hrs)
8/25/14  66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Show  (host seth Meyers)  NBC   (3hrs)
9/14/14 Miss America Pageant  Miss NY wins, Miss VA runner up 
The Concert for Valor - 11/11/14 HBO Veterans Day Special LIVE SHOW on the mall in Washington DC  (3hrs)
11/23/14 American Music Awards show
12/9/14 Victoria's Secret - Fashion Show  (CBS 1hr special)
12/17/14 Michael Bubble's Christmas Special with guests (Arianna Grande) (1hr)  NBC
12/23/14 One Direction - The TV Special  (live show)  1hr
12/2014  - 2014: THE YEAR (ABC) year in review hosted by Robin Roberts
12/25/14 Disney Park's Frozen Christmas Celebration
12/30/14  37th Annual Kennedy Center Awards (CBS) 2hrs
12/31/14 A Toast to 2014 -- Hoda Kotbe & Kathy Lee host a 2hr look back at the year
12/31/14 Dick Clark's Primetime New Years Rockin Eve (8-11pm)
12/31/14 Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve (ABC) 2hrs
12/31/14 Pitbull's New Years Eve Revolution (FOX)  2hrs
12/31/14 NBC's New Years Eve with Carson Daly (NBC) 4hrs
1/1/15 Carson Daly's New Years Even (11:30pm-1:30am) 2hrs
1/1/15 Tournament of Roses Parade  (2hrs) ABC
1/7/15 1st Annual People's Choice Awards show (2hrs)
1/11/15  Golden Globe Awards show - NBC  Tina Fey & Amy Poehler final hosting (3hrs)
1/25/15 Miss Universe Pagent  (miss USA is runner up) (NBC - 3hrs)
1/26/15 Jimmy Kimmel Show  - Channing Tatum & JJ Watt guest and ZZ Top performs
2/8/15  57th Annual Grammy Awards Show (4hrs-)  Sam Smith big winner, Beyoncé snubbed by Beck and Kanye disapproves.
2/22/15 Grammy Award Show  (ABC)
2/26/15 Victoria's Secret - Secret Swimsuit Special (CBS) 1hr
3/20/15 GLEE - Final Episode  (2hrs)  Fox
3/28/15 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Show
3/29/15 Iheart Music Awards Show  (2.5hrs)
3/30/15 Justin Bieber Roast - Comedy Central (2.5hrs)
4/19/15 Country Music Awards Show  (JIP)
5/17/15 Billboard Music Awards Show (JIP)
7/4/15  Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest  (Stonie upsets Chestnut)
7/4/15 Macy's 4th of July Fireworks and Concert (NBC)
7/4/15 A Capital 4th - Washington DC concert and fireworks (WETA)
9/20/15  67th Emmy Awards Show   (3.5hrs)  FOX - Tracy Morgan!
9/2015  OJ Simpson - The Hidden Tapes ( special that aired 2015 revealing details about case that never came out back in trial)
O.J. - Made in America  (5 part series)  30 for 30   ( PARTS 1, 2, 3)  need parts 4 and 5
11/22/15  2015 American Music Awards Show  (3hrs)  ABC
11/26/15  Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - NYC   NBC
11/26/15 Thanksgiving Day Parade - NYC   CBS
11/26/15 Thanksgiving Day Parade - Philadelphia PA   ABC
12/6/15 Sinatra 100  All-Star Grammy Concert (2hr CBS special) on what would have been Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday
12/14/15 ADELE - Live Special in NYC  (NBC 1hr special concert)
12/20/15  64th Annual Miss Universe Pageant  - Steve Harvey messes up winner... calls out Columbia and she is crowned - then says mistake and its really Philippines ! (rare video as it captures ending that ran longer than expected)
1/10/16  73rd Golden Globe Awards  (NBC)  3hrs+
4/3/16  51st Annual Academy of country Music Awerds show (misses final ending)
5/22/16 Billboard Music Awards Show  (JIP early) Madonna terrible tribute to the late Prince    ABC
7/4/16 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition  - 100th anniversary   Joey Chestnut takes back title with 70!
7/4/16  Macy's 4th of July concert/celebration and fireworks show (NBC)
8/28/16   MTV VMA Music Awards show + pre-show (4hrs)
9/18/16  68th Primetime Emmy Awards Show (ABC - 3hrs)
0/24/16 Global Citizen Festival - live concert in central park (2 discs cover 3-5pm and then 8-10pm)  missing 5-8pm!
11/2/16 CMA Awards Show - 2016 country music awards  50th annual  ABC
11/20/16 American Music Awards Show (Selenna Gomez, Bruno Mars)
11/24/16 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade  (NBC)  3hrs
12/20/16  Tony Bennett Celbrates 90  (NBC birthday special - 2hrs)
12/20/16 Michael Buble - Sing & Swings (Christmas Special) NBC  1hr
12/25/16 Disney Parks Magic Christmas Special  (2hr)  ABC
1/29/17 Miss Universe   - Miss France wins  (3hrs)
7/4/17 A Capitol Fourth  (2hrs)  WETA
7/4/17 Macy's 4th of July Celebration and Fireworks (NYC)  NBC 2hrs
7/4/17 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest  (ESPN) Joey Chestnut hits record of 72!
7/22/17 NBC WRC local DC  newscaster JIM VANCE DIES  (6pm & 11pm)
7/23/17 "Phelps vs Shark" - great gold vs great white  - discovery channel kick off show to shark week of 2017  (1hr)
7/28/17 NBC WRC local DC News (11pm) Doreen Gentzler hosts TRIBUTE TO JIM VANCE show (30min)
10/14/17 One Voice - "SOMOS ONE voice" concert and benefit for Puerto Rico Hurricane victims  (1hr NBC special)
11/8/17 51st CMA country music awards show
11/19/17 American Music Awards show   ABC  Dianna Ross awarded (lady Gaga performs)
11/25/17 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade  (NBC)
11/25/17 98th Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade   (ABC)
11/26/17 Miss Universe Pageant    Miss South Africa wins  (hosted by Steve Harvey again)
11/27/17 CMA Merry Christmas Country Special (hosted by Reba McIntyre)
11/28/17 Victoria Secret Model Special  (CBS  1hr special)
11/29/17 Today Show - BREAKING NEWS - Matt Lauer fired and GONE due to sexual misconduct allegations (rocks NBC LIVE)
11/19/17 Megan Kelly Today & Kathy Lee -Hoda Shows following today show that Matt Lauer fired!
11/29/17 Christmas at Rockefeller Center show with tree Lighting (Savanah/hoda/Al run the show due to Matt lauer fired earlier in day!)
11/29/17 Bruno Mars - 24K live at the Apollo   (CBS live 1hr show)
12/3/17 Carol Burnett 50th Anniversary Special   (CBS special)
12/23/17  2017 - Year in Memorium (1hr)  &  THE YEAR : 2017 (2hrs)
12/26/17   40th annual Kennedy Center Awards  (LL Cool J)
12/31/17  New Years Eve - Fox   Steve Harvey Host  (4hrs - edited)
12/31/17 New Years Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest  (mariah Carey performs)  (4hrs) 
1/28/18  60th Grammy Awards Show  - Brunno Mars big winner of night!
3/4/18  90th Oscar Awards Show (4hrs ABC)
3/26/18 - 3/27/18 60minutes interview with Stormy Daniels... and CNN next day coverage of pending sex scandal with trump 
11/22/18 Macy's 92nd Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC)
11/22/18 Thanksgiving Day Parade  (CBS)
11/28/18 Lighting of the Christmas Tree Rockefeller Center (NBC special ) 3hrs)
11/30/18 George HW Bush Funeral - Foxnews and local fox coverage (2hs)
12/31/18 A Toast to 2018! - year in review hosted by Kathy Lee & Hoda 

12/31/18 Ryan Seacrest hosts Dick Clark's new years rockin eve 8pm-10pm/11pm-1am      music and guests (2 discs/epis)
12/31/18 Fox's New Years Eve - Steve Harvey (8-10pm / 11pm-1am) 1 disc music and guests
12/31/18 NBC New Year's Eve with Carson Daly & Kristin Tiegen  (3hrs coverage)
1/6/19 76th Annual Golden Globe Award Show  (bohemian rhapsody big winner)  3:30  NBC 
2/10/19  61st Annual Grammy Awards show   CBS 
2/24/19  The Oscars   - show features no host/MC.  Great Queen tribute entrance performance
4/7/19  54th Academy of Country Music Awards Show (CBS) 3hrs
11/22/19 Dolly Parton Special - 50th years at the Grand Ole Opry  (NBC)
11/24/19 47th Annual American Music Awards Show   (ABC)
11/28/19 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade  (NBC)
11/28/19 Thanksgiving Day Parade  (CBS)
12/8/19 Miss Universe Pageant   (miss South Africa wins)  3hrs
12/15/19 42nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors Award show 
12/19/19 Miss America Pageant   Miss Virginia wins (Virginia Tech grad!)
9/16/20  55th Academy of Country Music Awards Show (CBS) 3hrs 10/14/00 Billboard Music Awards Show  (NBC)  2hrs
12/2/20  88th Christmas in Rockefeller Square  & Rockettes  (Covid - no one in attendance)
12/20/20  22nd annual "Home for the Holidays" host gayle king (1hr) CBS
12/20/20 Garth & Trish Live: Garth Brooks and Trish Yearwood perform live from their home - Christmas Special , taking requests on line  (1hr)  CBS
12/31/20 New Years Eve: "Escape from 2020" NBC Kotb & Bush (2hr)
12/31/20 Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve (4hrs)  J-Lo
12/31/20 Fox's New Years Eve Toast & Roast 2021 (4hrs)
1/1/21  Rose Bowl Parade Celebration (no fans - Covid)
3/14/21  63rd Annual Grammy Awards  (CBS) 
4/25/21  93rd Annual Oscar's Award Show  (ABC)
7/4/21 Macy's 4th of July Celebration and fireworks (2 discs 8-12) NBC
7/4/21 A Capitol Fourth - Washington DC Concert & Fireworks (1:30)  PBS

