10/19/66 BOBBY ORR's FIRST SHIFT! (5min video only)  Det @ Bos (2-6)

1933 NY Rangers @ Toronto (1-0   OT)  -  Only last 12min of game  -plus disc has 2 vintage documentaries on it: 
1. Hot Ice- 1940 NYR-TOR players + outdoors scene (27min)
2. Spotlight- Iced Lightning   1946  rare MON-TOR scenes - some outdoor (10min)   ((((((filed under vintage playoff games discs)))))

Ken Dryden's Home Game - Episode 1 - Mere Players  (1990)  1hr
Ken Dryden's Home Game - Episode 2 - Playing in fields of Scarborough  (1990)  1hr
Ken Dryden's Home Game - Episode 3 - Big Money Game  (1990)  1hr
Ken Dryden's Home Game - Episode 4 - No Final Victories  (1990)  1hr
Ken Dryden's Home Game - Episode 5 - The Common Passion  (1990)  1hr
Ken Dryden's Home Game - Episode 6 - The Magic of Play  (1990)  1hr

1969 Hockey Championships film video:  RARE transfer from film to DVD  - Canada vs Russia  - 1hr  features interviews/practices/some game footage/bench shots/+ some with voice --  VERY RARE FIND!!

1980's - 1990's HOCKEY Highlights   36 DVD disks (and running)   approx. 70 hours
in process of full collection conversion of BETA to DVDR highlite collection (goals, fights, and more)

1983-84 Season Misc. Footage - 3 discs (3hrs):   Vancouver @ Toronto, Edmonton @ NY Rangers, Hartford @ Edmonton, NY Islanders @ Winnipeg, Vancouver @ Edmonton, St. Louis @ Calgary  //  NHL AS game, Chicago @ Edmonton,  Philadelphia @ Calgary, Detroit @ Toronto (young Yzerman nice goal), Winnipeg @ Edmonton, Winnipeg @ Vancouver, Edmonton @ Winnipeg, Winnipeg @ Edmonton  //   Buffalo @ Calgary, Calgary @ Edmonton, Montreal @ Vancouver, Montreal @ Toronto, Quebec @ Montreal, Calgary @ Edmonton, NY Islanders @ Montreal (playoffs), NY Islanders @ Edmonton (stanley cup).  Nothing is complete and it really jumps around - the quality is pretty nice and its some nice footage of old Gretzky, and those hidious Canucks uniforms!

"This Week in Hockey" & etc highlights from personally recorded VHS tapes:
--1986-87 Misc Hockey Highlights - this week in hockey, + 86-87 Bruins video yearbook, 86-87 Flyers highlights, misc highlights, NYR-Phil footage  KDrare
--1987 November-December -THIS WEEK IN HOCKEY  (personally recorded from sportschannel VHS by fan)  2 discs  KDrare
--1988 January - February       -THIS WEEK IN HOCKEY  (personally recorded from sportschannel VHS by fan)  2 discs  KDrare
--1988 February - March          -THIS WEEK IN HOCKEY  (personally recorded from sportschannel VHS by fan)  2 discs    KDrare
--3/6/88 Don Cherry: This Week in Hockey (30min)
--1989 - 1990 -THIS WEEK IN HOCKEY 1st half of season before A.S. break  (personally recorded from sportschannel VHS by fan)  2 discs  KDrare
--1990 January - March           -THIS WEEK IN HOCKEY  (personally recorded from sportschannel VHS by fan)  2 discs    KDrare

1988-89 Dodge Hockey Week - Hockey Highlights from the months   (TN)   total running time of highlights is 1hr20min (2 discs)

1993 Playoffs – OVERTIMES coverage  - unique 2 disk set made by a fan!

NHL STANLEY CUP FINALS HIGHLIGHTS ( each year runs about 30min)
TAPE 1 :  1954 DET vs. MON       1964 TOR vs. DET       1966 MON vs. DET       1968 MON vs. STL
TAPE 2 :  1956 MON vs. DET       1957 MON vs. BOS     1958 MON vs. BOS       1959 MON vs. TOR    1960 MON vs. TOR
TAPE 3 :  1962 TOR vs. CHI         1963 TOR vs. DET       1964 TOR vs. DET        1965 MON vs. CHI
TAPE 4 :  1966 MON vs. DET       1967 TOR vs. MON      1968 MON vs. STL       1969 MON vs. STL      1970 BOS vs. STL
TAPE 5 :  1950 DET vs. NYR        1981 NYI vs. MIN         1989 CAL vs. MON

Mixed misc Highlights from various seasons and clips - circa 1993?  includes a lot of Mario footage, Gretzky footage and concludes with  news clips of  Malarchuk neck slash incident and his recovery.  (1 disc = 2hrs)

1/17-20/1987 -  28min of misc hockey highlights from the past 3 days - as it aired on TSN (found on the tail end of a game video tape)

Stanley Cup Highlights from 1969 - 1971 tape

2 DVD Stanley Cup 30min films - covers  1956  1957  1958  1959  1960 (Molson video)  (probably some repeat from above)

NHL GAME OF THE WEEK HIGHLIGHT FILMS (each runs about 20min)
TAPE 1:  1/21/75  NHL All-Star Game (@montreal) (7-1)
              1/26/75  Philadelphia @ Boston (2-2)  Phil Esposito 2 goals
              2/8/75    NY Rangers @ Montreal (1-7)
              2/15/75  Philadelphia @ NY Islanders (1-1) late isles goal disallowed
              2/23/75  Philadelphia @ NY Rangers (1-2) Ed Giaccomin stars in goal

TAPE 2: 4/20/75 Pittsburgh @ NY Islanders (1-3)    GAME 4 
             4/27/75 Montreal @ Buffalo (5-6 OT)          GAME 1  OT Thriller
             5/13/75 NY Islanders @ Philadelphia (1-4) GAME 7   Flyers win the series
             5/20/75 Philadelphia @ Buffalo (4-5 OT)     FINALS   GAME 3  OT      THRILLER IN THE FOG (INFAMOUS GAME!)
             5/27/75 Philadelphia @ Buffalo (2-0)          FINALS   GAME 6  Flyers win it all again.

(note:  see my Lemieux and Gretzky Links above to get to all the highlite and special tapes dealing with the 2 greatest players to ever play the game)

1997-98 Season Team Highlight videos-  Made by me - goals, fights etc from early season games - most videos run 1hr and do not over the whole season:
ANAHEIM MIGHTY DUCKS  1997-98  Early Season Highlights (time?)
BOSTON BRUINS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr 42min)
BUFFALO SABRES 1997-98   Early season highlights  (time?)
CAROLINA HURRICANES 1997-98   Early season highlights  (43min)
CALGARY FLAMES  1997-98   Early season highlights  (time?)
CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (time?)
COLORADO AVALANCHE 1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr)
DALLAS STARS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (47min)
DETROIT REDWINGS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (runs only 3min)
EDMONTON OILERS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (43min)
FLORIDA PANTHERS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (56min)
LA KINGS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (52min)
MONTREAL CANADIENS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (30min)
NEW JERSEY DEVILS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr 17min)
NY RANGERS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr 35min)
NY ISLANDERS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr 22min)
OTTAWA SENATORS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (42min)
PHOENIX COYOTES  1997-98   Early season highlights  (51min)
PHILADELPHIA FLYERS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (58min)
PITTSBURGH PENGUINS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr)
SAN JOSE SHARKS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr 28min)
ST.LOUIS BLUES  1997-98   Early season highlights  (58min)
TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr 10min)
TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING  1997-98   Early season highlights  (35min)
VANCOUVER CANUCKS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (38min)
WASHINGTON CAPITALS  1997-98   Early season highlights  (1hr 42min)

1992-93 season NY RANGERS  -- season highlights of goals  (made by true rangers fan!)  runs  1hr45min

1993-94 season  NY RANGERS  -- season highlights of goals  (made by true rangers fan!)

