DOCUMENTARIES - People, Places, things, animals, transportation, history and more

BEAVERS - discovery 1hr special (life history and biology) (1hr)
BEAVERS-  IMAX experience nature  (30min)
Desert Bighorn Sheep on Public Lands "A magnificent creature worth saving"   Nevada BLM video (from rare master betacam SP video tape from Nevada bureau of land mgmt.) 10/10/92  (TRT 23min)
LONG GREY LINE - West Point Story  (history ch) (2hrs)
CONCRETE  history ch  1hr special
T-REX  1991  NOVA  special  (plus on tape is  animal innovation and  special on Amazon)
RAISING THE MONITOR  2hr Nat. Geo. Special
The History of AIDS - Movie Dramatization starring Richard Gere  (circa 1995)
The Revolutionary War - TLC private Screening tape (11/28/95)
ROOTS -  12hours - 6 parts (1993 family channel airing)
500 NATIONS - 1995 CBS documentary special on the American Indians - host -Kevin Costner   8 hrs CBS
DC-3 aircraft - The Red Baron - The Amish - Marx Brothers - Lockheed  (COMBO TAPES)
CATS -- A&E Documentary special on domestic cats (2hrs)
TO FLY! - rare  27min Air & Space Museum video  (DVDmaster)
Story of CHARLES A. LINDBERGH - 55min  (DVDmaster)
Lindbergh's Great Race: "Are There  any Mechanics here"  (1995- 90min) from VHS tape
Frontiers of Flight-  X-15 (1960) - Threshold of Space    Smithsonian video   1hr  (DVDmaster)
The Flying Machines - Smithsonian Video (1989)  (1hr)
Frontiers of Flight- Wright Military Flyer circa 1908  &  Bell X-1  circa 1947  (1hr ea) (DVDmaster)
Winds of Kitty Hawk (made for TV movie about wright bros) aired 8/21/87
The Wright Stuff - Discovery Wings  12/16/03 special about 100 years  (1hr)
Kitty Hawk - the Wright Brothers Journey (PBS doc)  2hrs
Return to Kitty Hawk - 100 Years of Flight  12/17/03
6 days to Kitty Hawk - celebrating a century of flight (dec 12-17)
The US Military Railroad - Civil War Trains  (1993)  50min  (DVDmaster)
NASA - 2DVD video (eagle, apollo 15, apollo 16) Challenger disaster & invest.  NASA's 25th year
Space Shuttle STS 5,6,7 challenger footage  1984  (DVDmaster from CED) original rare video  T-120
The Panama Canal -  rare documentary on history.  (32min)    (DVDmaster)
The Panama Canal - Modern Marvels 1994 History Channel
How they Flew the Concorde - (1994)  from VHS   45min
The Final Hours - Amelia Earhart's last flight   (2000)  Air and Space video (57min)
Flights of Imagination - a Video tour of Air & Space Museum  (1998) 30min
The Passaic High School - "Wonder Years 1919-1925)  (NJ high school)
Abraham Lincoln - Historical Sites (covers 7 themes)  (21min)  (DVDmaster)
HOLOCAUST - The Liberation of Auschwitz  1hr very rare video tape of Russian video used in Nuremberg Trials
Tribute to Holocaust Survivors - 10th Anniversary (doc/tribute vhs)  11/1 & 11/2 2003
5/18/98  CBS- 50 years of Television  (3hrs)  precluded by allot of the Tribute to sonny (sonny and cher)
Hindenburg -  History Channel  2hr doc special  (DVDmaster)
Columbus - PBS 4 part Documentary special (2 tapes SLP master)
Civil War -   PBS - WETA 11hr  Documentary special   (3 tapes SLP master) 
In Search of the Constitution   - Parts 1 - 6
TV & Presidency (1984) Carter 1988 convention / Death of a Dictator / NOVA- China "modernization" 1990
Liberty: The American Revolution  (History)
Hitler's Henchmen - History Channel Special
History of the Secret Service  (documentary)
The 1964 World's Fair  "relive the wonder"  - rare Documentary   1hr  (DVDmaster)
Pittsburgh A-Z  MPT Special documentary on Pittsburgh  1.5hrs  (DVDmaster)
The Buildings of Washington  - History Channel Special
Castles of Europe  -  A&E Special  (vhs master)
Buildings of Washington DC  -  A&E Special
Hatteras Lighthouse Move & NC shipwrecks special combo ( 2 tapes or 1 DVD)
The Amazing Howard Hughes -  2 part TV series made for TV documentary stars Tommy Lee Jones (2 tapes)
The Winds of Kitty Hawk -  made for TV documentary movie about the first flight
Rumrunners, Moon shiners, & Bootleggers  (2hrs)  History Special
Kennywood Memories  WQED Pittsburgh special  (1hr)  DVD
Sandwiches you will Like   WETA  1hr special on the history of the sandwich!