Other TV shows , events, and neat video from past:
4/5/87 FOX TV GOES ON THE AIR- FIRST NIGHT BROADCAST - WOFL Orlando local feed -   Married with Children/ Tracy Ullman Show  (1hr total)
ALL IN THE FAMILY Anniversary special (1.5hrs)  CBS special original  (dubbed to DVD from original old tape)
Very Best of the Ed Sullivan Show- Anniversary  (1.5hrs)  CBS special original  (dubbed to DVD from original old tape)
"On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald" Part 1 - recorded off TV special (3hrs) - probes how a trial would have played out had Oswald not been murdered - Plus has "Dreams along the Little Big Horn" Indian Special (1hr) - from old betamax tape
Miami Vice - "The Fight"  Part 1&2  (1:30 trt)  NBC recorded TV)
1985 World Chess Championship-  Live recording from 1985 ABC  (wrap up events)  30min  - plus has some space flight documentary on it
1994  7th Annual American Comedy Awards Show  (recorded live on TV)  ABC 2hrs
MIAMI VICE - 2 eposodes:  Smuggler's Blues  (2/1/85)& Lombard (5/10/85)  from old Colimbia House VHS 
1987 Johnny Carson  25th Anniversary Show    (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988)
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV:  SNL episode (Steve Gutenberg guest)/white crime/white religion/Johnathan winters/SNL episode - famous show with William Shattner as kirk. (2 discs)
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV:  FRIDAYS show (45min)/from here to maternity/Jay Leno show (1hr)/Fridays show/George Carlin  (2 discs)
1988 David Letterman  6th Anniversary Special Show    plus some old Steve Allen show   (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988) 
45min   (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988) plus s old Johnny Carson show with Johnathan winters and Enigma of Bobby Bittman, Steve Allen (2hrs total run time)
The Great QUIZ SHOW SCANDAL --  12/5/56  rigged TV quiz show busted  (30min)
Circa 1990's:  Arsenio Hall Show -- Jamie Lee Curtis sexy legs,  a young Mariah Carey performs.
12/26/89 ABC TIME Special:  IMAGES OF THE 80's  (1hr special look back at the highlights of the 1980's decade)
Dick Clark's - American Bandstand - 30 Year Anniversay Special  (2 disks)  transfered from old Beta video tape
SOAP --  first 4 episodes (collectible tape)
DINOTOPIA  (DVDmaster)  (and VHS   3  part series)
Columbo (9/28/91) episode- "now you see him"
Miles Davis - A tribute        February 1993    PBS special (cable grain)
1990's? Maury Povich Show:  Sexy Body Builder women featured (unsure of date)  from old VHS taping  (2hrs plus has simpsons epi and news)
5/19/00  FRIENDS - 2000 Season Finale episode
Popular - "timber" episode  (2nd season premiere episode) WB network  (DVDmaster)
1995 Westminster Dog Show  - night #1 only - 11/94  USA network
Coach - 2003 super bowl marathon (football episodes) ( 2tapes)
Will of their Own  (2 part NBC Special)  (5hrs)
2/16/03  THE SIMPSONS - 300th show special  (1.5hrs)  (DVDmaster)
2/16/03  Married with Children Reunion  (1hr)  (DVDmaster)
25th Anniversary STAR TREK Special  ( Aside- The JUDDS concert)
Knots Landing Collection   65 episodes mastered to DVD from old Beta tapes (some flaws, some static at times)
1970's: Six Million Dollar Man vs. Bigfoot  parts 1+2  (2hrs)
1970's: Bionic Woman Fembots Special parts 1+ 2  (2hrs)
3/12/03  1st Annual TV LAND Awards show  (2.5hrs)  DVDmaster
1980's  Incredible Hulk Returns  (NBC Night at Movies)  (3hrs)   DVDmaster
4/1993  Harley Davidson Special   (TBS special)  1hr  DVDmaster
Unofficial History of Harley Davidson  (1hr)
Survivor first series Finale  (date?)
West Wing  Final episode for 2001

Battlestar Galactica  TV show episode :   "the hand of god"  47min  DVDmaster
90210 - THE REUNION    5/10/03    1hr Fox Special
10/9/03 JAY LENO SHOW - With Dolly Parton (sexual inuendos) Melon toss, Conan w/ Umma Thurman
1996 When Animals Attack part 2  (fox 1hr special)
The 10th Kingdom (TV mini series)   5 parts in all
Wizard of Oz - 50th anniversary Special  ( has  original  movie too)
Star Trek Voyager   2hr Premiere show
Comedy Central: "SPUNK" The Tonya Harding Story  (5min skit)
1987 MISS INDIAN USA pageant - 3rd tape only  (3rd MIUSA Pageant)
American Film Institute Salute to Fred Astaire  7/24/87  cbs
Cosby show 9/24/87  Premier episode (plus tape has other episode as well as other 9-10/87 stuff)
1999 Comedy Central - NY Friars Club Roast of Jerry Stiller
July 4th, 1986 Celebration  (2 tapes)  (has some footage of 1/86 challenger shuttle explosion too)
1986 American Music Awards Show  (JIP - 3hrs)
(date?)  TODAY SHOW -  50 years show   (plus NBC news coverage of Marty Shotenhiemer hired as Redskins coach)
2/1994  Late Night with David Letterman   - Judds perform and interview, Lawrence Fishburne  (1hr)
1994 Kennedy Center Honors Gala   (1hr 45min0  PBS
7/4/95    1995 A Capital Fourth  - NSO concert   & Fireworks (PBS)
1995 Memorial Day celebration and NSO Concert    1hr+    (PBS)
1996 Kennedy Center Honors Gala (25th Anniversary)
7/4/96    19956A Capital Fourth  - NSO concert   & Fireworks
11/15/96 Dallas "JR Returns"  CBS special   2hrs
5/92 John John & Carolyn Kennedy 1st Interview on TV  ABC primetime live
5/22/92 Tonight Show - Final Episode with Johnny Carson
RESCUE 77 - Pilot and 2nd show (rare WB review video)  1 DVD
Anna Nicole Show  E! shows  1-5+  2 disks (4hrs)  plus Anna interview with Greta Van.
Anna Nicole Show  E! show  5 episodes from 2003  (2.5 hrs) 10/4/03  VHS
The Anna Nicole Show - The first season (3 disc set = 14epis) UNCENSORED
KATE & ALLIE - TV SHOW  collection of 3hrs 35min of episodes from 1980's  (*DVDmaster from beta)
THE FLASH --  early 1990's TV real action TV sitcom show  - 3 tapes worth (full set)
JAWS :  The Making of a Modern American Myth  (2.5hrs)
Murder She Wrote - original tapings from 1st 4 shows .....air dates: 10/17/88,10/18/88,11/1/88,11/2/88
Fastest Street Car Shootout - Orlando    1hr   DVD
4/29/04  Friends ,  Will & Grace  NBC  (2hrs)  DVD
5/26/04 American Idol - Season Finale  (2hrs) DVD
old NBC Elvis Special  40min  (old Beta tape transfer to DVD)  white specks)
Miami Vice -   1984  original movie that started the series  NBC
9/18/04    2004 Miss America Pageant    2hrs  ABC
11/7/04  Dallas Reunion Special     (2hrs)   CBS
11/14/04 & 11/17/04  Day of Destruction  CBS 2 part mini series (2nd part JIP 28min late)
11/25/04  Seinfeld Reunion     1hr special   (JIP  5min late)  NBC
12/21/04 27th Annual Kennedy Center Honors Awards   (CBS 2hr special)
12/25/04 NBC Christmas Celebration -- Holiday on Ice    2hrs
12/25/04 ABC Christmas Special --  Walt Disney Christmas Parade (Regis & Kelly host + Mariah Carey)
12/31/04 Dick Clark Rockin’ Eve   (4hrs of coverage  10:30-2:30am)  (4hrs of coverage  10:30-2:30am)
12/31/04 New Years Eve with Carson Daly (Daly’s 1st shot at New Years)
1/1/05  2005 Tournament of Roses Parade   (1.5 hrs)  JIP   NBC
COACH -  8 misc episodes  (runs 4 hrs)
2003 Travel Channel:  Osbourne's Special   (30min)
1/16/05  2005 Golden Globe Awards  ABC   5 hours of coverage (has pre-show too)
1/24/05  Jay Leno Show-  day after Carson dies-  CARSON TRIBUTE SHOW (special guests)
2/3/05  “Happy Days” REUNION    ABC special   2hrs
8/26/04  HSP-  HBO productions:  Back in the Hood :  Gang Wars 2   (1hr)  documentary follow-up on gangsters
9/9/04  HSP – HBO productions: Indian Point – Imagine the Unimaginable (terrorist threat to the nuclear reactor?)
11/11/04 HBO Special:  Last Letters Home -  Voices of American Soldiers from Iraq before their death  (1 hr)
9/9/04  HSP - HBO productions: Chernobyl Heart – documentary about effects in Ukraine of the nuclear disaster (40min)
2/27/05    77th Annual Academy Awards show  - Chris Rock controversy    4hrs ABC
3/20/05  CBS Movie:  Spring Break Shark Attack  (2hrs)  poor attempt at a version of “Jaws”
Date?   Arsenio Hall show -  with guest Demi Moore  (plus has SNL show with Sinead O’Conner guest)
4/1/05  Jay Leno Show plus Conan O’Brien show -  has feature guest Pam Anderson (discussing “Stacked”)
4/12/05 Jay Leno Show -  has feature guest Pam Anderson (discussing “Stacked”)  plus Conan O’Brien show
3/30/05  60 Minutes show -  feature segment on Steroids in the NFL  (panthers controversy)
1992 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders USO tour visit troops in Korea  (rare 20min home video shoot by serviceman!)
(plus has military news channel features on video afterwards)
Suicide Mission to Chernobyl  - 1hr documentary from PBS-Nova
5/18/05  The Animals of Star Wars   (Animal Planet special   1hr)
Star Wars – Empire of Dreams  (A&E doc)  (2hrs)
The Mythology of Star Wars - 1996 documentary with Lucas and Bill Moyers
5/11/05  Elvis – CBS Special  2 part (2 disk) special
5/4/05   “Fallen Angel”  - ABC primetime live about Paula Abdula / American Idol special
30 days -  6 1hr episodes thus far  (new for 2005)  FXchannel
Guiding Light - Roger Thorpe - The Scandal Years  (1994)  CBS Soap Opera vhs-to-dvd
7/19/05 Jay Leno Tonight Show  (busty/sexy jay walking piece)
9/13/05  World Music Awards  (ABC  2hrs)
9/18/05  57th Annual Emmy Awards   (CBS 3hrs)
1950’s-1960’s TV commercials collection
12/4/05   60 Minutes: HOWARD STERN, Avian Bird Flu scare, MS13 gang  (1hr)12/4/05 Pope John Paul II  Part 1  -  CBS docu-drama series  (part 1 only)12/24/05  Nutcracker on Ice  (1hr) ABC
12/25/05  Holiday Celebration on Ice   (2hrs+)  NBC
12/25/05  Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade   (2hrs+) NBC
3/5/06   78th Annual Academy Awards Show  ABC (2 disks - has pre-show stuff too)
3/15/06 Jay Leno Tonight Show - guest Queen Latifah & music by Rob Zombie
3/15/06 Conan O'Brien Show - guest Martha Stewart
4/28/06 Today Show - guests George Clooney, Julie ANdrews & music by Shakira
5/23/06 41st Annual Country Music Awards Show
5/24/06 American Idol Finals -  Taylor Hicks beats out Katherine
6/2006 Jay Leno Tonight show - Mariah Carey guest
7/4/06 A capital fourth + Washington DC fireworks   WETA (2hrs)
7/4/06 Macy's 4th of July Spectacular   music & fireworks  NBC (2hrs)
7/4/06  2006 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Coney Island (53 3/4 record!) 1hr
7/23/06 2006 Miss Universe Pagent  (Miss Puerto Rico wins)   ABC  (2.5hrs)
7/24/06 2006 CMA Country Music Awards  ABC  (2.5hrs)
8/20/06 William Shatner Roast -  Comedy Central Special (1hr 45min)
8/22/06  J.C. Penny Jam – Concert for the Americas  (1hr ABC Special)
8/26/06 Global Tuning Awards Show  (tuners race cars – hot chicks too)  1hr
8/31/06  MTV Music Awards Show  (3hrs+)
Joe Piscapo – Live!  (1987 HBO comedy special)   (1hr)
Your Show of Shows – 7 of 8 volumes of this B&W old Variety show
2/25/07   79th Annual Academy Awards    NBC  3.5hrs
5/15/07  39th Annual Country Music Awards Show  (CBS   3:03)
6/8/09 NBC Today Show – guest Sarah Jessica Parker & Rhianna performs  (3hrs)
6/14/07 Price is Right – 2nd to last Bob Barker show  (1hr)
6/15/07 Price is Right   - Final 2 Bob Barker 2 shows (11am & 8pm)
10/15/07  Price Is Right  -   First Drew Carey hosted show  (1hr)
6th Annual Running of the Iditarod  (local Alaska TV show)  (2hrs)
7/4/07 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest       Joey Chestnut sets new record!
8/2007 Jay Leno Show:  guest Victoria Beckham  (on coming to USA with husband David now playing for LA Galaxy)
2007 World Magic Awards Show   (2hrs)  WDCA  - guest Pam Anderson
12/31/07  - Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin Eve 2008  (ABC  2hrs)
12/31/07  - Carson Daly’s New Years Eve 2008  (NBC  2hrs)
12/31/07  “New Year’s, No Limits”  -  ESPN special – Robbie Madison attempts world record jump  (2 disks)
1/6/08   60 Minutes  - Roger Clemens steroid interview  (CBS)  1hr
1/6/08 American Gladiators – NBC  Premier show of the new series – Hulk Hogan MC
12/31/08 ESPN New Year - No Limits  -  Robbie Madsen - breaks height Motorcycle jump record
12/31/08 NBC - New Years Eve with Carson Daly  (1hr)
12/31/08 ABC - New Years Rockin' Eve with Dick Clark & Ryan Seacrest (3hrs)12/31/08 FOX - New Years Eve Live   - Robbie Knievel Jump  (2hrs)
1/1/09 Tournament of Roses Parade   (ABC)  2hrs
1986 Dove Awards -  Religious Folk music awards  (old beta video transfer to DVD)  lower quality
3/19/09 Jay Leno Show - President Barack Obama gues (one of highest rated shows ever)  (1hr)
5/8/09 Jay Leno Show - Jamie Lee Curtis (lots of leg and cleavage)  Jewel performs
3/28/09 Nickelodeon – Annual Kid’s Choice Awards  (hosted by “The Rock”)
5/20/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final week)    Bill Maher/Mandy Moore
5/21/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final week)    Andy Samberg/American Idol winner/ Lionel Richie
5/22/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final week)    Brian Williams/Tori Amos
5/25/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final week)    Mel Gibson/Lyle Lovett
5/26/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final week)    Arnold Schartznegger/Dwight Yokam
5/27/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final week)    Wanda Sykes/Sarah McLaughlin
5/28/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final week)    Billy Crystal/Prince
5/29/09 Late night with Jay Leno (final show)    Conan O’Brien (new host)/James Taylor
6/1/09  Late night with Conan O’Brien (FIRST SHOW)  Will Ferrell/Pearl Jam
6/2/09  Late night with Conan O’Brien    Green Day
6/3/09  Late night with Conan O’Brien  Julie Louise Dryfuss/Sheryl Crow
7/4/09 A Capital Fourth  (concert and fireworks in Washington DC) PBS  (2hrs)
7/4/09 MAD TV -  Busty Porno Star – Kayla Kleevage appearance  (1hr)
7/7/09 Regis & Kelly show (& Martha Stewart & The View)  - recorded incase of Michael Jackson death coverage (no MJ stuff)
7/14/09 Square Roots:  The story of Spongebob Squarepants  (VH1 special)  1hr
9/18/09 Guiding Light-  FINAL EPISODE  (CBS)  (1hr)
10/1/09 David Letterman Show -  Letterman admits affairs with co-workers and persons extortion attempts (live unrehearsed)
11/10/09 David Letterman Late show  - SHAKIRA performs and interview