1995 season  NY RANGERS  -- season highlights of goals  (made by true rangers fan!)

1995-96 season  NY RANGERS  -- season highlights of goals  (made by true rangers fan!)

1996-97 season  NY RANGERS  -- season highlights of goals  (made by true rangers fan!)

1997-98 season  NY RANGERS  -- season highlights of goals  (made by true rangers fan!)

PAVEL BURE ---   !!!!!!!!!   IT'S ROCKET TIME   !!!!!!!!    VOLUME 1   (2 hrs personally made BY ME highlite goals, assists, interviews)

JAROMIR JAGR - Great Goals and Assists... (2 hrs personally made BY ME highlite goals, assists, interviews)

JAROMIR JAGR  -  Highlites - specials- goals- assists - great plays - "almost goals"  6 TAPE SET = about 12 hours!!!!!

MARIO LEMEIUX - A TRIBUTE  ---- video given away at his retirement ceremony game (vs. Boston)

11/26/97 Mario Lemieux Night in Pittsburgh.... this is just the pre-game ceremony footage

CAM NEELY HIGHLITE VIDEO: approx 140min, features: "the definitive bruin"   NESN special plus many many highlites  plus at the tail end of the tape is      Bobby Orr tribute/retirement ceremony (22 min)   

SPECIAL HOME MADE EDITED 2 TAPE SET OF ALL-STAR GAME GOALS  (Spans 1979 -thru-1999)  (3 hours plus)

TRIBUTE TO RAY BOURQUE:  FRONT ROW SPECIAL    1.5 hrs    (11/25/99 - T-giving special)

BAYBANK PRESENTS BOBBY ORR STATUE ( great highlite reels)!   approx   60min


GUY LAFLEUR HIGHLITE VIDEO: approx 2.5 hrs --includes 40+goals,grapevine show,hockeyweek tribute,instruct video 
MARIO LEMIEUX HIS TOP GOALS - homemade clips - last about 8min KDKA news clip 5/10/92

STEPHANE RICHER HIGHLITE VIDEO: 1986-1990 the Montreal years approx 150 goals spanning approx 2 1/2 hours!

STEPHANE RICHER HIGHLITE VIDEO: 1993-2002 the New Jersey years approx 100 goals spanning approx 2  hours!

Stephane Richer - GOALS  GOALS  GOALS    1985-2002
--mixed from his teams: Montreal, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, Pittsburgh

Stephane Richer - remade goals and highlights video  (runs 1:45)

Circa 1987 Montreal & Stephane Richer Highlights  (from old beta tape) runs 1hr


WAYNE GRETZKY "L.A. is the Place to be" A highlite tape of all his noteable moments on the Kings.  (2 hrs)

WAYNE GRETZKY   - FROM BLUENOTE TO BLUESHIRT -- the  STL-NYR years! (volume 3) (home made highlites)

WAYNE GRETZKY  -  ESPN SPORTS CENTURY Special   a  great  1 hour show on the history of the great one!

WAYNE GRETZKY ODD-BALL CLIPS/Interviews/appearances/SNL/highlites  5 TAPE SET (10 hours!!!!)
Vol 1:  SNL, highlites, oddball appearances, awards, interviews etc
Vol 2:  1987 material, game footage- great games, 87 rendezvous clips, playoff clips  
Vol 3:  1987 - 1988 material, highlites, clips, and much material on the EDM-to-LA trade
Vol 4:  90's playoff stuff, highlites, clips, messier trade stuff, 3 cartoons (with gretz,jordan,Bo)
Vol 5:  90's continued (to about 1993)  playoff highlites, gretzky retiring?, fuhr to leafs, clips, prostars cartoon  

8/9/88   Wayne Gretzky “TRADED”  - compilation of News and Sports channel coverage of the big day ( CBC, CNN, CTV etc)


8/9/88 - The Day that Changed Hockey  (wayne gretzky traded)  NHL Net 1hr special

WAYNE GRETZKY: GWOSKI CONVERSATION  CBC 4/4/99  1hr (wayne and father)   plus FOX highlites of gretz career

"99 Retires"  30min Tribute before 1999 NYR-EDM game followed by ESPN2NITE Post game tribute footage

Wayne Gretzky -  30 for 30  “A KINGS RANSOM”   2009 ESPN special show in series.. highlights the biggest trade in sports history  (1hr)


WAYNE GRETZKY FINAL GAME POST COVERAGE:   4/17/99 – 4/18/99   --- Live post game coverage of final game ESPNnews, local Washington DC news highlights, ESPN tribute “the great one”, MSG post game coverage (PIT@NYR) Messier interview, press conference, CNNSI, interview with Mario  (5 disks total over the final 2 days of Gretzky’s NHL career)  5 DISCS TOTAL

WAYNE GRETZKY RETIREMENT - 5 discs of misc highlights/clips/interviews etc etc etc..... made by a FAN  ( 5 discs =  VOLUME 1 (2 discs) and VOLUME 2 (3 discs)


STEVE YZERMAN   - RED WING FOR LIFE  (homemade highites)

MARK RECCHI - MAN ON A MISSION! (homemade highlites)

ROD BRIND'AMOUR - COMPLETE PACKAGE  (homemade highlites)

SIMON GAGNE - SCORING MACHINE  (homemade highlites)


JEREMY ROENICK - ALL AROUND PLAYER  (homemade highlites)

LUCKY LUC ROBITAILLE  (homemade highlites)

DARYL SITLER HIGHLIGHTS (homemade compilation of great plays etc!) updated 2014 version

Trevor Linden – “Calder Trophy Candidate”   3/8/89  professional made highlight show  (5 min)

FIGHTING BACK - The Story of TIM KERR's Longest Season (1988)

PELLE LINDBERGH MEMORIAL A tribute tape of highlites, music videos, and interviews. (TG) (2 hrs)


CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS - Vintage Highlights compiled from 1969 -1975  (2 discs)  home-made

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS 95-96 SEASON HIGHLITES (mostly goals from newsreels) 1hr 23min


Minnesota NorthStars - THE FINAL DAYS  (homemade highlight video of news reports and local coverage of the final game plus the Met Center coming down)

Buffalo Sabres: A decade of Excellence

MARTY McSORELY UPCLOSE:  3/8/00  a 30min interview where no "punches" are pulled!  In-depth discussion of the stick swinging/attack of Donald Barshear  --+ an episode of NHL2NITE (highlites Bourque to COL and the McSorely incident).

1989 Pittsburgh Penguins SEASON IN REVIEW KDKA mike Lange

1991 Penguins: 3 parts... 1. stanley cup preview 2.mike Lang segment (all from KDKA TV) 3. Stanley cup celebration at the point...