One Day in September  - 1972 Munich Olympics hostage crisis  Documentary
Live Trains Videos: museum, B&O 1/4 scale, Berkshires, 1218 @ Manasas, X-mas trains
Towers: Space Needle to Stratosphere   1hr History Channel Documentary  DVD
Harley Davidson Special -  1hr TBS special   DVD
Story of the Camaro    30min  DVD
Story of the Corvette   30min  DVD
1964 World's Fair - "Relive the Wonder"  1hr  DVD
44 Minutes - North Hollywood Shootout     FX channel made for TV movie  6/1/03 2hrs
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Move  (plus has shipwrecks compilation video)
Evel Knievel:  A Touch of Evel  &  Classic World of Sports (jumps)  2hrs total
Evel Knievel - Spectacular Jumps  (from old VHS tape)
Gargoyles - Guardians of the Gate (1995) 1hr  documentary
Mustang -car -- Discovery special  (1hr)
4/3/05    1965  Mustang car restoration series of 3 shows  (A&E channel)    3hrs
Route 66 Car Documentary:  AMERICAN HOT ROD   (1hr)
Story of the Corvette  (30min)
The Complete Corvette – 50th anniversary DVD special  (1hr)
Porsche - History of a Legend    (1986 Simitar video)
Modern Marvels: Disasters:  3 Mile Island, Kursk submarine, Challenger Space Shuttle (history ch) 5hrs
NOVA:  Submarines Secret Spies  (interesting documentary)
12/9/04 Discovery:  Demolition Dynasty  - Implosions – Loizeaux Family
12/9/04 Discover Wings:  Concorde: Final Flight  &  History of Flight – “the race for flight”Wrights
11/28/04 WETA – A Hot Dog Program (documentary about the hot dog) & Elvis Costello concert & classics
Sweet Misery –   “Aspartame – A Poisoned World”
2004 Discovery Channel:   Gambling Games “why the house wins”  (1hr)
1/26/05  AUSCHWITZ:  Inside the Nazi State   PBS look back at warcrimes (60yr anniv)   candid survivors’ stories   2hrs
Japanese War Crimes & Trials - "Murder Under the Sun"  (1996)  47min  Documentary  - Lou Reda Productions video
1/30/05  POMPEII -  The Last Days   (discovery channel)  2hrs
1/16/05  Full-Throttle:  1968 Mustang  - history and car “build off”   (history channel)  1hr
The Battle of Algiers – 1965 B&W documentary movie about Algiers struggle for independence from France  (2hrs 5min)
Fountain of Life – Rocky Mountain National Park  (video from R.M.N. Park)  (30min)
Johnstown Floods – historical reenactment documentary – vintage photos too  (30min)
Dragons- A Fantasy Made Real? 1hr  3/20/05 Animal Planet  (from creators of walking with dinosaurs)
Mackinac Bridge  - History Channel special on bridge that connects eastern and western michigan  (1hr)
Wrath of God:  “Tsunami: Killer Wave”  aired before 12/26/04 Indian Ocean deadly Tsunami  (1hr)  history channel
4/5/04  TSUNAMI 12/26/04  special documentary from history channel  (1hr)
Ken Burn’s America – THE CONGRESS   90min   1988  (PBS video)
PBS Special INDIANS Box Set:  5 videos (1hr ea):  Season of the Navajo, Spirit of Crazy Horse, Odyssey -Myths & Moundbuilders, Geronimo (apaches), Winds of Change.  5 disks 1hour each
NOVA: The Gene Engineers  (1hr)
NOVA: Dawn of the Solar Age – Solar Energy
NOVA: B-29  Frozen in Time  (military)
National Geographic: “To form a more perfect union”
National Geographic:  “The Executive Branch”