Arsenio Hall show:  collection of Music Guests -  Warrant, Bee Gees, Poison
1/10/10 SIMPSONS -  20yr Anniversary Show + 3D on Ice (morgan spurlock host) (1.5hrs)
1/21/10 Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien  (2nd to last show)  Ben Stiller
1/22/10 Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien  FINAL SHOW  Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell(Conan's short run ends with NBC scrambling to put Leno back on show, Conan receives 42mil.)
Late Night with David Letterman:  Letterman Shows  (150min)  4 of the best shots from 1985-1990
Late Night with David Letterman:  Best of Letterman  5th Anniversary show (1987)  50min
3/1/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  JAY LENO RETURNS - 1st show back as host
3/7/10  82nd Annual Academy Awards Show  (ABC)  Sandra Bullock & Hurt Locker are winners
3/22/10 Rachel Ray Show:  Guest Jessica Simpson
3/24/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  Pam Anderson (see thru white shirt) + Jimmy Fallon show
5/12/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  Bettie White guest (just after her 1st appearance on SNL)
5/16/10   2010 Miss USA Pageant  (Miss Michigan wins)  NBC
5/26/10 American Idol - Season Finale  - Final Simon Cowell show (tribute)
5/28/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  Final Kevin Eubanks show  (+ Jimmy Fallon show next)
5/31/10 Ellen DeGeneres Show:  Pam Anderson Guest discusses dancing with the stars
6/2010 Dolly Parton celebrates 25 years of Dollywood (1hr Hallmark channel special)
7/4/10 A capital fourth + Washington DC fireworks   WETA (2hrs)
7/4/10 Macy's 4th of July Spectacular   music & fireworks  NBC (2hrs)
7/  /10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  First show with Ricky Minor and new band
7/6/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  JWow Busty interview, Enrique Iglesias performs
7/20/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Don Rickles, Dwayne Wade , KISS performs (modern day deliahla)
8/3/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  Betty White guest
8/2010  NBC Today Show:  KE$HA performs her hits outdoors, Lindsy Lohan's Mom interviewed about her daughter's situation.
8/15/10 David Hasselhoff Roast  - Comedy Central Special (censored)  (1:34)
8/24/10 Miss Universe Pageant
8/27/10 NBC Today Show:  Katy Perry performs (last summer concert show for season)
8/28/10  62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards show  (NBC)  3hrs
9/17/10 As The World Turns -  FINAL SHOW EVER   (1hr)
10/26/10 Today Show:  Back to the Future 25th reunion with MJ Fox & cast, Taylor Swift performs
11/8/10 CONAN show    Conan O'Brien returns to late night on TBS  (1hr)
11/9/10 CONAN show   2nd show features soundgarden music guest  (1hr)
12/10/10 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Dee Snider and Kirsten Dunst guests
12/23/10 Today Show - Features 2010 News Headlines - Year in review  (4hrs)
1/16/11  68th Annual Golden Globe Awards Show  (NBC)  3hrs+   JIP early
2/13/11  53rd Annual Grammy Awards Show  (lady gaga)   2 discs (4hrs)
2/27/11  83rd Annual Academy Awards  + pre redcarpet show    2 discs  (3hrs)
3/16/11  Comedy Central Roast:  Donald Trump    (1.5hrs)
5/27/11 Today Show - Features Rhianna Performing 4 songs in kick off of summer concert series
5/23/11 David Letterman Show  - Lady Gaga guest
5/24/11 Lady GAGA-THOM  (6hr marathon) Fuse network   (interviews, videos etc)
6/19/11   38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards  (CBS)   2hrs  - partial
7/4/11  4th of July Celebration – Fireworks and Concert  FROM NY City  (NBC)  2hrs
7/4/11  A Capital Fourth – Music and Concert from Washington DC  (WETA)  2hrs
8/31/11  Tonight Show with Jay Leno:  Snooki guest    Jeff Bridges  guest
9/9/11  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:  Pearl Jam performs with the Roots (great song!!)
9/13/11    2011 Miss Universe Pagent   (2hrs)  NBC
9/23/11  ALL MY CHILDREN -  final TV esisode   - 1hr   ABC  (Susan Lucci)
10/7/11  Tonight Show with Jay Leno:   Puddle of Mudd performs
10/7/11  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:  Judas Priest performs  (breakin the law!)
10/27/10 Tonight Show with Jay Leno  - Robin Williams guest and Kylie Minogue
11/6/11  60 Minutes:  ANDY ROONEY Dies.. Tribute   1st show w/o him
11/14/11 Dateline NBC:  Conrad Murray Trial (the man found guilty and responsible for the death of Michael Jackson)   (1hr)
1/7/21 (from 2015) MICHAEL JACKSON: The Last 24 Hours (1hr Reelz channel special)
1/7/21 (from 2018) MICHAEL JACKSON: Scandal documentary special from Reelz channel  (2hrs) 
11/16/11 Tonight Show with Jay Leno:   Snooki  guest  (partial but has all of Snooki appearance)
11/26/11  85th Anniversary of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Special  (1hr) NBC
12/5/11 American Annual Country Music Awards Show  (2hrs) FOX
12/21/11 Michael Buble -  A Michael Buble Christmas 2011 special (1hr) NBC
12/25/11 Disney Parks' - Christmas Day Parade   (2hrs)
2/5/12 Jimmy Fallon Show:  LIVE in Indianapolis POST SUPER BOWL SHOW with 2 Giants players!  plus Sandler and Samburg
3/1/12 Today Show - Matt Lauer 1st Interview with Lindsay Lohan since release from prison and comeback
3/1/12 Jay Leno Show - Chickenfoot performs
3/1/12 Jimmy Fallon Show - Lindsay Lohan (before SNL appearance)
3/2/12 Jimmy Fallon Show - Bruce Springsteen guest and plays music plus pre show LMFAO - sexy & I know it duet with Fallon.. hilarious!
3/30/12 NBC NEWS:  Local WRC Ch4 JOE KREBS Final show - News at Noon
4/3/12 Today Show:  SARAH PALIN GUEST HOST  (4hrs)
4/??/12 60 Minutes: Mike Wallace TRIBUTE show
4/24/12 Jimmy Fallon Show -  Guest President Obama
5/27/12 National Memorial Day Concert  - runs only 1hr, cancelled abruptly due to foul weather (they replay 2011 show)   PBS
6/1/12 Today Show:  Pittbull performs
6/3/12 Miss USA Pageant   - Miss Rhode Island wins
6/3/12 ADELE - Live In London  (NBC 1hr special hosted by Matt Lauer)
6/4/12 MTV Movie Awards Show  (2hrs)
6/8/12 Today Show:  Andy Samberg guest, Chris Brown performs
6/15/12 Today Show:  Justin Bieber performs (huge crowd - waited for days)
6/20/12 & 6/21/12 Justin Bieber: All Around the World (2 part special on NBC)  1hr each show
7/4/12 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition  (Joey Chestnut wins with 68!)  ESPN
7/4/12 A Capital Fourth:  WETA Washington DC fireworks/concert special (3hrs)
7/4/12 Macy's 4th of July Spectacular    fireworks/concert (features Katy Perry)
7/11/12 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Kelly Ripa guest
7/13/12 Jay Leno Tonight Show - guest Dana Carvey  and Nikki Minag  (Nikki Minag performs too ,,,, sexy busty performance)
8/15/12 Today Show - Nikki Minaj performs
9/5/12 Jimmy Fallon show:  Kirsten Dunst & Gov. Chris Christie guests
9/8/12 Jimmy Fallon show:  Tom Brokaw & model Bar Refatie guests
10/10/12 Late Show with David Letterman:  KISS performs
11/2/12 Today Show - Aerosmith performs
11/- /12 Today Show - One Direction performs
11/21/12 Today Show - Pit Bull performs  (no hoda/kathy lee segment)
11/22/12 Thanksgiving Day Parade -  NBC  (2 parts  3hrs each)
11/22/12 Thanksgiving Day Parade -  CBS  (3hrs)
11/22/12 Thanksgiving Day Parage -  ABC  (3hrs)
11/22/12 BAD 25 - Spike Lee documentary about  Micheal Jackson's BAD album from 1987  (1.5hrs  ABC)
1/8/13 Jimmy Kimmel Live -  Last  2 shows in late night hour (before moving to 11:30 pm time slot) Jennifer Aniston, No doubt performs / last show is Memorable Moments show  (2hrs total)
1/11/13  Jimmy Kimmel Live -  new time slot!   Sofia Vergara guest, Bruno Mars performs (1hr)
1/27/13 Oprah Winfrey show - Lance Armstrong admits to doping  (1hr)  1st of 2 shows only
2/10/13   55th Annual Grammy Awards show  (CBS)
5/2/13 Today Show - summer concert series lineup announced - PSY PERFORMS Gentleman
5/10/13  Today Show - Final spire of the new One World Trade Center is put on to make it 1776ft tall  (show also has follow up news about Cleveland Castro 10 year kidnapping of 3 girls rescue)
7/2013  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - guests Gov. Chris Christy, Janette McCurddy
7/4/13 Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest  (ESPN)  Joey Chestnut wins again with 69!
7/4/13 Macy's 4th of July Spectacular - concert and fireworks show (2hrs) NBC
7/4/13 A Capital Fourth - Concert.  MPT (1hr 30min)
7/4/13 WETA's Washington DC Fireworks show  (30min)
8/23/13 Today Show – One Direction performs
9/23/13 Today Show – Cher performs 
10/9/13 Jimmy Fallon Late Night show -  YLVIS Performs - "what does the fox say?"
10/24 and 10/25/13 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon  - 2 shows - PEARL JAM performs at both
10/31/13 Ellen DeGeneres Show - Halloween Special - Ellen in big boob costume like Nikki Minaj
11/28/13 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade   (4hrs)  NBC
11/28/13 Thanksgiving Day Parade   -- ABC   (4hrs)
12/7/13 Nelson Mandela:  Father of a Nation  (CBS 48hrs presents special)  1hr
1/12/14  71st Annual Golden Globe Awards  (tina fey & amy poeller host again)  NBC  (3:30)
1/30/14 + 1/31/14 Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2 shows in final week)
2/3/14 Tonight Show with Jay Leno  (Bettie White guest) (plus Best of Jimmy Fallon show)
2/4/14 Tonight Show with Jay Leno (matthew mcconaughey and Charles Barley guests) (plus best of Jimmy Fallon show)
2/5/14 Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 2nd to last show features guests Sandra Bullock and Black Shelton
2/6/14 Tonight Show with Jay Leno - FINAL EPISODE FAREWELL
2/7/14 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - FINAL EPISODE (muppets!)
2/18/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon   DEBUT shot
2/19/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon    Lady Gaga ,Kristin Wig