Pittsburgh Penguins Vintage footage - FIGHTS, GOALS, HIGHLIGHTS  1968 - 1980

Detroit Red Wings (+other NHL) Highlights from 1991-92 season (ESPN, news clips, CNN. local etc -- with rough edits, various quality but novel footage!) HOME-MADE 6 DVD set

Detroit Red Wings (+other NHL) Highlights from 1992-93 season (ESPN, news clips, CNN. local etc -- with rough edits, various quality but novel footage!) HOME-MADE 15 DVD set

RED WINGS VIDEOS!:  Sergei Fedorov: "Rockin in the free world"     2.5 min.
                                        Steve Yzerman:  music video    3.5 min

RED WINGS HIGHLITE TAPE:   1989 Triumph and Tears  --and-- 1992 Poised for Glory 

RED WINGS HIGHLITE TAPE:   1997 Hockeytown  --and-- 1998 Return to Hockeytown

1997-1998 Season :  Detroit Red Wings Playoff Goals highlite tape
1999-2001 Seasons: Detroit Red Wings Playoff Goals highlite tape

RED WINGS 95-96 SEASON HIGHLITES 2 tape set (goals and fights) (4 hrs)


THE RUSSIAN FIVE -  2hr NBCsports Special about the story of the defection of Russian players to the NHL and the Wings recruitment leading to 2 Stanley cups!  (2/2020)

1997 "From Hockeytown with love" russian tribute to wings PASS special

1997 Detroit Red Wings Parade  WDIV channel 4    6/10/97   (2.5 hrs but no rally footage)

1997 Detroit Red Wings "The Cup Comes Home" Special  WDIV channel 4   6/10/97

1997 Playoffs and CUP in REVIEW ESPN (approx 30min) highlites wing's, and flyer's roads to cup

1998 DETROIT RED WINGS  postgame cup celebration tapes including:
        Rally at Joe Louis Arena  (T-160)
        Channel 2 post game stuff  (T-120)
        Channel 50 post game stuff  (T-160)
        Channel 4 post game stuff (T-130)
        Channel 2 and 4 retrospective stuff (1 hr)  


6/98  Steve Yzerman appearance on Late Night with David Letterman 

11/12/98  "Triumph Over Tragedy"  30min ESPN2 special on the 97-98 wings 2nd straight cup!

1998  DETROIT RED WINGS  YEAR END REVIEW    7/98     1hr  SP


1999 Detroit Red Wings SEASON END REVIEW  (1hr SP)

4/10/00 Detroit Red Wings Season 2000 Playoff Preview

Detroit Redwings – Salute to the Redwings Dynasty  10/10/08   1hr

Combo Highlights:  1986-87 Detroit Redwings "just a matter of time" / 1986-87 Hartford Whalers "whalermania"  (1hr ea)

Combo Highlights: G.S.L. - Bobby Orr/Phil Esposito/Gordie Howe/Bobby Hull , Pride of the Island (NY Islanders) (plus some TVshows at end)  (2 discs)

DETROIT vs. COLORADO SPECIAL RIVALRY TAPE (2 hours of highlites, lowlites, fights, hits, goals, and madness!)

1999 DALLAS STARS Stanley Cup PARADE then "UNION AT THE REUNION"  KDTF 2hrs 15min RAW satellite footage (neat)

2000 STANLEY CUP - "Prelude To Glory"   Special by ABC

10/4/00  NHL FILMS   " DANCIN' WITH THE DEVILS"  2000 New Jersey Stanley Cup Winners  (espn2)

6/11/2001 COLORADO AVALANCHE PARADE & CELEBRATION + Ray Bourque on Regis morning show  (2 tapes)

6/17/02  Detroit Red Wings Parade & Celebration   3hrs 30min   **DVD master

2002 Detroit RED WINGS CUP CELEBRATION back at stadium  3.5hr special - UPN50 local feed only (2 tapes)


10/8/02 - NHL 2NITE  1 hr  2002-2003 season preview special 

10/10/02 DETROIT RED WINGS    02-03 SEASON PREVIEW  1hr  FOX Det  special

Raising the Cup in ’91 -  Pittsburgh Penguins  - FoxP 1hr special that aired 10/2005

Raising the Cup in ’92 -  Pittsburgh Penguins  - FoxP 1hr special that aired 10/2005

Colorado Avalanche: A Decade in Denver    (1hr FoxRM special)


Montreal Canadiens – Relive the Magic  - 1993 Stanley Cup Champions  (2hrs)  NHLnet special

SUTTER BROTHERS -   2 DVD SET of Fights/highlights of the 6 brothers

MARIO LEMIEUX - CAREER MOMENTS - Mix by employee at Pittsburgh ROOT SPORTS - neat and rare - includes TV spots, Commercials, Mario at practice, and footage of a pre-1st game warm up (black vs yellow game) shows clips of Bench Clearing Brawl,,,,, some footage on this video never seen before!

Mario Lemieux - IN MY OWN WORDS show that aired 11/2/05 (FSN Pittsburgh Master)

Pittsburgh Sportsbeat Rewind show collection: PENS COLLECTION:
-Badger Bob Johnson
-Mario Lemieux
-Jaromir Jagr
-Craig Patrick
-Playoff Moments

2005 Season Preview shows
9/28/05  2005 Colorado Avalanche Season Preview (30min)
10/05 St. Louis Blues – Back in Blue   2005 season preview (30min)
10/05 Chicago Blackhawks - Meet the Hawks  2005 season preview (30min)
10/05 Florida Panthers  -  2005 season preview  (1hr)
10/05 New York Islanders -- 2005 Season preview  (30min)
10/05 Detroit Redwings  -- 2005 Season preview  (30min)

2006 Post Season  in Review shows
6/06 Tampa Bay Lightning   (1hr)

2008 Season Preview shows
2008 – 2009 NY Rangers Season Preview show (msg)  30min
2008 – 2009 Carolina Hurricanes Season Preview show  30min
2008 – 2009 NJ Devils Season Preview show   1hr

BEST OF COACH'S CORNER 93-94 1 tape (includes some older episodes too)  (Don Cherry - Ron McLean) (2HRS)
BEST OF COACH'S CORNER 95-96 3 tape set (Don Cherry - Ron McLean)includes some grapevine episodes (6HRS)
BEST OF COACH'S CORNER 96-97 2 tape set (Don Cherry - Ron McLean) (4HRS)
BEST OF COACH'S CORNER 97-98  1hr various episodes
BEST OF COACH'S CORNER 02 playoffs -   Midseason 2003    VOLUME 7  

Life and Times of DON CHERRY (11/16/97) CBC     1 HR nice documentary!

The Boys who Loved Hockey (1/18/98) CBC special about the Sutter Bros. 1hr

The Top 50 players (1/18/98) CBC special about recent Hockey News' slections of top 50 players 1hr

A CENTURY IN HOCKEY----CBC special  12/11/99

Clint Malarchuk neck slashed (1989?) clips 3 camera angles (not for the quezey viewer)& interview (10 minutes)

BUFFALO SABRES ALUMNI vs. NHL Legends charity game (2/22/97)  both on 1 tape

12/9/03 Los Angeles vs. Anaheim  Celebrity Charity Game (features Gretzky & misc stars and actors)

10/27/87  NJ Devils @ Pittsburgh  1st period only DEVIL PLAYERS AND FANS IN A NEAR RIOT!   (poor audio)

BOSTON BRUINS HIGHLITES FROM 1969 -1970 SEASON : Clips, goals, fights, etc. NICE QUALITY  2 TAPE SET

BOSTON BRUINS HIGHLITES FROM 1971- 1972 SEASON : Clips, goals, fights, etc. NICE QUALITY  2 TAPE SET

BOSTON BRUINS -  1965 Training Camp Rare film

PATRICK ROY SPECIAL (highlighting record win)  ESPN classic   10/21/00    2hrs   sp

San Diego Mariners Documentary  1974 - 1977

WHA YEARS  1972 - 1979  (highlites)

1972 - SUMMIT ON ICE      CBC Special   9/27/92  (2hrs)

WHA Vintage Footage:  Cincinnati Stingers footage and Indianapolis  Racers vs. Toronto

HOUSTON AEROS Hi-lites  1977 - 1978 season

BOBBY ORR     tribute/retirement ceremony (22 min)