National Geographic:  “Washington DC”
National Geographic:  “Stock Market: Investigate before you invest”
National Geographic:  “American Indians: A brief history”
National Geographic:  “Judicial Branch”
National Geographic:  “The Legislative Branch”
Time Life Video:  Ten Who Dared:  Burke & Wills
Time Life Video:  Ten Who Dared:  Francisco Pizarro
Time Life Video:  Ten Who Dared:  Charles Daughty
Time Life Video:  Ten Who Dared:  Mary Kingsley
Time Life Video:  Ten Who Dared:  Jed Smith
Time Life Video:  Lost World of Maya
Islam in Tibet – Ornaments of Lhasa
IMAX-  Space Station    (45min)  2002
Legendary Lighthouses   (PBS Series – 6 parts)  3 disks (about 6hrs)
Legendary Lighthouses II  (PBS Series – 6 parts)  2 disks so far
The Congress – PBS  Ken Burn’s America  (90min)
Korean War Memorial special video
Freedom is not Free
My heart will always be in Carolina – retrospective about Hurricane Isabel
My Uncle Berns – HBO Special Productions  8/5/04
Vintage – The History of Wine  (4 disk set)
Saving Klondike & Snow - Denver Zoo special video  News 4 - birth of tiny polar bears at the zoo ,,Bill Stewart (rare news 4 video)
Cows of New York – documentary about cow statue art displays in NYC  (1hr)
Cyclone! – National Geographic video  (1995)  1hr
Dolphins of Blue Lagoon  - Nassau, Bahamas resort video
Air Disasters - Volume 1 "the facts"    1hr doc.
The Story of America's Classic Ballparks   - 1991 Baseball stadium doc  (1hr)
Wal*Mart - The High cost of a Low Price     97min  Documentary slamming WalMart!
Titanic -   4 disk A&E special
The Short Life of Anne Frank - Jewish holocaust survivor rare video  (28min)
The Orange Blossom Special - Part 3  TRAIN VIDEO (highlights Fredericksburg VA trip to Alexandria VA)  1hr
Railway to the Moon  - Documentary on the Vermont cog train in 1869 (30min)
Southern Values: Civil War Women of Loudon County, VA  (1999 – 40min doc)
Pen in Hand - Winchester in the Civil War  (WVPT video)  Doc 1998 (1.5hrs)
Along the Pocahontas District - Coal Trains and Time Freight  (pentrex video)  92min  (1996)
Model Trains - "Modellbahn - video"  Erster Salzburger    (german model train video)  (1995)
All Aboard - 150 years on the right track  (130min)
Norfolk Southern in Virginia   (1hr)
Andy Griffith -  A&E Biography   1hr
A Century of Lionel Trains  --2000 ( 2 disks)
Railway Journeys -  5 disk set of historical steam trains through the years
Touring Civil War Battlefields
The Seasons of Hiroshima - To Visit, To see, To feel (a visit back to Hiroshima where the Bomb blast killed thousands and ended WWII)
5/3/06  Fox News Local DC:  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and a visit to the local Alexandria factory   (10min piece)
American Muscle Car - The Best of Ford (Saleen, Boss, & 427 Cobra)  1.5hrs
Explore Colorado - Travel video documentary  (1hr)
Cochise County - Cries from the border   (mexican border crossing documentary)  2006   1hr+
Boston: The Way it Was   1995 WGBH historical documentary (1hr)
Subway - The Empire Beneath the Streets (A&E specail onNYC subway documentary)  1hr
Nostradamus:  500 Years later  (1hr) (discovery channel special)  combo with below....