2/20/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon    Bradley Cooper, Tim McGraw
2/21/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon   Michelle O'bama , Will Ferrell , Arcade Fire performs
2/24/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon  Reece Witherspoon, Rick Ross
2/25/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon  Paul Rudd, Shaq
2/25/14 Late Night with Seth Meyers   DEBUT  VP Biden, Amy Pohler
2/26/14 Late Night with Seth Meyers  Kanye West
3/2/14 The Oscars   ABC     Ellen Degeneress hosts
2/22/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon   Justin Timberlake guest
2/26/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Drew Berrymore and Adam Sandler guests
4/3/14 David Letterman Show - Dave announces retirement in 1 year  - Johnny Depp guest
4/9/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon  Jennifer Garner  and Dave Ghrol/Novacelic guests with Stevie Nicks music - great show
4/11/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon   Nick Cage Guest , KISS performs!
9/22/14 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - sexy Sofia Vergara guest
11/27/14  Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Special  (3hrs) NBC
11/27/14  Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Special  (3hrs) CBS
11/27/14  Thanksgiving Parade Special  - Philadelphia (3hrs) ABC
12/18/14  1st Annual People Magazine Entertainment Awards  - hosted by Nick Cannon , (2hrs) NBC
1/22/15 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - MOTLEY CRUE PERFORMS (girls,girls,girls) -- (combo with show below)
1/23/15 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Ryan Seacrest gues with Maddie & Tae peforms
1/23/15 Late Show with David Letterman - Foo Fighters performs with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart - "Kick it out"
2/18/15 The Mentalist -  FINAL EPISODE  (2hr)
3/24/15 The Late Late Show with James Corden --- FIRST SHOW WITH CORDEN HOST
4/9/15 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Guest Julie Louise Dryfuss (great show)(combed on disc with the 4/10/15 show)
4/10/15 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Guest and performer MADONNA! - great performance of Holiday with Fallon and the Roots!  plus her performance was said to be Fallon's favorite musical show! (combed on disc with the 4/9/15 show)
4/11/15   2015 National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington DC  (CBS  2hrs live)
5/5/15 Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon - Sophia Vergara guest
5/8/15 Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon - U2 guest and performs (great show)
5/13/15 Late Night with David Letterman (final shows)- Julia Roberts guest
5/14/15 Late Night with David Letterman (final shows)- George Clooney  guest
5/15/15 Late Night with David Letterman (final shows) Oprah Winfrey & Norm McDonald
5/18/15 Late Night with David Letterman (final shows) Tom Hanks & music guest Eddie Vedder
5/19/15 Late Night with David Letterman (final shows)- Bill Murray guest & Bob Dylan performs
5/20/15 Late Night with David Letterman FINAL SHOW  - show runs 18min longer than normal 1hr - (missing this part)
6/7/15  69th Annual Tony Awards  (CBS   3hrs)
8/6/15 Jon Stewart Daily Show - FINAL EPISODE   comedy central (1hr)
8/30/15 MTV - VMA - Video Music Awards (plus 1hr pre-show and concerts)  runs  3.5hrs and misses very ending but has Taylor Switt acceptance speech
9/8/15 The Late Show with Steven Colbert  (CBS)  DEBUT of Colbert!  (1hr)
9/9/15 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Justin Timberlake gues and Ellen DeGeneres  guest   (Maclamore & Lewis perform downtown/moped)
9/12/15 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Donald Trump guest
9/14/15 Miss America Pageant  - Miss Georgia Wins  (ABC)
12/25/15 Michael Buble's  Christmas in Hollywood special (2hrs NBC)
12/25/15 Disney Park's Unforgettable Celebration (2hrs ABC)
12/29/15  38th Kennedy Center Awards Show (George Lucas, Cecily Tyson +)
12/31/15 New Year's Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest (ABC)
12/31/15 Carson Daly New Years Eve  (NBC)
12/31/15 Pitbull's New Year's Revolution (Fox)  Miami
1/1/16 Tournament of Roses Parade   (ABC)
1/1/16 Rose Bowl Parade (NBC)  ending is on the 1/1/16 montreal vs boston winter classic hockey game disc
2/14/16  Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Valentines Day Special (2hr)
2/15/16  58th Annual Grammy Award Show  (CBS)  misses some footage mid show due to weather/satelite
2/28/16 Oscar Awards    - chris rock host- no black actors nominated controversy
9/29/16 Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon - METALLICA PERFORMS
11/16/16 Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon - METALLICA performs Enter Sandman with the routs and jimmy with toy instruments
12/31/16 New Years Rockin' Eve  (ABC)   Mariah Carey mic goes out and is completely embarrassed!  (4hrs)
12/31/16 Pit Bull's New Years Revolution  (Miami)  FOX   (2hrs)
1/2/17 128th Tournament of Roses Parade  (a great show!)  ABC coverage  (2hrs)
1/8/17  Golden Globe Awards  (jimmy Fallon hosts)  3hr  NBC
1/18/17 People's Choice Awards   2hr   CBS
2/12/17  59th Grammy Awards Show  Metallica performs with Lady Gaga (moth to flame)  CBS 
2/10/17   20/20 show - Special 10th anniversary of death of Anna Nicole Smith  (1hr)
 2/10/17 Access Hollywood - Special anniversary show of 10th anniversary of death of Anna Nicole Smith
2/19/17 Anna Nicole Smith - Behind Closed Doors  (reelz network) 2hr special
2/26/17  The Oscar Awards Show  (big screw up in final award going to wrong film!)
3/5/17  I Heart Music Awards Show    (TNT 2hrs)    Ed Sheeran
4/21/17 LA RIOTS: The Lost Tapes  (1hr doc)
5/7/17 The Last 100 Days of Dianna   (2hr ABC Special about Princess Dianna- on the anniversary of her death) 
6/4/17 One Love Manchester - Ariana Grande live show on ABC to benefit shooting victims (1hr)
6/15/17 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon  - Miley Cyrus on whole show (plays in subway, improv)
9/10/17 Miss America Pageant   (JIP early)   Miss North Dakota wins for first time
9/12/17 Hand in Hand: Benefit for Hurricane victims (music and benefit) LIVE SPECIAL on all major networks (post Harvey and Irma hurricanes that hit TX & FL)
9/20/17 James Corden Show - much hyped FOO FIGHTERS Carpool Karoke
10/2/17 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Miley Cyrus week!) = Adam Sandler & Dustin Hoffman
10/3/17 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Miley Cyrus week!) - Sarah Silverman  KJ apa
10/4/17 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Miley Cyrus week!) - Hillary Rodham Clinton
10/5/17 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Miley Cyrus week!) - Gal Gadot  (miley & billy ray)
10/6/17 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Miley Cyrus week!) - Kraji Henson (Miley & Billy Joel & MSG)
4/1/18 Jesus Christ Superstar Special -  "live NBC special" Features ALICE COOPER!
4/20/18 Megan Markle: An American Dream   (CBS special profiling future princess marrying Harry)  1hr
5/20/18 Billboard Music Awards Show  (3hrs+)
7/4/18 Nathans Hot Dog Eating competition   Joey Chestnut wins with 74 but controversial miscount ending.. goofy end?!
7/4/18 Macy's 4th of July Celebration (concert and fireworks)  NBC
7/4/18 A Capitol Fourth (concert and fireworks on the mall)  PBS 
8/16/18 - 8/17/18  AEROSMITH - Today Show Concert on the Plaza and Jimmy Fallon show spot  (promoting new Las Vegas upcoming shows) 
9/9/18    2019 Miss America Pageant   - Miss NY wins   ABC (2hrs)
9/17/18 Emmy Awards Show - Hosts Jost/che HORRIBLE!, features proposal on stage! Game of Thrones big winner
10/9/18 American Music Awards Show  (ABC)
10/29/18 WICKED! Halloween Special - 15yrs on Broadway  (NBC 1hr)  Ariana Grande/Kristin Chenowith and more
10/30/18 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Features KISS performing "Love Gun" (promoting end of world tour)
11/4/18 Mickey's 90th Birthday Spectacular  (ABC 2hr special)
11/11/18 Country Music's Biggest Stars (ABC 1h special)
11/14/18  52nd Annual Country Music Awards show 
1/1/19 Rose Bowl Parade  (NBC)  2hrs
4/2-3-4-5/19 NBC Today Show - Last week of Kathy Lee as Co-host with Hoda
5/1/19 Billboard Music Awards Show   (NBC)  3hrs 
6/9/19  73rd Annual Tony Awards Show  (CBS)  3.5hrs
7/4/19 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Joey Chestnut 72!
7/4/19 Salute to America - President Trump Speech and Flyover before fireworks
7/4/19 Macy's 4th of July Fireworks spectacular
7/4/19 Capital Fourth - PBS  DC fireworks special (1.5hrs)
9/22/19  71st Annual Emmy Awards Show  (fox  3hrs)
11/20/19 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - DOLLY PARTON guest
11/22/19 Dolly Parton Special - 50th years at the Grand Ole Opry  (NBC)
11/24/19 47th Annual American Music Awards Show   (ABC)
11/28/19 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade  (NBC)
11/28/19 Thanksgiving Day Parade  (CBS)
12/8/19 Miss Universe Pageant   (miss South Africa wins)  3hrs
1/25/19 Disney's Magic Kingdom Christmas Celebration (JIP early on)
12/31/19 A Toast to 2019 (Hoda & Jenna)  3hr  NBC special
12/31/19 Dick Clark's Primetime new years eve & Ryan Seacrest Happy New Year  (8pm-1:30am  2 discs)
12/31/19 Fox's New Year's Eve with Steve Harvey  (1.5hrs)
1/1/20 Rose Bowl Parade  (NBC) 2hrs
1/5/20  77th annual Golden Globe Awards Show - Controversial host Jeremy Corbin shocks Hollywood  (2 discs)
1/26/20  62nd Grammy Awards Show  (CBS)
2/9/20  2020 Oscars Award Show 
7/4/20 Macy's 4th of July Spectacular (different show due to Corona virus) (1.5hrs  NBC)  Concerts and fireworks
7/4/20 A Capital Fourth  (different show due to Corona virus) (1.5hrs  WETA)  Washington DC Concerts and fireworks
7/4/20 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Joey Chestnut 75!) corona virus epidemic has contest indoors without crowd