Bobby Orr's Goal!!!!   5/10/00  "This Day in History"  ESPN

Bobby Orr - Day that Changed the game (1hr)  NHLnet special

ESPN Sports Century:  JIM CRAIG  and his story of the  1980 USA olympics  (2/6/02)

ESPN Sports Century: Bobby Hull Story  (30min)

DON CHERRY'S GRAPEVINE:  3 episodes for wings fans!  Kocur, Ciccarelli, and Probert 
Don Cherry's Grapevine Episode (date? 1989 late):  Guest old ref Red Story - Stan Johnathan  (25min) TN 

circa 11/1/87 Don Cherry   "This Week in Hockey"  30min show KDvhsmaster
circa 12/26/87 Don Cherry "This Week in Hockey"  30min show KDvhsmaster
circa 2/11/88 Don Cherry   "This Week in Hockey"  30min show KDvhsmaster

1989 NHL HIGHLITES VOLUME 1- from newsreels   (some from earlier years)    approx 8 hrs

1989 NHL HIGHLITES VOLUME 2- from newsreels & The Hockey news- the show  approx 2.5 hrs

1980's MISC VINTAGE  NHL HIGHLITES - Mastered from old BETA tapes to 1hr XP DVD's - fights, goals, hits, moments, plus some other vintage TV viewing when it mixed into hockey!  13 disks so far .. more to come!!

1998 Olympics GOLD METAL CELEBRATION tape    CZECH REPUBLIC and Hasek feautured in segments (1hr 25 min)

2/7/01  ESPN2 Up-Close  Glen Miller Interviews both Selanne and Kariya in front of live studio audience  (30min)
           plus on same tape:  FOX: You GOtta See THIs!  features candid interview with Cam Neely regarding Samuelsson

ESPN Sports Century:  WAYNE GRETZKY  (1 hour)      Plus Sports Century: Jacques Plante (1 hour)

2001 HOBIE BAKER AWARD SHOW  (the best of the best of the juniors and minors are recognized here)

2002 HOBIE BAKER AWARD SHOW  (the best of the best of the juniors and minors are recognized here)

1/6/02 NESN FRONT ROW SPECIAL -- "BEHIND THE MASK" Goaltending in the NHL   (1 hr)

FLYERS GOALS COMPILATION VOL. 1 1984-85,1985-86,1986-87
PHILADELPHIA FLYERS GOALS COLLECTION for 1999 - 2000 Season  (4 tape set!!!) 

BUFFALO SABRES 4 tape HIGHLIGHT VIDEO COLLECTION  (includes the following):
TAPE 1: 1970-71 season (30min), 1971-72 season (30min), 1972-73 season (32min), 1974-75 season (23min)
TAPE 2: 1973-74 season (29min), 1975-76 season (27min), 1976-77 season (24min), 1977-78 season (31min)
TAPE 3: 1987-88 season (29min), 1990-91 season (43min), 1992-93 season (38min)
TAPE 4: 1970-1980 "10 Year Anniversary"(38min), 1970-71 PREVIEW "sabres ready" (27min), 1989-90 "season to celebrate (56min)

1993 - 1998  Buffalo Sabres Goals Highlights 2 tape set - made by local Buffalo FAN!  (approx 4hrs)

1990-1991 Pittsburgh Penguins:  “Run to the Cup”       2 disk season highlights made by rabid Pens fan!

1991 Penguins "point" stanley cup celebration KDKA TV

1991-1992 Pittsburgh Penguins:  “Run to the Second Cup”      2 disk season highlights made by rabid Pens fan!

1991 & 1992 Penguins LOCKER ROOM interviews after cup wins Mike Lang KBL/KDKA
1992-1993 Pittsburgh Penguins:   Season Highlights   (1 disk) made by rabid Pens fan!
FROZEN IN TIME  Pittsburgh Penguins - "The Stanley Cup Years"  (1991 & 1992)   1hr NHLnet special

New Jersey Devils 10th Anniversary tape

1995 New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Celebration at meadowlands NJN (1 hr)

1995 New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup Special sportschannel NY "kind of a road to the cup thing" ( 1hr)

1995 New Jersey Devils Stanley Cup post game and locker room interviews etc sportschannel NY (1hr)

"The Title is Team" - SC special about Devils stanley cup team - plus NHL cool shots episodes featuring Devils 

1995 PHILADELPHIA FLYERS Topps Super-skills Competition 1/25/95 (aprx 1 hr)

1995 SAN JOSE SHARKS Topps Super-skills Competition 12/3/95 plus season of giving celebrity charity game

1993 Toronto Mapleleafs SKILLS COMP  (1 hr)
1997 Toronto Mapleleafs SKILLS COMP  (1 hr)
1998 Toronto Mapleleafs SKILLS COMP  (1 hr)
1999 Toronto Mapleleafs SKILLS COMP  (1 hr)  global

Les Nordiques:   THE QUEBEC NORDIQUES DOCUMENTARY    approx 4hrs  (2 tapes)  In French

Minnesota North Stars Old -Time highlights  1968 - 1975  (2.5hrs)

The New Ice Age:  A day in the Life of the NHL   (CBC Special 9/29 - 10/2)   6 part series (12 hours)

The Fifth Estate: MAJOR MISCONDUCT - NHL's Connections to the Russian Mafia (end of '71 tor-nyi game 2)

1/23/99  ESPN2 ALL-STAR SPECIAL EDTION of NHL2 NIGHT, plus 1/25/99  NHLPA "be a player"  (1hr total)


6/14/01  RAY BOURQUE (w/ Stanley Cup)    on the REGIS & KELLY AM talk show (5min)

11/15/01  MIKE LANGE ROAST  30min FOXP special honoring Lange's entrance into the Pittsburgh Hall of Fame!

1960's Fort Wayne KOMETS Footage - goals  / 1980's-1990's KOMETS newsclips  /  1996-1997 KOMETS season highlites   COMBO TAPE


FORT WAYNE KOMETS - FIGHT KLUB  - Rockin in the Jungle  (commercial team video shot by team)

KOMET TALES - commercial tape hosted by Bob Chase - relives memorable moments in Komets history

  -  The Islanders Dynasty
  -  Crowning Glory - Tribute to Dennis Potvin and Mike Bossy
  -  Isles OT history
  -  Pride of the Island

NEW YORK ISLANDERS HIGHLITE COMBO 2 tape set (approx 4hrs):
- Billy Smith Jersey Retirement ceremony (2/21/93)
- NY Islanders 25th Anniversary Team Ceremony (2/15/97)
- NY Islanders 30th Anniversary Arena Video (2001)
- Never Say Die - Story of the NY Islanders
- Salute to Al Arbour (night)  (1986)
- Denis Potvin Jersey Retirement Ceremony (2/1/92)
- Islanders Dynasty Retrospectives - Highlights of Every Isles Playoff goal from 1975-1993

New York ISLANDERS  -  "THE ISLANDER DYNASTY"  Metro TV  special  (older)  *DVDmaster

4/1/95 Pre-game only NY Islanders RETIRE #23  BOB NYSTROM  (1hr?) (plus some other NYI filler)

3/17/06 NY Islanders: Celebration of the 1980 Stanley Cup Championship (1hr FOXNY special)

NY Islanders Highlights from the 1979-1984 seasons (2 disc set) - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1983-84 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1984-85 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1985-86 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1986-87 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1987-88 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1988-89 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1989-90 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1990-91 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1991-92 season - made by fan
NY Islanders Highlights from the 1992-93 season - made by fan

Mike Bossy  “Halls of Fame”  MSG special  (30min)

NY ISLANDERS - 1991 season in review  (30min)

