COMEDY SHOWS - SNL - vintage and recent 


Saturday Night Live  Classic Years  1975-1980  Volume 1  93min
Saturday Night Live  Best of 1996  (1hr)
Saturday Night Live  1996 episode with Jim Carey host and Soundgarden music
Saturday Night Live  1998 episode with Beastie Boys and Jennifer Love Hewitt
Saturday Night Live  episode that THE ROCK hosts   WWF guys
Saturday Night Live - misc episodes
Saturday Night Live - Best of Chirs Farley  (1hr)
SNL -  NBC home video  "Tribute to Chris Farley"  (1998)  68min

Saturday Night Live - Best of Phil Hartman  (2004)  84min
Saturday Night Live - Best of John Belushi  (2005)  78min
Saturday Night Live - Best of Jimmy Fallon (2005)  85min
Saturday Night Live - Best of Christopher Walken (2004)

Saturday Night Live  -15th Anniversary Special  (1990)  (1hr 40min)
Saturday Night Live – Celebrity Spots:  John Goodman  (1.5hrs)
Saturday Night Live – Celebrity Spots:  Steve Martin      (1hr)
Saturday Night Live -  Best of 1977  90min
Saturday Night Live -  Best of 1992  56min
Saturday Night Live -  Best of the Mr. Bill Show  (1993)  1hr
Saturday Night Live - 11/1/10 THE WOMEN OF SNL special  NBC
Saturday Night Live -  Best of Toonces & Friends (1993)  25min
Saturday Night Live – Episodes: staring Julia Louise Dryfus, Billy Squire, The Kinks

**FRIDAY'S -  1986 recordings (show like SNL) - 8hrs worth  (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1986)   Valerie Bertanneli guest on 1 show  (total # discs?  10-12)
**SCTV -  1980's broadcasts of comedy hours (many future comedic stars and some great band performances)  27 DVD discs that run 2hrs each --- from a personal Betamax tv taped collection... what a find!
Mixed Comedy shows from old Beta tape:  Friday's - Maternity special/Showtime Special- Jay Leno and the American Dream/ Fridays - features vintage Huey Lewis and News and Jefferson Starship performances/ George Garlin (cuts off short)
1987 old Beta tape Combo:  Johnny Carson 25h Anniversary Show (1987) (1hr)/ Vatican Enquirer Comedy special on Cinemax (30min)/ Legends of Laughter (2.5hrs)
1988 SNL shows and White Crime - taped from TV COMBO:(3hrs+)
  --date?  Steve Gutenbuerg guest  with penn and teller
  --1986 white crime (epis from cinemax)
  --white crime
  -- SNL with guests Joe Montana and Walter Payton
1985 old Beta tape combo:  David Letterman Holiday Film Special (40min)  / Jim Belushi MTV Rock & Roll Actor / Martin Mull 1985 History of White people comeday special
Saturday Night Live -  15th Anniversary Show  (+ best of eddie murphy, best of John Belushi)  3 discs  (from a private home VHS video)
10/15/91 SNL - Episode recorded live from TV  (plus includes showtime at the apollo)
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV: SNL episode (Steve Gutenberg guest)/white crime/white religion/Johnathan winters/SNL episode - famous show with William Shattner as kirk. (2 discs)
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV: FRIDAYS show (45min)/from here to maternity/Jay Leno show (1hr)/Fridays show/George Carlin (2 discs)
12/19/92 SNL - "Christmas Past"
1/21/95 SNL show (live from VHS recording)
2/7/98  SNL  -  Blues Brothers guest
9/26/99 SNL's 25th Anniversary Special ( 2 discs)  has slight tracking issue
11/1/04 SNL – 2004 Presidential Election – comedy special  (1hr) NBC primetime
12/11/04  SNL show:  Collin Ferrell, Lindsay Lohan, guest plus Brett Hull cameo on “news” segment (funny hockey comments on lockout)
4/29/06 SNL -- Best of Robert Smigel Cartoons
6/3/06 SNL -- Lindsy Lohan & Pearl Jam music

Saturday Night Live’s 25th Anniversary Show   (3hrs 10min)