ANNA NICOLE SMITH -Documentaries/Specials:
Anna Nicole Show  E! shows  1-5+  2 disks (4hrs)  plus Anna interview with Greta Van.
Anna Nicole Show  E! show  5 episodes from 2003  (2.5 hrs) 10/4/03  VHS
The Anna Nicole Show - The first season (3 disc set = 14epis) UNCENSORED
2/10/17   20/20 show - Special 10th anniversary of death of Anna Nicole Smith  (1hr)

 2/10/17 Access Hollywood - Special anniversary show of 10th anniversary of death of Anna Nicole Smith
2/19/17 Anna Nicole Smith - Behind Closed Doors  (reelz network) 2hr special 
Anna Nicole Show  E! shows  1-5+  2 disks (4hrs)  plus Anna interview with Greta Van.
Anna Nicole Show  E! show  5 episodes from 2003  (2.5 hrs) 10/4/03  VHS
The Anna Nicole Show - The first season (3 disc set = 14epis) UNCENSORED
To the Limit  -- stars Anna Nicole Smith  (R)
Skyscraper  -- stars Anna Nicole Smith  (R)
Exposed     --  stars Anna Nicole Smith   (R)
The Anna Nicole Show - The first season (3 disc set = 14epis) UNCENSORED
1/17/20 "Hopelessly in Love" Anna Nicole & Larry Birkhead newest updated documentary   LIFETIME Channel special  (2:03)

Video transfered from personal Betamax recordings to DVD discs
1987 Johnny Carson 25th Anniversary Show (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988)
1988 David Letterman 6th Anniversary Special Show plus some old Steve Allen show (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988)
1988 Superman's 50th Anniversary Special 1hr (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988)
1980's Comedy Specials: (4hrs)  David Letterman special, Belushi, Martin Mull, Carl Reiner (light touch), Gary Shandling
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV: SNL episode (Steve Gutenberg guest)/white crime/white religion/Johnathan winters/SNL episode - famous show with William Shattner as kirk. (2 discs)
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV: FRIDAYS show (45min)/from here to maternity/Jay Leno show (1hr)/Fridays show/George Carlin (2 discs)

Video transfered from personal VHS recordings to DVD discs
David Letterman - misc recordings from VHS tape - circa 1997 from a fan - music performances (40min)

Johnny Carson - misc recordings of interviews and performances (Rosanne Barr Standup)  1.5hrs misc 
Helter Skelter - Manson Murders (made for TV movie) recorded by person in the early 80's/TV (commercials edited out
"That's Offensive" Vintage B&W newsreel odd , weird, socially unacceptable and offensive bizarre footage  (30min)

BETAMAX old tapes converted (each runs 4hrs)
----- Various comedy/documentary and TV shows recorded circa early 80's-1987
1. Lillian Gish/ Big Cosby/ Ken Kesley/ Jack Parr/ Johnathan Winters on Carson
2. Clear as a Bell/ Barber Shop- Night at opera/ Duck Soup/ Hollywood: Hollywood
3. Phantom of Open Heart/ Shockey, Corbett & Jan/ David Letterman: 2nd annual holiday film festival/ 12/6/86 SNL- steve martin/short/chase guests with Randy newman artist (cuts off ending)
4. Jackie Gleason/  Martin & Lenls/ Ed Sullivan: Friars Roast/ Steve Allen/ Pool Sharks W.C. Fields/ Father Sarducci college
5. Boxing: Tubbs vs. Handley (rds 8-12)/ SNL- George Foreman guest - Hole performs/ ESPN Boxing: Rosenblatt vs. Savannah (rosenblatt wins intercontinental title)/  Geroge Carlin misc/ news
6. Billy Crystal/ Shadoe Stevens/ Comeday Special/ Johnathan Winters/ Firesign Theatre-Nick Dange/ Time Travels of Henry Osgood
7. Johnathan Winters/ Martin Short/ Martin Mull/ Lilly Tomlin
8. 10 from your show of shows/ firesign Theatre/ Penn & Teller/ Garbage -history of trash documentary/ Cedar Mountain Battle (civil war doc and reenactment)/ Remember When

