WWF,  WWWF,  WCW,  ECW   etc.

WWF PPV's        (plus I have numerous USA Monday raws and Sunday heats)
WWF Royal Rumble  1990  old PPV  DVDmaster
WWF 1993 WWF Survivor Series PPV  + misc wrestling afterwards
WWF 1996 Survivor Series - psycho sid beats sean micheals  (espanol feed)
WWF King of the Ring 6/97
WWF Summer Slam 1997
WWF Survior Series- Gang Rulz (Brett Hart's last WWF match) 11/97
WWF Royal Rumble pay-per-view 1/18/98
WWF NO WAY OUT (pay per view) 2/15/98

WWF Wrestlemania 14 pay-per-view event 3/29/98
WWF Unforgiven pay-per-view 4/26/98
WWF Over the Edge pay-per-view  5/31/98
WWF RAW is WAR satelite feed  (circa 5/98) footage of sable and sunny you didnt see on cable!!!! plus the annoucners say things you DONT HEAR on cable!
WWF KING OF THE RING  pay-per-view  6/28/98
WWF FULLY LOADED (sable-jaqueline bikini match!)  pay-per-view  7/26/98
WWF SUMMER SLAM  Highway-to-Hell  pay-per-view  8/30/98
WWF Break Down  pay-per-view 9/27/98
WWF Judgement Day  10/18/98
WWF Survivor Series  "deadly game" (the rock wins championship)   11/15/98
WWF ROCK BOTTOM   "buried alive match"   12/13/98
WWF Capital Carnage   (hard to find ppv only seen in the UK)   12/98
WWF ROYAL RUMBLE "no chance in hell"  Mcmahon to Wrestlemania?!   1/25/99
WWF Valentine's Day Masacre   2/14/99  (2 tapes) 
WWF Wrestlemania XXV   3/28/99  (3 tapes - incl.  Austin on Connan, sable xpose,sunday heat (pre wrestl), post wrestl-home shop
WWF Backlash  4/25/99
WWF Over the Edge  5/23/99 Owen Hart Dies from 50ft fall to ring!
WWF RAW IS WAR -  5/24/99    Tribute to Owen Hart  (an emotional event- wow) WWF King of the Rink   6/27/99
WWF Fully Loaded  7/25/99
WWF Summer Slam  8/22/99  (Jessie!)
WWF Unforgiven  9/26/99
WWF No Mercy  10/17/99
WWF Survivor Series 11/14/99
WWF Armageddon 12/12/99
WWF Royal Rumble 1/23/00
WWF No Way Out  2/27/00  Mick Foley retires
WWF WRESTLEMANIA  - 8 tape full day set (includes heat and post event interviews) 3/00
WWF Backlash 4/30/00   (rock wins title  -- austin returns)
WWF Judgement Day  (plus  5/22 raw)  5/21/00  (HHH wins title back and Undertaker returns) 
WWF King of the Ring  6/25/00   Kurt Angle wins!
WWF Fully Loaded  7/23/00
WWF Summer Slam  8/27/00  2 tapes that include Rock on Leno, HHH on Conan, and Heat
WWF Unforgiven 9/24/00   STONE COLD returns
WWF NO MERCY  10/24/00
WWF Survivor Series  11/19/00
WWF ROYAL RUMBLE   1/21/01   Stone Cold wins and is slated to go to wrestlemania for championship
WWF No Way Out   2/25/01
WWF WRESTLEMANIA  17 (X7)  4/2/01  (2 tapes)
WWF Monday Raw  - 3/26/01 Crosses over with WCW final event (nitro)
WWF Backlash  4/29/01
WWF Judgement Day   5/20/01  (misses first min or so)
WWF KING of the RING   6/24/01
WWF INVASION    7/22/01    WWF - battles - WCW ECW 
WWF Summer Slam  8/20/01
WWF NO MERCY   10/21/01
WWF No Way Out  - NWO  Hulk Hogan  RETURNS to WWF wrestling!!!!!
WWF WRESTLEMANIA  18      3/17/02   about  4 hours   - HHH becomes undisputed WWF champ
WWF No Way Out      2/23/03   hogan, rock, austin, vince, micheals, y2J and more
WWE WRESTLEMANIA 19     3/30/03   about  4hrs  ROCK, STONE COLD, HULK, HHH, Sean Micheals, Y2J 
WWE Backlash  4/27/03     Rock vs Goldberg
WWE JUDGEMENT DAY   5/18/03  Sable vs Wilson bikini's, intercontinental rumble  (T-180)

10/3/05  WWE Wrestling: “Homecoming”  Monday Night Raw is BACK ON USA Network  (4hr special)  many old timers too
1/29/06 WWE Royal Rumble   PPV
4/2/06 WWE Wrestlmania 22  PPV  (2 disks)
6/11/06 WWE-ECW PPV crossover  (Manhattan Center, NY)  2 disks