Behind the DaVinci Code (1hr) (discovery channel special)
LET’S BREAK – Visual Guide to Breakdancing  (1984 video)  (1hr)
“The Flyers” & other Trapeeze Acts from 1960’s – vintage B&W film  (2 disks – 2hrs)
Roller Coaster Thrills  (30min)    1988 
Six Flags over Texas – Rollercoaster video   Dive Bomber Alley
Griffiths – Welsh Name Heritage video    1992
Banned! – NRA video -  True story of the death of gun rights in England and Australia  (15min)
Evel Knievel – Las of the Gladiators    1986 doc.
Pornography – Secrect history of Civilzation  (2 disks)
Atlanta Steam  -  90min train video (beta to DVD transfer)
Steam Days 2  - Workhorses & Going Great Western
Marilyn Monroe – Karl Lorimar home videos  (hosted by mike Wallace) 
American Experience:  Jonestown – The Life & Death of the People’s Temple  4/9/07 PBS  1.5hr special
Danger on the Rails -   A&E  Train Wrecks special  (1hr)
American Eats:  History on a Bun  (Doc: history of fast food)   (2hrs)Modern Marvels:  SAWS  - discovery channel  (1hr)
CSX Trains:  Steel Ribbons Through Time  (2001)  15min
Purple Triangles -  1991  -  Documentary about survivors of nazi holocaust – jahovas witness’
Too Close For Comfort - Immigration discussion Doc.  (25min)
Rising to the Challenge - P.M.R.C. Promotional video to shock parents with kids listening to heavy metal music.
Kilavea Volcano – Winter 1997 Eruption Update – 1st hand account  (2hrs)
IMAX:   T-REX – Back to the Cretaceous  (45min)
Jerry Lee Lewis- “I am What I am”   1988 documentary
Kurt Cobain (NIRVANA) – About a Son   (2006 documentary about Nirvana)  1.5hrs
Kurt Cobain -  Biography 1hr special  (aired 7/27/11)  Bio channel
Bush Mechanics: The series   (2007)  102min  -outback austrailian mechanics roam the land fixing things
Roller Coaster Thrills 2     1996   (75min)
Classic TV -  Toy Train Commercials of the 1950’s-60’s
Classic TV -  Toy Commercials of the 1950’s-60’s
Hoover Dam – documentary about the history of the dam
When the Applause Died -  Documentary about destructive lifestyles of hollywoods famous  (1990)  87min
Southern Pacific Daylight Time – Train video (45min)
Colorado Narrow Gauge Passenger Chase  - Train video (45min)
Steam Across America – Train video (1.5hrs)
Steam Gems – Train video  (1992)
History of the Alaska Railroad – Train video (30min)
Vintage Rails – Volume 6   (1996)  62min  JMJ production
American Steam Vol 1 -  Train video (1989)   (85min)
Best of Steam – Vol 2 -  Train video – (leapfrog series)
The Steamtown: grand opening video  - Train video
The Alaska Highway 1942-1992  (1hr documentary)
Lighthouses – Guardians of the Night  (1997)  52min
Titanic - A&E 3hr documentary  (2 disks)  (1994)
Secrets of the Titanic – National Geographic video (1997)
Only in Minnesota – Odd Minnesota Trivia video (hosted by Louie Anderson)  1994  (1hr)
Star Wars – Holiday Special  (2hrs)  collection of rare star wars misc footage!