10/1/09 NY Islanders – Season Preview show  (30min)

ESPN Sportscentury -  BOBBY HULL  (1hr)   5/22/02

ESPN Sportscentury - MAURICE "ROCKET" RICHARD  (1hr)

1993-1994  Washington Capitals season highlites   & misc hockey highlites & caps fights 9 tape set (rough edits- raw footage)


IHL  FORT WAYNE KOMETS   ROBIN BAWA Highlights (plus some 90-91 komets season highlights too)  *DVDmaster

MIKE PALMATEER - very rare Homemade highlite tape  (goalie highlites) on Leafs and Capitals (mostly 80's)   (VCDmaster)

Minnesota Fighting Saints Highlight Tape

LA KINGS HOME-MADE HIGHLIGHTS - made by a fan (from collection of sources)
1987-88 Regular Season Highlights  (1 disc)
1989-90 Regular Season Highlights  (2 discs)
1990-91 Regular Season Highlights (2 discs)
1991-92 Regular Season Highlights (2 discs)

TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS HOME-MADE HIGHLIGHTS - made by a fan (from collection of sources)
LEAFS HIGHLIGHTS COLLECTION 1979 - 1990 --- 2 tapes ( DVDmaster)   AWESOME QUALITY and CONTENT (rare source)
LEAFS HIGHLIGHTS COLLECTION 1993 - 1994 SEASON  5 tape collection  AWESOME QUALITY and CONTENT (rare source)
LEAFS HIGHLIGHTS COLLECTION 1995 - 1996 SEASON  5 tape collection  AWESOME QUALITY and CONTENT (rare source)
LEAFS HIGHLIGHTS COLLECTION 1996 - 1997 SEASON  3 tape collection  AWESOME QUALITY and CONTENT (rare source)

1988 Playoff highlights from the Boston vs. Montreal series  (1 disk ~2hrs)
1990 Playoff highlights from the Boston vs. Montreal series  (1 disk ~2hrs)
1991 Playoff highlights from the Boston vs. Montreal series  (1 disk ~2hrs)
1992 Playoff highlights from the Boston vs. Montreal series  (1 disk ~2hrs)
1994 Playoff highlights from the Boston vs. Montreal series  (1 disk ~2hrs)


2/15/03  CBC - HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA  4hr Pre Game Coverage (2 DVDmaster) (games in 02-03 page)

2/21/03 ICE DREAMS  -  Fox Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament history

Les Canadiens Special  (30min)  PLUS  STEPHANE RICHER GOALS highlight tape  (1hr) from old beta tape *DVDmaster

Detroit Red Wings special on ESPN the Season   (DVDmaster)  1hr

Beanpot Tournament - THE SEASON  espn   1hr special on the Boston hockey tournament  (DVDmaster)  1hr

Battle of Comm. Ave - Boston College vs. Boston U.   (1hr NHLnet documentary special  that aired 3/2010)

1996 Florida Panthers Playoff Highlights - "year of the rat" celebration @ Miami arena etc  2 tapes HOMEMADE

12/4/95  PATRICK ROY Press Conference - leaving the Canadiens (after being left in goal for 8 goals vs Detroit back on 12/2/95 game)  recorded live from TV  (TN rare video)
3/1/97 Patrick Roy Press Conference - trade to Colorado - 1hr RDS special report (French)
5/28/03  PATRICK ROY Retirement Press Conference 

circa 1990  - WHL All-Star Banquet  - rare video  Dennis Hull Speaks   (SJ DVDmaster)

3/04 Fox Sports-  Beyond the Glory:  CHRIS CHELIOS  (1hr) DVDmaster

2/12/04 “The Season” – Colorado Avalanche   Part 1    (1hr)

9/7/04 ESPN Headlines  -  #1 Headline – Miracle on Ice   (2hrs) 

12/11/04  Cheap Seats:  1979 Detroit @ Edmonton   30min retrospective of gretzky 2nd ever game EPSN classic

12/21/04  ESPN Outside the Line -  “NHL Lockout effects Edmonton lifestyles” DON CHERRY commentary (30min)

2/16/05  “THE NHL’S DARKEST DAY”  2004-05 Season is CANCELED due to labor issues (lockout) 3 hours of news conferences, perspectives, interviews etc  (ESPN NEWS coverage)


2/18/05  NHL season UN-CANCELLED??   1hr plus coverage of breaking news that breaks down


8/4/05 Jay Leno Tonight Show: Guest SIDNEY CROSBY


11/2005  Crowning Glorry: 20 Years of King's Hockey  (FOXW)  1hr


12/2005  Great Bruins Defenseman   (NESN)  1hr special


12/17/05  "Cam Neely - Call to the Hall"  (NESN)  1hr special


1/2006 MARK MESSIER - RAISING THE RAFTERS  30min OLN (retirement of Messier & #11 retired from the Rangers)


MARK MESSIER Messier:  Ranger #11   - MSG Special  2/2009  (30min)


MIKE RICHTER – Ranger #35   -  MSG Special  4/2009  (30min)


4/25/06 Mark Messier: Leadership Camp  (1hr OLN)  special


HOMECOMING:  DARREN McCarty special  2006  (30min  OLN) (a look at Darren's home and family life)


5/5/06 Lord Stanley's Cup - The Ultimate Prize   (1hr OLN) special


2006 Colorado Avalanche - Season in Review (6/2006)  1hr  FOXRM


2005-06  “SIDNEY CROSBY” -  05-06 Rookie Season GOALS COLLECTION (made by rabid Pens fan)


2005-06  & 2006-07 SIDNEY CROSBY GOALS COLLECTION from first 2 seasons!   (all on one disk)  (UPDATED FROM ABOVE)


2005-06 , 2006-07  & 2007-08  SIDNEY CROSBY GOALS COLLECTION from first 3 seasons!   (all on one disk)  (UPDATED AGAIN FROM ABOVE)


2007 – 2008  Pittsburgh Penguins  Homemade 4 disk set of highlights, goals etc (allot of work by a TRUE FAN)

1993 Playoffs – OVERTIMES coverage  - unique 2 disk set made by a fan!


5/28/07  2007 Stanley Cup Preview show  (plus greatest moments in cup history show (VS)


10/3/07 Lord Stanley's Summer   (VS  1hr special)


Classic Canadian Playoff Rivalries: NHLNet Special (Canadian based teams rivals)  aired 2008


2006-2007 Pittsburgh Penguins Highlights (homemade 4 disk set!!)


Forever a Ranger #3 Leetch – Retirement and Ceremony

Sidney Crosby Revealed     30min    NHLnetwork special


Halls of Fame -  MIKE BOSSY    1/2008 FoxNY  30min Special

Best of the Kings – Ducks Rivalry Special  -  FoxW  1/2008 1hr Special (jim fox)


Frozen in time:  Great Moments in 1990’s NY Rangers History  (30min) NHLnetwork special


2/21/08 RICHARD ZEDNIK press conference  (45min worth)  ESPNNEWS




RON HEXTALL #27 Retired Ceremony   (pre-game stuff before 2/6/08 Wsh @ Phl game)

Bobby Hull & Stan Mikita #’s Retired  Ceremony (hawks legends)  3/7/08 PRE-GAME  1hr


MARIO LEMIEUX – The Best Ever  (special highlights show)


4/23/08 NHLnet  - NHL News  (includes live Vancouver Canucks press conference)  (2hrs total run time)


Rick Tocchet – Fox Arizona Spotlight – Indepth interview RE gambling scandal  (1/08)  1hr


Paul Coffey – Raised to the Rafters  (1hr NHLnet special)

Steve Yzerman:  Top 10 Goals        (30min NHLnet special)