11/3/08 SNL – 2008 Presidential Bash  (2hrs) special new & old political skits
1/4/09 SNL - Saturday Night Live:  Sports Extra Special  (Peyton Manning)  2hrs
SNL:  Best of Saturday Night Live- SNL Presidential Bash  (1995)  94min
SNL:  JUST SHORTS  (5/17/09  2hr special) hosted by Andy Samberg
12/17/09 – SNL: “A Very Gillie Christmas”   (2hr) NBC special
1/31/10 SNL - All-Star Sports Special  (2hrs)
5/8/10 SNL - Betty White hosts (1st time)  Mother's Day has many former women of SNL doing old skits.  Jay-Z performs
9/25/10 SNL- season premier       Katy Perry Performs
2/20/11 SNL - Saturday Night Live - Backstage special  (2hrs)
5/21/11 SNL - Season Finale - Guest Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga performs (great episode!)
3/3/12 SNL - Linday Lohan host (controversial comeback app)
4/17/12 SNL - sexy Sofia Veraga host
5/5/12 SNL - Eli Manning host  and Rhianna music guest
5/19/12 SNL - Season Finale   MICK JAGGER host & performs (with foo fighters & jeff beck)  Final Kirstin Wig appearance.
10/20/12 SNL -  features Bruno Mars and Guest and Music (does well!)
11/10/12 SNL - features Rhianna musical performance
12/15/12 SNL - christmas show - many guests and Paul McCartney performs
3/2/13  SNL -  Kevin Hart hosts - Macklemore @ Ryan perform Thrift shop song!
3/9/13 SNL - Justin Timberlake hosts for 5th time - Many superstar guests, Jay-Z- high ratings
11/16/13 SNL - Lady Gaga guest and performs  (sexually charged performance)
12/7/13 SNL -  Paul Rudd guest and One Direction performs  - awesome show!
12/21/13 SNL - Jimmy Fallon host, Justin Timberlake music and guest, McCartney, Madonna, Barry Gibb and more (a loaded show!)
5/17/14 SNL - Season Finale - host Andy Samberg and many cameo guests
2/15/15 SNL 40th Anniversary LIVE special - loaded LOADED with celebs/athletes/stars/former cast  (3.5hrs)
4/23/16 SNL Prince special tribute show - hosted by Jimmy Fallon (2.5hrs)
10/14/17 SNL Kumail Nanjinani  guest,  Pink performs (awesome)
9/29/18 SNL - season premier - great matt damon playing kavanaugh at the hearings!  kanye west performs

Howard Stern COLLECTION -  15 tapes or DVD's (specials, interviews, talk shows)
Howard Stern E! shows -  collection of 40 hours of interviews and sexy babes
Howard Stern E! shows:  Victoria givens, Roxanne, Susan Selles, Rose Mcgowan  (2 hrs total)
Howard Stern E! show:  Divine Brown (part 2)   (plus has nascar race at end of video)
Howard Stern - Butt Bongo Fiesta (1992)
Howard Stern’s – US Open Sores  (1989)
Howard Stern’s – Negligee and Underpants Party  (1988)
Howard Stern – Shut up and Listen  (1997 documentary from VHS)  100min
Howard Stern - New Year's Rottne Eve 1994
David Letterman shows:  7/17/90  & 1/15/91  - Both feature Howard Stern (full shows- 1 DVD)
The Osbournes  --first season  (2 tapes or DVD's)  (taped off original airing MTV)
BENNY HILL ORIGINAL TV shows (from 1988 WWOR TV)  6 disc collection - rare to find these 30min epis  (30-36hrs)
Best of the BENNY HILL SHOW   VOLUME 1- 6  (6 video collection)  2hrs each
Benny Hill's Video Review   1981  HBO Video  (2hrs)
The Complete Benny Hill Collection  - time life golden yucks  (1 disc  VHS to DVD)
Triumph - Insult Comedy Dog - COME POOP WITH ME - (conan Obrien dog) standup
The Best of Triumph the insult comic dog on Conan O'brien show (only Conan clips) hilarious!
Triumph the Comedy Dog -  COME POOP WITH ME   (2003)
Gary the Rat -  7/03 1st 4 episodes on 1 disk (spike TV)
Striperella  - 2 disks of episodes from Spike TV  (pam anderson busty cartoon)
Andrew Dice Clay - "The Diceman Cometh"  1hr HBO Special  DVD
Andrew Dice Clay - "One Night with Dice"   (1989) Live show
I Want My MTV -  on air MTV promotion ad collection   45min  (1996)
Just Kidding - Set of 3 disks spans volumes 3,4,5,6,7,8  (practical jokes and gags)
American Mullet - documentary about the unique hairstyle  (1hr)
8/14/05  Pam Anderson – Celebrity Roast   (1.5hrs)  Comedy Central - crude jokes!
8/14/05  Pam Anderson – Celebrity Roast   (2hrs)  Comedy Central UNRATED VERSION with Extras
Sam Kinison  - Live!   1987 HBO comedy club video
Blue Collar Comedy Tour -  1hr 46min  (2003)
24 hours on Craigs List  - humorous documentary (2 disks)
Lisa Lampanelli - Take it Like a Man (crude but great stand-up comedy)
Lisa Lampanelli - "Dirty Girl"   1hr comedy central special
Jim Norton - One Night Stand   (30min)
Joe Piscapo – Live!  (1987 HBO comedy special)   (1hr)
Sam Kinison – Family Entertainment Hour  (1990)  50min
Gilda Live!    1980  Gilda Radner Live show   (rated R)  90min
Monty Python’s Flying Circus  - 1969 episodes  8 disks   Volumes 1-8  (epis 1-26)
California Raisins – Meet the Raisins  (30min)
California Raisins – Raisins: Sold Out  (30min)
Hardcore Tv -  1990’s HBO series of slapstick and spoof comedy  (episodes 1-2-3)
Jim Rose Circus Sideshow   (1991)  35min
Guaranteed Laughs – 3 disk set  (gross gags, caught by surprise, uncensored)
Best of Gilda Radner  - 1989 video
Jerry Springer - Wild Relationships  (1997)  57min
Jerry Springer - Secrets & Suprises (1997)  45min
8/23/09 Comedy Central Roast:  JOAN RIVERS  (mature rated – uncensored rude) (2hrs)
HBO's Hottest Moments - 1992  1hr video featuring best moments of HBO standups and performances
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special  (1976) special with appearance by KISS  (5omin)
Mike O'Meara Show: Road Trip 2011 "what could possibly go wrong?"  2 DVD set  (morning radio shock jock video)
Spike and Mike's: Sick and Twisted - festival of animation (2001) 100min
ELVIRA - home-made 2.5hr compilation of interviews/clips/misc footage (comedy/cheesy/sexy/non-sense!)
Candid Farts - Volume 1  - humorous candid camera type video
**FRIDAY'S - 1986 recordings (show like SNL) - 4hrs worth (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1986) Valerie Bertanneli guest on 1 show
TV COMEDY SHOW--:  "Mad Movies" - vintage Santa Fe Movie with modern voice overs (from old betamax tape)
  --sherlock holmes- conan doyle
  -- SCTV - old show from TV