PLUS:  Vintage Betamax tape recorded TV in 1986 (BBC shows) Documentaries about Nazi Germany and war crimes and prison camps- real and disturbing unedited video  (6 shows runs 4hrs)
- Night of the Hummingbird -- Hitler Massacre of june 30, 1934
- The Twisted Cross
- Memories of the Camps
- Courage to Care
- Reunion
- D-Day footage (cuts off)

TV & Cable Complete series disk sets
Family Business - seymore butts look into live of porn star  showtime     3 disks 
Alias - Season 1      4 disks
Alias - Season 3    3 disks  (partial set)
24 - Season 1     5 disks
Joe Schmo - Spike TV reality show      2 disks
Sex and the City - Season 4    3 disks
Sex and the City - Season 5   2 disks
Sex and the City - Season 6 Part 1  3 disks
Sex and the City - Season 6 Part 2  2 disks + bonus disk
Three's Company - Season 1  (1 disk)
Three's Company - Season 2  (4 disks)
Three’s Company:  Season 4  (4 disks)
Three’s Company:  Season 5   (4 disks)
Three’s Company:  Season 8  (4 disks)
Fraggle Rock – Complete First Season  (4 disks)
Ren & Stimpy – Marathon   5hrs

Charlie's Angels - Season 1    2 disks
Ben Stiller Show -  complete   2 disks
The Man Show  -  Season 1 Part 1    3 disks
The Man Show  -  Season 1 Part 2    3 disks
The Man Show  -  Season 2  6 disks
The Osbourne's - Season 2   2 disks
The Osbourne's - Season 2.5  2 disks
Curb your Enthusiasm  -   Season 1  (epis 1-6)  195min  1 disk
Flip Wilson Show Marathon  -  10 disks (40 hours) TV Land
Seinfeld   Season 1& 2    4 disks
South Park  Season 1     3 disks
SpongeBob  Season 1     4 disks
SpongeBob  Season 2     3 disks
SpongeBob  Season 3     3 disks
Garfield & Friends Collection  Volume 1  (1988 cartoons)   2 disks 
Alias  Season 1  disk 2
Wonder Woman – Season 1  (5 disks)
Wonder Woman  Season 2  1977    (8 disks)
Wonder Woman - The New Original Wonder Woman - Pilot Episode 11/7/75
Brady Bunch  Season 1  (4 disks)
Simpsons   Season 4   Disk 1 & 2
Simpsons   Season 5  (4 disk so far)
Hogans Heroes  Season 1     (5 disks)
Dead Zone Season 1  (12 episodes)  (4 disks)
ALF  Season 1  (25 episodes)  (4 disks)
Fat Actress  Season 1  (3 disks series)
Fresno -   Episodes 1-5   (1980’s drama)  transferred from old beta tapes
Stacked -  stars Pam Anderson  disk 1 = first 4 episodes
Brady Bunch  Season 2  (4 disk set)
Bewitched   Season 1  (4 disk set)
Gilligan’s Island  Season 3  (5 disk set)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer  - Season 2  (6 disk set)
E.R. Season 1  Disk 1 (2 disks)
E.R. Season 1  Disk 3  (2 disks)
Desperate Housewives  Season 1  (6 disks = 23 episodes)
Seinfeld -  Season 1, 2, 3   (5 disks)
Cheaters - Season 1   (3 disks)
Beavis & Butt-Head  - Volume 1 "the mike judge collection"
Beavis & Butt-Head  - Volume 2 "the mike judge collection"
Beavis & Butt-Head  - Volume 3 "the mike judge collection"
Blue Collar TV -  Season 1  (2 disks)
Blue Collar TV - Season 1  Volume 2 (3 disks)
Mad TV -  Best of Seasons 8,9,& 10  (1 disk)
The Flash - Complete Collection  1990 series based on the DC comic superhero (6 disks)
THE MIND OF MENCIA - Uncensored Season 1  (2 disks)
DINOSAURS - 1980's Jim Henson show Seasons 1 & 2   (4 disks)
THAT 70's SHOW  Season 1  (4 disks)
COACH  - Season 1  (2 disks)
Weird Al Yankovic Show – Complete Series  (3 disks)
Incredible Hulk – Season 1  (live TV sitcom show from late 1970’s) Bixby & Ferrigno)  4 disks
Monty Python’s Flying Circus  - 1969 episodes  8 disks   Volumes 1-8  (epis 1-26)
Rollergirls  - Complete season 1 (A&E series)  4 disks – 9hrs45min
LAND OF THE LOST – Complete Set  (3 seasons)  8 disks
What’s Happening – Complete First Season  (3 disks)
Science Fiction Theatre-  1955-57  TV series   78 episodes on 10 DVD's
J-Men Forever - dubbed from old personal Betamax tape/recording (B&W)   1hr15min
Madam Secretary shows - 2 on one disc 1/11/15 + 3/1/15 -sitcom
BLONDIE - Set of 10 discs - Vintage Black and White TV shows -- has Movie and 27 shows
- movie
-footlight/leave it to/knows best
-blessed event/victory/great life
-life with/lucky day/big moment
-reward/secret/big deal

Helter Skelter - Manson Murders (made for TV movie) recorded by person in the early 80's/TV (commercials edited out

911 Events & Documentaries Etc       

(Other videos are spread around this page)

WTC -"The First 24 Hours"   48min non-narrated video (unique)
"The day the towers fell  &  Relics from the Rubble"  9/3/02    (retrospective 2hr special)  history ch. 
9/17/01 6hrs of misc taped from TV - St. Louis Cardinals 7th Inning stretch American Anthem, Phil Maher P.I. show, presidential address, - urban legend- "devil in the smoke" image of buildings (3 DVD's  - ending part of the big set mentioned above)
10/17/01 World Trade Center  - History Channel (shot before 9/11/01 but aired after the attacks) 
9/9/02    A&E Special "The Anatomy of 9/11" Investigative Reports   2hrs  (excellent!!) 
9/11/02  "1 year later"  24 hours of MSNBC coverage
9/11/02  "1 year later"  24 hours of FOX NEWS coverage
9/11/02  "1 year later"   6 hours of AM coverage and  6 hours of PM coverage on local NBC
9/11/02  PBS special "9/11/01  6 days after the Firefighters Greeve"  1hr
9/11/02  PBS special  "9/11/01  Stranded Yanks"  US citizens stranded in Canada as airlines shutdown.
9/11/02 - HBO MEMORIAL SPECIAL  (1hr uncensored video)
America Remembers: CNN Tribute to Heroes of 911  (90min)
A Nation Remembers: Story of the Pentagon Memorial  (post 9/11)   2008
9/9/03  History Ch.  World Trade Center "RISE and FALL"  (2hr special)
9/9/03  History Ch.   Fireboats of  9/11  (1.5hr special on the role of the fireboats that day)
9/10/03  911- Clear the Skies  (1hr)  plus  "The Hunt for Bin Laden" (1hr) PBS specials
9/10/03  MPT "Tale of Two Towers"  People recount the day the towers fell  (2hr special)
September 11, 2001:  Comprehensive Reference Resource

9/11/11   9-11 America Remembers  (2:45)  live ceremony at ground zero and unveiling of waterfall park  (Bush/Obama speaches)
9/11/11   9-11 CNN Special  - Anniversary of 911  (4:14 total) CNN live special  9/11/11   9-11 Washington Remembers  (2hr) NBC live special at the Pentagon 10 years later
9-11: 10 Years Later     CBS 2hr special
9-11  10th Anniversary National Geographic Week of Specials
--8/29/11 George W. Bush - The 911 Interview  (1hr)
--Inside 9-11:  Zero Hour
--Inside 9-11:  War on America
--How it was:  "Voices of 9-11"
--Witness DC:  9-11  (what happened in washington)
--Where were you on 9/11?
9/11/12 Hotel Ground Zero - Marriot - stories recalled.  (2009)  History Channel (1hr)
9/11/12  9/11 Tapes:  Chaos in the sky (1hr History Channel)
9/11/12  9/11 Heroes of the 88th Floor  (2hrs - Military Channel)
9/11/12 9-11 SURFER  (just released) documentary about survior from 22nd floor that surfed down the wreckage
11/11/14 The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden  (2 part Fox News special - 1hr per episode)
911: The Heartland Tapes (retrospective look at how the terror incident was covered in the middle of the country) 1hr special Smithsonian TV

9-11 RECORDED THAT DAY ON MANY STATIONS:  9/11/01   100+ DVD's transferred from 30 tapes = 200+ hours of reports, retrospect, breaking news of the day  spans later 9/11-9/12-9/13-9/14/-9/15