Frozen In Time: 2005-2006 Carolina Hurricanes   (30min NHLnet special)


Jodan Staal - NY Ranger No.18  (30min MSG special 2008)


Adam Graves - NY Ranger No. 9  (30min MSG special 2009)


2007-08 Detroit Redwings – Stanley Cup Champions  (commercial video)  2hrs

Philadelphia Flyers - History of the Flyers  - 40th Anniversary  (NHLnet 2hr special)  1/2/09

Ron Greshner - Ranger Number #4   (30min MSG special profile)  1/2009


Frederick Lundqvist - Ranger Number #30   (30min MSG special profile)  3/262009


NY Rangers:  MSG Vault series  (2hrs)  footage from 1975 - 1978 games

Bobby Orr - "Hall Remembers"  MSG special  (30min)

2/5/09 CSN  Washington Sportsnite:  includes a Donald Brashear interview segment (1hr total)


NY Rangers vs. The Russians  -  MSG special featuring the super series games from 1976 & 1980  (30min)


CONFLICT ON ICE -  1/11/76  Flyers team VHS documentary about the legendary  Flyers vs. Soviet Red Army game  (1hr - from master VHS)


Ol' Time Hockey -- NHLnet documentary  (3/1/09)   1hr


NICK FOTIU - RANGER No. 22  (2009 MSG special)  30min


"BRODEUR - A winner above all "  (2hr MSG+ show aired the week of his record setting performance)


Martin Brodeur -  “Celbrating 552”     1hr MSG special

THE BOYS ON THE BUS -  1987 Edmonton Oilers Story  (1987)  (90min)

THE BOYS ARE BACK – 1988 Edmonton Oilers Story  (1988)   (1hr)

Ilya Kovalchuk - "Under the Lights"   (30min Sunshine special)   4/16/09

MIKE GREEN:  Day in the Life   (4/27/09)  NHLnet special   (30min)

“3 days of Ovechkin”   5min Comcast segment featuring “the 5 best goals of the first 4 years”

11/29/09  Alex “the great” Ovechkin vs. Sidney “sid the kid” Crosby     SPECIAL  

12/2010  ALEX OVECHKIN - THE GREAT 8   (12/10 NHLnet 1hr special)

Alex Ovechkin - 2016 Comcast SPECIALS  -----3 half-hour Specials 

1/28/18 Alan May special on ALEX OVECHKIN  (30min comcast local) 

 2/10/20 ALEX OVECHKIN -"THE CHASE TO 700"  Local NBCsports 1.5hr special featuring EVERY Ovechkin goal 

Tough Guys of the NHL -  NHLnet  (1hr) special  (3/2009)

6/18/09 JOE SAKIC - RETIREMENT NEWS Conference and retrospective (2hrs) NHLnet

8/6/09 JEREMY ROENICK - RETIREMENT Press Conference (1.5 hrs)

BRODEUR – “A Winner Above All”    (MSG special  2009)  2hrs


Lou Lamoriello– “off the ice”   NHLnet special about the Devils coach   5/16/10  (1hr)


WAYNE GRETZKY-  30 for 30  “A KINGS RANSOM”   2009 ESPN special show in series.. highlights the biggest trade in sports history  (1hr)


Brett Hull – Jersey Retirement ceremony    2006  (NHLnet replay)  1hr

Alex Ovechkin NHLnet 30min SPECIAL  (aired 12/12/09)

2/21/10  NBC Olympics Special:  30th Anniversary of the 1980 Team USA Miracle on Ice  (30min hosted by Al Micheals)  - this is different from all the other shows like it

2/19/20 Miracle on Ice - 40th Anniversary Special (NBCsports) Mike Turico interviews Al Michaels for retrospective view  (30min)

Johnathan Cheechoo -  Fox Bay Area 5min Highlight clip of all of Cheechoo's 56 goals of the 2005-2006 season

5/5/10 VS channel Sports Soup - ALL-HOCKEY Edition  (30min)  great clips etc

History of the Boston Bruins  (1hr NESN special)  aired  5/12/10

Bobby Orr & the Big Bad Bruins (1hr NESN special) aired 5/11/10

DARRYL SITTLER HIGHLIGHT VIDEO    goals/clips/fights  TOR and PHIL (home made)

5/28/10 Gary Bettman - News Conference  (state of the game) Announces 2011 Winter Classic will be Washington @ Pittsburgh - outdoors  Heinz field.  (2hrs)

Toronto Maple Leafs:  75th Anniversary Special     (90min  NHLnetwork)

Washington Capitals Special:  "IN DEPTH with Junior Seau)  5/10  VS. 30min special

TIGER PRIDE -  8 Decades of Colorado Hockey  (NCAA)    NHLnet aired special on 12/13/10  (1hr)

12/31/11  Winter Classic: OLD TIMERS GAME -- Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins   (features Mario Lemeiux)

October 11, 1972 - A Day that Changed the Game"  - Birth of the WHA  (1hr NHLnet special)

"Oil Change"  -  NHLNet "changes" special  Edmonton Oilers new team special  (1/11)  1hr

24-7 HBO SPECIAL:  -  Washington Capitals & Pittsburgh Penguins - Road to the Winter Classic
- will have all episodes  but only have 1 epi now

Minnesota North Stars -  Vintage Highlights & Old Timers TV Interview

Minnesota North Stars -  Vintage Highlights  that has 25 greatest moments in Stars history - plus has partial game footage of a Minn @ Chi 1992 game   (disc runs 40min)

3/1/11 - NHL Trade Deadline Show - Recap of moves  (2hrs)  NHLnet


Rick Jannerret's Top Shelf -  Best calls (Buffalo Sabres' announcer)

HBO's:  24-7   Washington Capitals & Pittsburgh Penguins  -  4 show series leading up to the 2010 Winter Classic  (2010)   Live HBO recordings (not a re-run)  unedited and uncenssored.  (2 discs)

10/8/11  PETER FORSBERG RETIREMENT CEREMONY  - from Colorado    (1.5hrs)  FoxRM-local colorado sports channel

MIKE MODANO - AMERICAN ICON   (1hr NHLnet special) documentary (2012)

3/7/12 Mario Lemieux:  "LE MAGNIFIQUE"  Live Bronze Statue Ceremony from the igloo  (NHLnet picks up local Pittsburgh feed)   1hr

NY Rangers:  "THE ROAD TO VICTORY"   The New York Rangers Story  (2012 NHLnet special)  2hrs

1994 New York Rangers - Stanley cup Parade and Celebration - local NY feeds interviews, and highlights etc  (1 disc)

Blackhawks TV:  Monuments to Excellence:  Bobby Hull & Stan Mikita    (2012 NHLnet special)  1hr

JAROMIR JAGR:   Back to the NHL as a Flyer!     2011-2012 highlights and goals

PETER BONDRA - "BONZAI"  - homemade highlight video of goals etc (circa 1997-98)   (45min)

2011 Boston Bruins - Stanley Cup Championship Video  (NHLnet special)  1.5hrs

MSG Vault specialt:  1970 Playoffs  Boston @ NY Rangers  Game 3 (+ other footage from that time frame)    45min

MSG Vault special:  1975 NY Islanders Playoffs footage run plus interviews with members of the team

BERNIE PARENT - Home-made Highlights video

Vincent LeCavalier - Highlight video of hits/fights/goals and more

2012 LA KINGS - Championship Video    (NHLnet)

Chicago Blackhawks: Monuments to Excellence - Bobby Hull & Stan Mikita  (1hr special on NHLnet)



4/11/15  Gordie Howe Special - 55th annual celebrity dinner  (1hr)  NHLnet

4/14/15 "FORT NEVERLOOSE" - Story of the NY Islanders history at Nassau Coliseum  (2015 final season before stadium torn down)  (1hr) NHLnet

12/10/14 JEAN BELIVEAU Funeral and tribute  (NHLnet)

3/15/89 Eddie Giacomin # retirement Ceremony (pre Winnipeg @ NY Rangers game)  1hr + highlights (MSG coverage)   TN

1998 -  1999 Season Highlights (home made video of hits/goals/fights/etc)  2 discs 

DEREK SANDERSON - Center of Attention - An Unreal Life  (awesome NBCsports 1hr documentary about the wild hockey & personal life of Sanderson during the Bruins hay-day years!