Video transfered from personal Betamax recordings to DVD discs
1987 Johnny Carson 25th Anniversary Show (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988)
1988 David Letterman 6th Anniversary Special Show plus some old Steve Allen show (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988)
1988 Superman's 50th Anniversary Special 1hr (transferred from personal Betamax taping in 1988)
1980's Comedy Specials: (4hrs)  David Letterman special, Belushi, Martin Mull, Carl Reiner (light touch), Gary Shandling
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV: SNL episode (Steve Gutenberg guest)/white crime/white religion/Johnathan winters/SNL episode - famous show with William Shattner as kirk. (2 discs)
Vintage Comedy shows from 1980's TV: FRIDAYS show (45min)/from here to maternity/Jay Leno show (1hr)/Fridays show/George Carlin (2 discs)

BETAMAX old tapes converted (each runs 4hrs)
----- Various comedy/documentary and TV shows recorded circa early 80's-1987
1. Lillian Gish/ Big Cosby/ Ken Kesley/ Jack Parr/ Johnathan Winters on Carson
2. Clear as a Bell/ Barber Shop- Night at opera/ Duck Soup/ Hollywood: Hollywood
3. Phantom of Open Heart/ Shockey, Corbett & Jan/ David Letterman: 2nd annual holiday film festival/ 12/6/86 SNL- steve martin/short/chase guests with Randy newman artist (cuts off ending)
4. Jackie Gleason/  Martin & Lenls/ Ed Sullivan: Friars Roast/ Steve Allen/ Pool Sharks W.C. Fields/ Father Sarducci college
5. Boxing: Tubbs vs. Handley (rds 8-12)/ SNL- George Foreman guest - Hole performs/ ESPN Boxing: Rosenblatt vs. Savannah (rosenblatt wins intercontinental title)/  Geroge Carlin misc/ news
6. Billy Crystal/ Shadoe Stevens/ Comeday Special/ Johnathan Winters/ Firesign Theatre-Nick Dange/ Time Travels of Henry Osgood
7. Johnathan Winters/ Martin Short/ Martin Mull/ Lilly Tomlin
8. 10 from your show of shows/ firesign Theatre/ Penn & Teller/ Garbage -history of trash documentary/ Cedar Mountain Battle (civil war doc and reenactment)/ Remember When

(+ check TV Shows, documentaries page too for Leno/Letterman/late night comedy)