BUMFIGHTS - Cause for Concern - vol 1.  (banned street & bumfighting) 1hr  DVDmaster
BUMFIGHTS 4- Return of Ruckus  (1hr)
Bum Hunts  (& other street fights)   1hr
BARROOM Babes & Brawls (unscensored street fights etc)  1hr  DVDmaster
Tom Green Show -  Best of MTV's   1999 (1hr)
Tom Green Show - Something Smells Funny  1999  (1hr)
Tom Green Show – Tonsil Hockey       61min
Tom Green Show -  MTV Uncensored
Ghetto Brawls   (XEG video)  1hr
Brawlin' Broads - uncensored  XEG  1hr
Dumbasses - The Movie  (1hr)
Steve-O - Don't Try this at home  (1st Steve-o video)  35min
Steve-O - Don't Try this at home  VOLUME 2  (1hr)
Steve-O  “Out on Bail  volume 3”  and  “PCP saved my Life”
Best of Backyard Wrestling - Random Acts of Violence  (1hr)
Best of Backyard Wrestling - Too Shocking for TV  (1hr)
Best of Backyard Wrestling - Volume 4  (1hr)
Best of Backyard Babes - Volumes 1+2   (2hrs)  DVD
American Misfits (skatebaording wacky vid)  2003   2hrs
Mischief 3000 - Episode II  (cross country racing)  (2hr)
Mischief – JDM  -  import street racing & babes
Mischief Dynasty 5   - import street racing & babes
Chick Fights - Cheezy real fake girl fights  (1hr)  DVD
W.E.W. - Women's Extreme Wrestling  (4hrs) 2DVD
Crazy White Boys (like Steve-O but more extreme & stupid) (1hr)  DVD
Hunting For Bambi    (2hrs) DVD
COPS - 3 DVD uncensored edition (caught in the act, bad girls, shots fired)
CKY - Landspeed  (Bam Margera)   65min
CKY2K – Bam & Dunn nutty behavior   (1hr)
CKY2K   (90min)
Backyard Brawling Parts 1 & 2    2hrs total
$Shamless$  (sick bizarre dares)   1hr
$Shamless$ 2   (more of the above!)  1hr
Uncle Goddamn - Dont try this at home (drunks doing stupid stuff)  1hr
Hooligans & Thugs - Soccer's most violent fan fights (really wild stuff)
Street Anarchy -  street bikes – stunts and crashes  (1hr)
2Fast4Hollywood – Illegal Street Racing
3/13/05  Spike TV:  Carpocalypse  & Boom!  (2 shows that have crash up drebys and weird stuff)
Road Rage 1  (+ Road Trash)   Cycle stunts and crashes
Road Rage 2  “In speed we trust”
Road Rage 3  “Need for speed”
Road Rage 4   (2005)  1hr
VIVA LA BAM -  Complete Season 2 and 3 (plus some bonus (3 disks)
VIVA LA BAM -  Complete Season 4 and 5 (plus some bonus (3 disks)
JACKASS   Volume 1
JACKASS best of MTV episodes  volumes 2 & 3
Jackass 2 "the movie" - Unrated
Jackass: Tribute to Evel Knievel   (1hr)
Canonball Run Europe - chasing the canonball 2003  (1hr)
Midnight Street Racing  - 90min of illegal street racing
Bum Show.Com  - Offensive Behavior (another rip off bum hunt type video)
Bam Margaria – Viva La Bam Lost episode & music videos (DVD extra that was with Bam’s music CD)  1hr
Bareknuckle Beatdowns -  1hr of street fights plus 2 hot babes
Mischief – Car goofs and racing
The Damn Show – Yucko the Clown – stunts and public pranks 
Banned from Television  II     Extremely horrific “things gone bad” video (1hr)
Banned from Television  III    Extremely horrific     more “things gone bad” video (1hr)
Crusty Demons of Dirt   (1995)  (dirt bike jumps etc)
Crusty Demons of Dirt – Steel Roots II  (dirt bike stunts and jumps)
Go Dumb USA  (Oakland, CA street racing, burnouts and hoodlum behavior) 2005 (1.5hrs)
Adrenalin Crew -  Illegal street biking and racing, stunts  1.5hrs   2005
Cheaters -  Season 1      3 disks   spy video on cheating spouses (springer-cops style!)
Lost Reality  1 & 2  - National Lampoon's gross-out/dare/sexy/idiot activity video ( 2 disks)  2004 - 2005
Big Busts 2 -  Illegal Street Racing  (2006 DirectTV PPV)  1hr
Tom Green - Inside & Outside the Box  (season collection)  3 disks
Live from da Gutter - 2004 ghetto street racing, street fights, riots, pit fights
Car Wars -  1986 video of Race car crashes
5/4/06 The Impossible Jump -  Mike Metzger jumps 125ft with backflip in Las Vegas to set new world record  (1hr+  ESPN)
World's Wildest Bar Fights
Street Anarchy - Knuckle Up
World's Most Amazing Hood Fights -  2005
Imports & Outlaws  -  2004    illegal street racing etc  (70min)
Stupidity -  an independent film about the history of “dumbness” in our society    2003  (1hr 17min)
Sturgis: Uncensored    2003   hot chicks, bikers, burnouts, and all the madness
Central Valley Gone Hifey – Parties, sideshows, ladies, car whips, streets to clubs action (53min) 2004
Hyphy Exposed -  stupid acts, street races, fights, riots, car crashes and more  (1hr)  2006
Caught On Tape -  Volumes 1-2-3  -  People caught in lewd and odd acts and situations
Terrafirma 5  (V)    - motorcycle stunts    Fox video
Crusty 3 (III)  -  Demons of Dirt   1997  cycle stunts
Crusty 2000 – “The metal millennium)  1999  cycle stunts
Crusty Demons – “The Next Level “    2000  cycle stunts
Danger Zone:  Stunts gone bad   (30min)  odd video  2001
Felony Fights 2   - Street Fights   (62min)
CKY2K  -   knucklhead stunts and stuff   (63min)
STUNT SPECTACULAR JUMPS!   8/17/97 a pay per view event (EP)
Extreme Biker -  2 DVD set   motorcycle street tricks and hot babes
Crusty Demons -  The 8th Dimension    2004  (47min)
Crusty Demons -  God Bless the Freaks  1998
Slammed – Pain is Universal (skate surf snow bmx moto)   2004  (63min)
Amazing Video Collection:  4 set -  Caught on camera, Life against death, Man against nature, Caught on camera
Riot Rampage 2 -  discovery channel documentary (wild footage)  (2hrs)
Black & Blue & Red All Over:  Inline Skating wrecks video (1997)  Bone films 
Backyard Fight Clubs  -  VOLUME 1  (2000)
MOST SHOCKING:  “Wild Riots”      TruTV  1hr  2011  (has footage of LA riot after Lakers won Championship)
Street Racing - 4 DVD box set - Real/Raw/Fast/the orginal (2002 -multitek media) modern car racing/sexy chicks

EASYRIDERS video magazines 
Easyriders - video magazine #8
Easyriders - video magazine #9  (Daytona 50th)
Easyriders - video magazine #14 American Rider
Easyriders - video magazine #16 (1993)
Easyriders - video magazine #17 (1993)
Easyriders - video magazine #22 
Easyriders - video magazine #22 (winter special)
Esayriders  -video magazine #2  (1996)
Easyriders - video magazine #28 (1996)
Easyriders - video magazine #29 (1996)
Easyriders - video magazine #30 (1996)
Easyriders - video magazine  -- STURGIS! (2010)
Easyriders  - video magazine -- The Greatest Decade in Harley Davidson history
Easyriders - video magazine  -- Daytona Bike Week 1990 special 
Easyriders - video magazine -- Harley -ridin' Modern Day legends

Misc HARLEY  & Biker videos
American Rider - Harley Davidson Easy Riders #14
All Harley Drag
Bike Week '95  (playmate Carol Shaya) 1995
Buffalo Chip '94  (rocky Raccoon software video)
Daytona '94 - Bike week 1994 (Ron Knight productions)
Key West Biker 
Bike Week '92  (54min)

Welding & Steel Fabrication Instructional:  4 disks covering ARC welding, MIG welding, Gas Torch Cutting
The Coast Guard License: Advanced Piloting Rules of the Road (Bennett Marine video) 1988 (114min)
Reflexology - Massage Therapy Lesson Series (11 very rare DVD's) - topics like Neurokinetic therapy - facilitated stretching, neck & back, thigh, arm & leg, shoulder, Hip & pelvis. Sports massage lower extremity, deep tissue massage
Flintknapping -- how to make prehistoric type flints -- eductional and instructional  (1989)
The Essence of Fly Casting     1984 fly rodding sonoma video  (1hr)
Guitar Basics - For Acoustic and Electric Guitars  (Yamaha video)
Guitar Method - Hal Leonard - for beginning Electric or Acoustic Guitarist
Guitar Method - in the style of Pink Floyd  (60min)
Learn to Play: Modern Rock for Guitar - Volume 1 
Beginner Guitar  (2hrs)
Ultimate Beginner Series:  Rock Guitar Rick Nolan (more advanced) 2002  (80min)
Learning Guitar for Dummies  (2001)   1hr 15min
"And Justice For All" Learn to play the Metallica Classic - 2008 Guitar World DVD
Guitar Method - Hard Rock & Heavy Metal   (2009) 
Fender guitar - official beginner electric guitar video 
"River Rockfish"  - Striped Bass Fishing demo/instructional on the Potomac River  (30min)  Bob Denver
Metallica - Guitar Lessons - in the "style of Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield" (1998)
Steve Lynch - Two Handed Guitar  (REH guitar instructional video)
Restoring Composition Dolls  (1994) from master VHS
Smothers Brothers  YO-YO Man  - (kodak video) 1988  Odd instructional/comedy  -- old VHS tape 

OAKLEY - Video Vault 2004 (IV)  - special Oakley Sunglasses video promos (got from Oakley rep)
OAKLEY - Video Vault 2006  - special Oakley Sunglasses video promos (got from Oakley rep)

The Outer Banks Sea: Serenity and Storm   SGV home video (1hr33min)
Outer banks Music Showcase: The 208 Christmas Show

RHONDA SHEAR - UP ALL NIGHT spots (USA SHOW) 1991 complete collection (10 disks)
RHONDA SHEAR - UP ALL NIGHT spots (USA SHOW) 1992 complete collection (10 disks)
RHONDA SHEAR - UP ALL NIGHT spots (USA SHOW) 1993 complete collection (10 disks)
RHONDA SHEAR - UP ALL NIGHT spots (USA SHOW) 1994 complete collection (10 disks)
RHONDA SHEAR - "Shear Delight" & "Las Vegas Bust"  COMBO  (2hrs)
RHONDA SHEAR  - Rhonda & Linnea "uncut"  (2hrs)
World's Worst Avid Golfer - rare early RHONDA SHEAR - 1985 golfing spoof special (from old VHS)
Heavy Petting Detective - 1997 sexy comedy spoof movie (Stars- Rhonda Shear)
DO or DIE (andy sidaris film)  Co-Stars Pandora Peaks  (1991 B-movie)  (dvd master)
ELVIRA - home-made 2.5hr compilation of interviews/clips/misc footage (comedy/cheesy/sexy/non-sense!)
RETURN TO SAVAGE BEACH  (andy sidaris film)  (dvd master)
The Bikini Open 1 -  first ever Bikini Open PPV   (1.5hrs)  DVDmaster
The Bikini Open 5  - partial - runs 25min  then Rock Video Girls HBO special
Sexy Swimsuits  - E! Channel  1hr Special
10/2/03 Howard Stern Show - Pam Anderson Interview with tight see thru white sweater (JIP)  30min
2/1/04 Bikini Bowl  Spike TV pre-superbowl bikini marathon (6hrs  on 2 DVDR)
Something Wierd - Extra Weird Video - Sampler video of B-movies
100 Most Irresistable Women    1hr TNN special
The Radley Metzger Trailers -  classic B-cult-horror -sexy 1960's-70's trailers collection
Girls on Trampolines - The Man Show Girls get crazy  (1hr plus)
12/27/04  Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – Week in Paradise  (ESPN2 special   30min)