MIAMI S.W.A.T. – discovery channel documentary  (2000  (1hr)
Twister ’90 :  Chicago Suburbs destroyed by tornados  8/28/90  - Channel 2 doc video produced and arranged locally
A HOT DOG Program-  PBS home video  Documentary about the Hot Dog Fast food market! (2000)  1hr
Built on Rock – Old Country Churches of Southern Appalachian  Mtns     (1996)
Ford & the American Dream  -  1991 documentary about the auto maker
Boston - The Way It Was  - Volume 2   (1995)  WDBH documentary video  (1hr)
The Arab-Isaraeli Conflict - More than Forgivenes  (PAX video)  2003
Reagan - PBS Presidents Collection (2 disc) Documentary
Cyclone - The Ultimate Rollercoaster  (1987)  (31min)
Make Mine Milk -  Childrens educational video (about how milk is made)
Columbia:  The Final Mission  (discovery channel dvd classics)  2006
The Great Ships:  -The Galleons,  The Whalers,  The Clippers      3 disks (1996 History Channel)
The Civil War – 1862 A very bloody affair  (time life video) 1990  (1hr)
David McNary Video series:
     Castle – PBS documentary (1983)  1hr
     Cathedral – Story of its Construction   PBS documentary  (1984)  1hr
     Pyramid – PBS documentary  (1988) 1hr
Rio Grande Steam – Train video   1992  2 DVD set
Blue Ridge Steam -   Train video  (WB video)   1990  (82min)
8444 Down the Deschutes/4449 Over the Siskiyou – Train video  (goodheart) 1990 (57min)
East Top Broad – Train video   (Pentrex)  1997  (108min)
Steam to Chicago – Train video (Pentrex)  1993  (60min)
Beaver – Sierra Club Series  (Kodak video)  1988  (1hr)
The Coast Guard License: Advanced Piloting Rules of the Road (Bennett Marine video) 1988 (114min)
American Photography- Century of Images    (3 DVD set from PBS video)
Savannah – The Death and Rebirth of a City   (1997)  45min   Documentary of the history of Savannah, GA
The 25-Year Mission: William Shatner/Leonard Nemoy   (live show that both talk about the Star Trek craze and their memories)  (1hr)
Star Wrek Zone -  Unauthorized Star Trek Parody - silly Clamation 1995 video  (17min)
New York Transit- Redbird Farewell Special  (2 disc)  rare 2002 Train video (shot live)
Howard Stern – Shut up and Listen  (1997 documentary from VHS)  100min
William Shatner’s  Star Trek Memories  1995  (86min)
Mount St. Helens - Fire Mountain: The Erruption and Rebirth  (1hr)  (1997)
Discovery Channel - Earth Science Studies  (5 DVD set)
Marilyn Monroe -  1988 Doc video narrated by Mike Wallace
Marilyn Monroe – “Say Goodbye to the President”  (71min- Key video)  1986
John Fitzgerald Kennedy – Celebration of his Life and Times  (1990)  150min
John F. Kennedy Jr. 1960-1999  Biography   (A&E films)  1999  50min
John F Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation  - unique historical look back and brief presidency, assassination, America's response and healing.   Much old B&W real footage
Gargoyles – Guardians of the Gate  (56min) documentary  1995
Black Fox – Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler  (89min)  B&W doc
Detroit – “Remember When”  Motor City Memories    (Ch 56)  44min
Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoon- Wildlife on the Lakefront  (1989)
Mustang  -  1988 30min Car Documentary (best film label)
Stanley Planes- By the Numbers (wood working tools DOC)  1996  rare video
Liberty Weekend - ABC news special video-  7/4/86  Statue of Liberty celebrations  (40min)
US Presidents: Learn the Presidents - educational youth video  (old with some vhs tracking pbms)
Hindenburg - History Channel 2 video set  (2hrs TRT)
Chevy Dream Machines - vintage 1955 1956 1957 cars documentary  (1990)   1hr
Classic & Sports Car film Collection  (vintage auto footage)
An Ice Cream Show - PBS home video  (1996)  1hr   (documentary about old ice cream shops)
Coca-Cola: The Real story behind the Real Thing  (NBC doc.)  1hr
New Age of Wal-Mart  (CNBC doc.)     2/21/10   1hr
LIFE  -   2010 Discovery Channel Special series (10 episodes)
         --Reptiles & Amphibians
         --Making of Life
6/22/10 The Pixar Story  -  2hr CNBC special
Echoes from the White House - PBS home video  (1hr) 2001
Nantahala - The Land of the Noonday Sun  (Appalacian historical documentary)  1998  (54min)
Surviving the Dust Bowl -  WGBH documentary about 1931 dust bowl in texas/oklahoma   (55min)
US Air Force Academy - Old Promtional Video (recuit video)  (2 discs)
Paul Harvey - "Our Lives, Our Fortune, Our Sacred Honor"  (1992  Husqvarna video)
The History of Pinball - 1998 New Images video
Special when Lit -  2009 aired  (2hrs)  Pinball history documentary
An Ice Cream Show - PBS home video documentary about historic ice cream shoppes  (1996)  1hr
ELVIS : King of Entertainment - his life, his times, his career  (2002 goodtimes DVD)  101 min of interviews, TV specials, backstage, wedding,  sketches etc etc.