2015 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Victory Parade

6/12/18 Washington Captials Stanley Cup Parade and Celebration
- NBC 4 coverage (4hrs= 2 discs)
- News Channel 8 (4hrs= 2 discs)
- Fox 5 (local)  2hrs
- ABC7 (local)  2hrs
- CBS 9 (local)  2hrs

7/12/21 Tampa Bay Stanley Cup Ceremony Boat Parade  (local tampa ch)

2003-2004 Season - TOP 10 GOALS -   short Highlight Show

"HOCKEY FALLS" - BUD LIGHT COMMERCIAL COLLECTION  (7 commercials from 3 mullet headed hockey guys!)

DATE THAT CHANGED THE GAME    (NHLnet 1hr specials)
October 11, 1972 -  Birth of the WHA 
December 2, 1995 -  Patrick Roy traded from Canadiens
June 22,1991  -  Eric Lindros Trade
August 9, 1988  -  Wayne Gretzky traded to Kings
8/24/80   -   Stasny Brothers defection
Expansion  -  league expands beyond original 6 teams

DON CHERRY'S GRAPEVINE EPISODES  (30min each -- Replays from NHLnet):
Pat Lafontaine
Bobby Orr
Tony Esposito
Danny Gallivan
"Rocket" Richard
Al MacInnis
Chris Nilan
Gerry Cheevers
Gump Worsley
Marty McSorely


FROZEN IN TIME  (1hr highlight vids):
1988-1989 Calgary Flames 

Bruce Hoffort - former Flyers goalie (1989-92) Speaks at a non-hockey related conference  (25min) - from home tapes

2/21/21 MIKE "DOC" EMERICK - The Voice of Hockey - (1hr Tribute to the best hockey announcer ever)  (NBC special)

1972-79  Les Nordiques – Norte Equipe’    1hr French commercial video looking back at the early Nords years
Philadelphia Flyers - Champions Again  1974-75 season and cup review (commerical AUDIO CD)-- orginally was an LP/vinyl record
Minnesota's PRIDE ON ICE   - 75 years of Golden Gopher Hockey  (MSC)
84-85 Flyers "Beyond all Expectations" year in review 25min SP
85-86 Flyers "Triumph & Tragedy" year in review 45min SP
1986 St. Louis Blues -  TRUE BLUES    1hr+ vintage documentary (very rare)
1987 The Boys on the Bus -  1987 Edmonton Oilers Story  (1987)  (90min)
1987-88 Boston Bruins:  "JUST CAN'T WAIT"  TV38 1hr special from TV   TN

Boston Bruins:  History of the Boston Bruins   (2009 commercial video)  2 disks
86-87 Flyers "Blood, Sweat & Cheers" year in review 30-45 min SP
86-87  Detroit Red Wings"Just a Matter of Time"
86-87  Whalermania    40min commercial video from insurance co. – highlights of the year
1987-88 Washington Capitals - "Another Wild Ride" highlight film - stars with 2 music videos: "Double Trouble" & "Out on Top"
87-88 Flyers "Fighting Back"
87-88 Red Wings "We're for Real"  season highlites (rare video)
1989-90 Chicago Blackhawks highlight video - "Tradition on Ice"
1988  The Boys are Back – 1988 Edmonton Oilers Story  (1988)   (1hr)
88-89 Flyers "Never Say Die"
88-89 LA Kings "Year in Review"
88-89 Penguins "There's a team in the building" (5 min segment at end- from KDKA sports-"Lemieux's top 10 goals"
1988-1989 Pittsburgh Penguins home-made playoff highlights video
1989-1990 Pittsburgh Penguins home-made regular season highlights video
88-89 Rangers "year of rookies"  (45min)
1989 Calgary Flames "C" of Champions (1989 stanley cup playoffs) (60min)
89-90 Rangers  "Poised for Glory"  (45min)
89-90 Capitals "more than a team - An april to remember" music video and highlites
89-90 LA Kings "kings video yearbook"
90-91 LA Kings  25th Anniversary - The Silver Season  (65min)
90-91 Chicago Blackhawks "High Hopes, Shattered Dreams" 
90-91 Rangers  "power play"
90-91 Stars "shooting stars"
1991 NY Rangers – Stanley Cup Champions  (50min)  commercial video
91-92 FINtastic Voyage -  Inaugural Season of the San Jose Sharks   76min
91-92 Penguins "against the odds"
91-92 Chicago Blackhawks Highlight Video
92-93 Chicago Blackhawks Highlight Video
92-93 Penguins "portrait of courage"
92-93 Maple Leafs  "The Passion Returns"
92-93 Capitals "capital attitude"
93-94 Chicago Blackhawks Highlight Video "Remember the Roar"
93-94 Stars "Deep in the Heart of Texas": Innagural Season year in review  45min
1993 Montreal Canadiens  - Stanley Cup Champions  (MON vs. LA)
1994 New York Rangers - Stanley Cup Champions  ABC video   (NYR vs. VAN)  50min
1994 OH BABY -   story of the  93-94 Stanley cup champs NY Rangers ( same as above??) 
93-94 SAN JOSE SHARKS - The Greatest Turnaround 
93-94 Anaheim Mighty Ducks Inaugural season  video - Defenders on the Pond
93-94 A Dream Under Construction  Tampa Bay Lightning official highlight video
93-94 Florida Panthers - Heart & Soul - story of panthers inaugural season
93-94 Penguins HIGHLITES  (1hr)
94-95 Penguins HIGHLITES  (1hr)
95-96 The Colorado Avalanche LANDSLIDE   (45min)
1996 Chicago Blackhawks  70th Anniversary   1996 highlights - tradition continues
1996 Utah Grizzlies: “Back 2 Back”  - official highlight video of Turner cup champs  (65min)
1997 HOCKEYTOWN  story of the 96-97 Stanley Cup winners - Detroit Red WIngs
97-98 Penguins "One to Grow On"  (1hr)
97-98 Vancouver Canucks     2 tapes from season ticket holders  (runs 30-45min max)
98-99 Nothing Else Matters - Dallas Stars Championship season! 
98-99 Buffalo Sabres  STEP BY STEP   Highlite season video  (DVDmaster)  about  30-45min
2000 New Jersey Devils  - “Second Heaven”  2000 Cup Champions story  55min
00-01 LA KINGS  - A Season To Remember    1-888-Kings-LA
2002 Minnesota Wild: The State of Hockey
2002-2003 New Jersey Devils - Stanley Cup Champions  (NHL video)
1993-2003 Anaheim Mighty Ducks – “A Mighty Decade”
2003-2004 Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup Champions  (1hr)
2005 Detroit Red Wings - 5 disk commercial DVD set
2006-2007 Stanley Cup Champions – Anaheim Mighty Ducks  (1:15) NHL DVD
2007-08 Detroit Redwings – Stanley Cup Champions  (commercial video)  2hrs
History of the Philadelphia Flyers (2007) (DVD)
NEW YORK RANGERS - Tradition on Ice  62 year history of the Rangers  (1hr)
New York Rangers - Classic Moments - the first 70 years  (the wiz)
Philadelphia Flyers " 25 years of pride & tradition"
Don Cherry's rock'em sock'em hockey
Don Cherry's rock'em sock'em hockey  4
Don Cherry's rock'em sock'em hockey  6
75 Years of NHL Hockey
Hockey 1994 - the best on Ice  (Molson)
The Best of Bobby Orr
The Best of '93  (Molson)
The Best of Hockey's Hardest Hitters (Molson)
Devastating HITS of hockey
Hockey's All-Time All-Stars
Top 50 Playoff goals
Wayne Gretzky's All Star Hockey Tips
One on One with the Stars (volume 3) Positioning (training video)
Game Time with the Vancouver Canucks (1990's training & skills video - with canucks stars)
Mario "story of mario's rise to stardom" (1989)
100th Anniversary of the Stanely Cup
Super Dooper Hockey Bloopers
HOCKEY   slips slides and fights
91-92 "The Best of the Best on Ice" Molson video 40 min.
Hockey Hardest Hitters
Hilarious Hockey Bloopers
HOCKEY FIGHTS (front row video)  color and B&W   30min
Fantastic Hockey Fights  (30min)
HOCKEY FIGHTS (alpha video) 30min
Hockey’s Greatest Fighters -  1993 simitar minors commercial made fight video
Wild World of Sports Bloopers: HOCKEY   50min
Sports pages: 4 Hockey features  (2 tapes)  based on fighting and hits
Sports pages: Fantastic Hockey Fights
Hockey Bloopers and Big Hits  (2 tapes)
Hockey Fights - The Wild Side of Hockey  1993  ( 2 tapes)
Incredible Hockey Fights & Brawls
NHL Overtime     1996   45min
NHL Power Players - All Stars of the Game  1997   45min
Gretzky:  the great one and the next ones     1997   50min
LIGHTNING ON ICE - The History of Hockey   1991   50min (alan thicke) 
NHL 2000  A Millennium of Memories   55min
The Official History of the BOSTON GARDEN  - 1928-1995  -- "the banner years"   82min (hockey and more)
PHIL ESPOSITO  - greatest sports legends tape  (live interviews and film highlites)   30min
IHL  1992 - 1993 Highlites of the International Hockey League
2001 TLC (learning channel) SPECIAL  Sports Disasters Special (highlites a section on minor league wild fights...(1hr)
"DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES" - 1hr HBO Special about the 1980 team USA olympic hockey team
LEGENDS OF HOCKEY Series 1    5 tape box set  by TSN  1893 - 1996
LEGENDS OF HOCKEY Series 2   2 DVD set ( 5 volumes) set  by TSN  highlights more recent stars
LEGENDS OF HOCKEY (as aired by OLN in 2006) (1hr ea episode):
-- New era
-- Men of Steel 1939-1955
-- The Modern Era 1967-1996
-- Passing the Torch
--  Path to Glory
SEPTEMBER 1972 commercial box set-- 4 tapes in set that convert to 2 tapes :  USSR vs. Canada  SEPT 72  and  digitally remastered game 8
TIE DOMI - "WHAT IT TAKES"  rare  authentic autobiography type tape
100 THUNDEROUS HITS  (NHL video) 1992   45min