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2004 swimsuit video calendar
To the Limit  -- stars Anna Nicole Smith  (R)
Skyscraper  -- stars Anna Nicole Smith  (R)
Exposed     --  stars Anna Nicole Smith   (R)
The Anna Nicole Show - The first season (3 disc set = 14epis) UNCENSORED

Talk Show Boobs -  homemade clips by fanatic of big breasts (from jenny jones type shows)

W.E.W. – Women’s Extreme Wrestling  Volumes 1-8  (4 disks)
W.E.W. -  Women’s Extreme Wrestling – Nude Pin Down PPV special  (wrestling and hot chicks) (1hr)
Can You Keep it up for a week?  (1970's british collection) comedy
Au Pair Girls  (1970's British collection) comedy
Sex and the other Women (1970's british collection) comedy
Bikini Med School - sexy comedy  (87min)
Bikini House Calls - sexy comedy  (85min)
Illegal Affairs  -  sexy comedy  (90min)
Brief Affairs  -  sexy comedy  (79min)
Divorce Law 1 - 1993 sexy comedy (120min)

Divorce Law 2 - 1993 sexy comedy (120min)
Divorce Law 3 - 1993 sexy comedy (120min)
Pussy Willow - 1994 sexy comedy (90min)
Malibu Express - 1985 sexy action  andy sidaris BBB (1hr 45min)
Picasso Trigger - 1988 sexy action  andy sidaris BBB (1hr 40min)
Hard Hunted - 1987     sexy action  andy sidaris BBB  (1hr 30min)
Guns - 1990               sexy action   andy sidaris BBB (1hr 36min)
Return to Savage Beach -  1993    sexy action   andy sidaris BBB (1hr 30min)
Bikini Chain Gang   (2hrs)
Tim Allen" What do you say to a Naked Lady"   1995 a young Tim Allen hosts a Nudes a poppin show.
Candy Stripers - 2006  Sexy B-horror  (playmates Deanna Brooks)
Hookers in a Haunted House   86min   sexy spoof (busty Leslie Culton vampire special too)
Womb Raider - 2003   1.5hrs  Sexy action spoof  stars Lauren Hays
Web Of Seduction -  Sexy drama stars Lauren Hays  (1999)
Nudes in Limbo  - artistic sensual images  1985 vintage  1hr video
Chicas Del Reggaeton 2  - sexy bikini clad models posing to latin music
S.S.I. – Sexy Squad Investigators   (2007 R)  sexy spoof (1hr)
2006 Best Damn Hooters Pagent          (FOXsports)     1hr 
2007 Best Damn Hooters Pagent          (FOXsports)     1hr 
2008 Hooters Best Damn Dreamgirl Special    -  1/2008  (FOXsports)  1hr
2008 Hooters Best Damn Dreamgirl Special 2 -  1/2008  (FOXsports)  1hr
2009 Hooters Best Damn Dreamgirl Special 3 -   2/2009  (FOXsports)  1hr
2010 Hooters Dream Girl Special      3/2010  (JIP early)  (FOX sports)   49min
2011 Hooters Dream Girl Special      4/9/11                    (FOX sports)   1hr
Hooters - Snow Angel Special          4/16/11                  (FOX sports)   1hr
International Sexy Ladies Show:  G4 30min specials - (2008-2010)  12 shows across 5 discs
Notorious Bettie Page --  2006 HBO documentary on the sexy starlet  (90min)
Midnight Blue:  Freeks & Geeks  Vol. 4  (vintage bizarre sexy show)
Midnight Blue:  Porn Stars of the 1970’s   spoof TV show (vintage bizarre sexy show)
Midnight Blue: Celebrities Edition Volume 3   1970’s sexy TV  (2hrs)
!994 Brazil Carnival – “Hot Nights in Rio”
Human Desires – (unrated) stars Shannon Tweed

Curse of the Erotic Tiki
The Good , The Bad, and the Beautiful – 2007  mature R
The Beastford Wives – 2007  mature R
Lord of the G-Strings - 2003 showtime  sexy  mature R
Babewatch-  sexy 1980’s B-comedy (R)
Pirates -   R rated version..  sexy action  (1.5hrs)

Zombie Strippers (2008)  90min  Robert Englund/Jenna Jamison  Sexy B-horror
Boobtube: Sex, TV & Ugly George  (not rated)  silly nudity downtown NYC
7/4/09 MAD TV -  Busty Porno Star – Kayla Kleevage appearance  (1hr)
1996 Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Video  (45min)
2000 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video  (46min)
2/3/14 Sports Illustrated: 50 Years of Beauty (NBC special- swimsuit special primetime show)  2hrs
The Girl who Shagged me  - 2005 sexy B-comedy/spoof    R
Striking Resemblance -  1997 Sensual sexy drama (Eros video)  R
BayWatch - Hawaiian Wedding  (2003 movie)
Playboy - Playmate Playoffs   (1986)   82min
Sinful Intrigue -  1995  Sexy drama/suspense  (75min)
Art Mann Presents:  AMP Awards Show (1hr  HDnet)  11/28/10  JIP early
Fashion Report Presents - Swimsuit Edition Video  (1988 twin tower video)  45min
Bikini Island -  (early 1990's movie aired on HBO)   R  sexy thriller
Art Mann Presents -  4 shows all sexy episodes  (2hrs total)
9/2011:  Beauties on the Beach:  Washington Redskins Cheerleaders  (comcast 30min special)
Busty Cops go Hawaiian  (2011  -   showtime latenight movie)
Busty Cops and the Jewel of Denial  (2011 - showtime latenight movie)
The Beach Girls  -  1982 sexy beachy cheezy comedy   (91min) from laserdisc
11/20/11 HDNet- Deadline Unrated: 100% happy endings  (R) sexy bikinis and more (30min)
12/2011  Bikini Destinations:  "Venus Calender special)   (1hr)    NDnet   (sexy bikinis)
2011 - HDnet - The Ferris Wheel  4  30min episodes featuring their travels from NYC-Cal-China and more  (2hrs total)   (sexy adult reality show)
2012 Sexy combo:  Deadline unrated: holy sh*t 250th epside, Art Mann show episode, Deadline Unrated: Burning Man show, Deadline unrated: girl on girl - Selena Rose   (4   30min epis  =  2hrs)
2009 Art Mann Show:  Carolina Cup episode  (4/9/09)   30min
Cityboy - 1990's laser disc of Japanese Models
2/18/13 Access Hollywood  - Shawna Robinson hosts (very hard nipples- no bra !)
Sexy Shorts:  Music Videos from the 1980's Unedited - from rare Laserdisc  (11 videos- nudity)  46min  1985 Image
Sports Illustrated - 1998 Swimsuit Video  Tyra Banks - (45min)
Blushing Bloopers - old VHS video of rare shows bloopers  (1980)
STAR TREK & Next Generation : BLOOPERS (1995) 2hrs
The Peter Adonis Show - Male Go-Go Dancers  (from VHS taped recording)  1hr special   (circa 1990 ?)
Geraldo Rivera:  Talk show Featuring famous Chippendale's Dancers (recorded from TV on VHS tape)  (circa 1989 ?)
Lust & Desire in Vegas - High Stakes  -  Troma video B sexy action
8/1995  EASYRIDERS magazine - Fall Special  (1995 PPV recording) lower quality some video static and color
Hip Hop Honeys - Brazil Boom Boom - sexy models
1996 vintage playboy/Electric Blue (30min)  from old PPV Playboy TV
Blushing Bloopers  - vintage rude/sexy/funny commercials and clips (uncensored)
Suhaila -Dances of the Sultan  (30min)   sexy belly dancing
Naked Putt Putt Golf  (50min)  - from 1990's VHS  -- sexy (R) goofy
Nude Bowling Party (50min) - from 1990's VHS   sexy (R) goofy
Nude Football (50min) - from 1990's VHS sexy (R) goofy
Danni Ashe video: Busty Dream Tales
Danni Ashe video: Virtual Lap Dances - & Best of Hot Body VII (Danni Ashe)
Danni Ashe video:  T to T Conquests
Danni Ashe video: Wild Desires  (plus Boobmania)
Danni Ashe video: Busty Bombshells -live strips
Danni Ashe video: Busty Naturals (Nadine Jansen) & other video
Danni Ashe video: Wet Adventures & Mega T's
Napali video: Big Busted Internet Angels
Napali video: Bodacious Babes of Napali
Napali video: Big Bold Babes of Napali
Napali video: Busty Bombshells Barocca & Big Busty Vixens
Napali video: Totally Nude Busty Workout & Big Bust Blondes in the USA
The Best of Chloe Vevrier (busty model)
One Night in Chyna - WWF/WWE wrestle starlet
Big Busty #45 - Topsey/Joy/Tammy & other models
Barocca Incredible (busty Model)
Milena Velba - Milk
Big Bust Solo Passions & Big Bust Casting Calls
Score - Boob Cruise "Boobs Ahoy"
The Best of Penthouse Volume 4
Hot Body - Mass Grande Chest Competition
Big Bust Wet T-Shirt Competition & Big Bust Babes Volume 5
Busty Videos featuring: Crystal Topps/Dakota Kelly/Crystal Storm/Cotton Candy
Witches of Breastwick 2 - 2007 showtime aired R movie
Mamazons & Heavenly Hooters (2 Busty model R videos)
Dream Girls - Busty Adventures  2007 Video on Demand
Wobbling Whoppers & Mountainous Mams of Alyssa Alps
Return of the Ultra VIxens (busty model video)
Pandora Peaks - Visions & Voyerism
Pandora Peaks - A Peek of Pandora
Strippers of NYC - Nudity/pole dancing in NYC - girls interviewed (1990's PPV)

GREASEMAN  DC101 Radio Shock Jock Late 1980's Audio CD's     5   46min audio disks cut from my original 3 audio tapes (with bit listings)
3/4/99  NBC news Doug Tracht kicked off radio for racial remarks in DC - interviews with Greaseman/rock newmann/Jim Vance & 3/5 MSNBC Ollie North Show has Greaseman on it doing damage control