7/8/11 Final Flight:  STS-135   Final Launch of Space Shuttle in program  (Atlantis  from FL)  -  2hrs of  FOX News coverage
VERONICA LAKE - 1940's pin-up star and movie star -----shorts & TV show appearances  (2hrs worth)
Georgia Sattele - SAG/AFTRA  TV Model - rare Model video resume (she was on Lets Make a deal with Monte Hall) (from personal VHS tape)
Terry Moore: acress highlights video - entertainment tonight/Terry's world demo/Terry & leading men (1hr special)
Elvis Presley - Rare Moments with THE KING   (1987 goodtimes video)  1hr
Ocean City Maryland - "Once Upon a Sand Dune"   (1997)  History of OC
Scandals of the Royal Family   (1992)   1hr
Yellowstone Aflame -  National Park video - documentary about park fires of 1988  (30min)  1989
West Point - The First 200 Years    (2002 PBS home video)   2hrs
The Golden Years on Television      WETA special  (3hrs)
Monument to the Dream - construction of the St. Louis Arch  (30min) documentary
The Death of Vince Foster- what really happened"  (1995)  1hr documentary
Alexandria (VA) - Where the Past is Present  (1988)  locally produced video
Alcatraz - The Final Sentence  (1988)  1hr  documentary
Gridiron & Steel - The mills are gone but the still burns   (2001)   Documentary about Pittsburgh work and sports
Greatest Moments in Western Pennsylvania Sports History  (1992)  Ross productions  - features the Pens/Steelers/Pirates
Virginia's Civil War Parks  (1989)   1hr
Stamp of Character - "from trees to tracks" - 1995 (23min) rare 1920's video documenting the Missour lumber trade that made rail road tracks
The Rose Parade:  Through the Years    History of the Rose Bowl Parade (1988 documentary) Rhino video (1hr)
Carving Crazy Horse - 50th Anniversay of Mt Rushmore)  1993  (85min)
University of Michican Marching Band - Saturday Fantastic -" take the field"  Volume 3   1998 - 2001 on field performances  (37min)
The S.S. United States - From Dream to Reality  (1992)  30min   doc about ship
Three Sovereigns for Sarah - True story of Salem witch trials   (1986) Vanessa Redgrave)
Rock and Roll  - PBS documentary about the history of rock and roll  (3 discs dubbed from old betamax tapes)
1985 New York International.....  Chess show dubbed from betamax tape (1hr)
Okie Noodling (no hooks, no bait, no fear)  2002 DVD docudrama - ITVS - redline (57min)
UFO Central:  U.F.O.'s   50 Years (1947-1997)   old VHS tape to DVD
UFO's - from the footage of the archives (2/24/85)   VHS tape to DVD  (72min)
The Creation of the Universe    (doc)  PBS home video (92min)
Bigger Faster Stronger - unique documentary about steroid use and its effects on a family (commercial DVD movie)
GTO Story (staring Innes Ireland)   (old VHS tape converted - take a ride on the Ferrari 250 GTO
7/2018 Dateline NBC: Jonestown: An American Tragedy  (40yr anniversary-- NBC reporters footage) 
Seattle - (1990) travel sightseeing video  (runs 25min)  VHS 
Helter Skelter - Manson Murders (made for TV movie) recorded by person in the early 80's/TV (commercials edited out)
The Horrors at Andersonville Prison - Trial of Hnery Wirz (History Ch official video)  (50min)
Auschwitz - Inside the Nazi State (2 DVDs) BBC video
L.A. Burning - The Riots 25 Years Later   (A&E official video - 2017 Emmy)
ABC Nightline: RUSSIAN REVOLUTION - 6 part series ( 3/17/00 - 3/24/00)
Luray Caverns - Caverns tour & Shenandoah highlights (52min) american adventure series video  (holiday video)