Portland Winterhawks  1976 - 1996  - 20 Years of Hockey  rare video!   30min
HOCKEY ... HERE'S  HOWE  - Goaltending   kvc   1hr
Great Plays from Great Games   1989   45min
THE ROCKET  - Maurice Richard   The Man... The Legend  (1998)  42min
The Game of Her Life  - story of 1997 Canada Women's Run to Championship (features Manon Rheume)  94min
Hockey: OATES TO NEELY TO YOU  by  Boston Bruins & CCM rare video  1994
Gunning for the BIGS - First Ever AHL Collectors Tape (fights goals hits)  40min
HOCKEY - Beyond Belief (gartner, walter, boschman, neilson, froese, jarvis, resch and more)  38min
KENTUCKY THROUGHBLADES --BREAKING THE ICE - Story of Sucess in the Bluegrass   30min
1991 Stanley Cup Playoffs  (pro set)  special NHL video     1hr
Pro Hockey SuperBloopers - Fabulous Fights - Greatest Hits  33min
BRETT HULL - HOCKEY'S TOP GUN  (midas)   45min
Gold Rush 2002   105min DVD Story of the 2002 olympics gold metal hockey team - canada
HOCKEY NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD  - celebrate 50 years of hockey in movies (gretzky, hansens, etc) 47min
BOBBY HULL - Greatest Sports Legends "The Golden Jet"  (1985)
Hockey Night - full length movie (74min) stars Rick Moranis 1984
MARIO - THE MAGNIFICENT  (1990)  50min
Canada Cup 1991 - Lords of the Ice    (1hr)
The Canada / Russia Games 1972   (labatts video)  (1hr)
The Blades of Summer - Labatt Canada Cup 1987 (1hr) highlites of series
Echoes in the Rink - Willie O'Ree Story "The Jackie Robinson of Hockey"  (1997) 30min   
LES CANADIENS  - 75 Year History of montreal canadiens  50min  (1985)
Best of the Chicago Wolves  Volume 2  (IHL team)   45min
Hockey - Beyond Belief  (1993)   38min  - gartner,walter, bassen, jarvis, froese, resch and more
Wayne Gretzky - The Ultimate Gretzky (2 disk set)
Wayne Gretzky – Above & Beyond    1990  (1hr)
NHL: Honor & Courage - Tough Guys of the NHL  (2005)  1.5hrs
Hockey’s All-Time All-Stars: Orr/Gretzky/Sawchuk/Howe/Harvey  (1990 molstar video)  1hr 
ICE DREAMS:  Minnesota State Hockey Tournament -- history of Minnesota high school hockey 2/19/03 Fox Special (1hr)

WASHINGTON CAPITALS : VIDEO MAGAZINE (96-97 season)    3 tapes compiled on one master copy
VOL 1 #1 ,   VOL 1 #2: Big Game Hunter  ,   VOL 1 #3: "polaroids"  , VOL 1 #4: New Faces Going Places ,   and   VOL 2  #2
WASHINGTON CAPITALS : VIDEO MAGAZINE (97-98 season)    4 tapes compiled on one master copy
VOL 2 #1: powerplay          VOL 2 #3:  Ron Wilson           VOL 2 #4: Cup Crazy             Special on 97-98 EC champs
WASHINGTON CAPITALS : VIDEO MAGAZINE (98-99 season)    1 tape so far on one master copy
VOL 3 #1:  "MCI Center"

Philadelphia Flyers – 10 Greatest Games – DVD box set
-1974 Stanley Cup vs. Boston  GAME 2  5/9/74
-1974 Stanley Cup vs. Boston  GAME 6  5/19/74
-1975 Stanley Cup vs. Buffalo  GAME 6  5/27/75
-1976 vs. Soviet Army  1/11/76
-1979 vs. Boston  12/22/79
-1985 Playoffs vs. NY Rangers  GAME 3  4/13/85
-1987 Stanley Cup vs. Edmonton  GAME 6  5/28/87
-2000 Playoffs vs. Pittsburgh  GAME 4  5/4/00
-2004 Playoffs vs. Toronto  GAME 6  5/4/04
-2004 Playoffs vs. Tampa Bay GAME 6  5/20/04


DETROIT RED WINGS:  Original Six Series
4 double sided DVD set of all the best REDWINGS vids
-- All 4 official wings highlight series, plus 5 of the best games ever (playoffs/cups)