WWF MAYHEM IN MANCHESTER (england)   1hr store made version of the event.
WWF 1980's Vintage TV events 

1/12/85 WWF Spectrum Wrestling 
3/17/85 WWF Spectrum Wrestling 

4/27/85 WWF Spectrum Wrestling 
5/25/85 WWF Spectrum Wrestling 
7/3/85   WWF Spectrum Wrestling 
7/27/85 WWF Spectrum Wrestling 
8/??/85  WWF Spectrum Wrestling   
9/28/85  WWF Spectrum Wrestling
10/5/85  WWF Saturday Night Main Event
11/2/85  WWF Saturday Night Main Event
12/8/85  WWF Spectrum Wrestling 
1/4/86   WWF Saturday Night Main Event
3/1/86    WWF Saturday Night Main Event
3/14/87  WWF Spectrum Wrestling
3/14/87  WWF Saturday Night Main Event
10/3/87  WWF Saturday Night Main Event
4/30/88  WWF Saturday Night Main Event
10/29/88 WWF Saturday Night Main Event
3/11/89  WWF Saturday Night Main Event
5/19/89 WWF TV event/show  (1hr)

---- 8 DVD disc set of misc vintage WWF/AWA/NWA/WCCW matches and events

Saturday Night Main Event - Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant     date?
WWF - Off the Top Rope  (1995) WWF 1hr video   DVD

WWF-  Wrestling:  Most Amazing Momments  1986   (1hr)
WWF-  Wrestling’s Most Embarrassing Moments  (2hrs)

WWF-  2nd Survivor Series – 1988
WWF- 1989 Summer Slam

Date? WWF:  Raw is War  TNN Broadcast  (live from Orlando FL)  2hrs taped from TV

    (plus I have numerous TNT Nitros and TBS thunders)

Great American Bash – 1986 Turner Video    - vintage footage of old American Bash events
WCW Slamboree  1996
WCW Great American Bash 97
WCW Road Wild 8/97
WCW Fall Brawl "war games" 9/97
WCW World War 3 pay per view 11/97
WCW STARCADE (sting vs. Hogan) pay-per-view 12/97
WCW UNCENSORED pay-per-view  3/15/98
WCW SLAMBOREE  pay-per-view 5/16/98
WCW Great American Bash 98  6/15/98 pay-per-view (2 tapes - includes 6/16 nitro too)
WCW Bash at the Beach 98    pay-per-view  7/12/98
WCW Road Wild 98  pay-per-view 8/8/98  (2 tapes - includes bonus Travis Tritt show and 8/9 WWF SUN HEAT at end)
WCW Fall Brawl  ( just last match) 9/98
WCW Halloween Havoc    pay-per-view 10/25/98
WCW World War 3   pay-per-view  11/22/98
WCW NITRO  12/13/98  Ric Flair has heartattack!
WCW Starcade  12/27/98 ppv  NASH wins belt!
WCW BEST OF 1998 "year in review"   1/1/98 TNT   3 hours
WCW Superbrawl  IX  (9)     pay-per-view   2/21/99
WCW UNCENSORED  (Hogan looses belt to Flair)  ppv 3/14/99  (2tapes)
WCW Spring Stampeede  pay-per-view  4/11/99
WCW Slamboree  5/9/99
WCW Great American Bash  6/13/99
7/5/99  WWF Raw & WCW Nitro  - MEGADETH PERFORMS "Crush "em"
WCW Bash @ the Beach  7/11/99
WCW Road Wild  8/16/99
WCW Fall Brawl  9/12/99
WCW Halloween Havok 10/14/99
WCW Mayhem  11/21/99
WCW Starcade 12/19/99
WCW Souled Out   1/16/00
WCW Uncensored  3/19/00
WCW Bash @ the Beach  7/9/00 
3/26/01 WCW Monday Nitro  - LAST WCW EVENT - Crossover with WWF telecast (i have that too)

ECW HARDCORE HEAVEN 8/17/97 a pay per view event (EP)
ECW Wrestlpalooza pay-per-view 5/3/98
ECW Heat Wave  pay-per-view  8/2/98
ECW November to Remember  11/1/98
ECW Guilty as Charged 1/10/99
ECW Living Dangerously 3/21/99
ECW Hardcore Heaven  5/16/99
ECW Heatwave  7/18/99
ECW Anarchy Rulz 9/19/99
ECW November to Remember 11/7/99
ECW Guilty as Charged 1/9/00
ECW Living Dangerously 3/12/00
ECW Hardcore Heaven   5/14/00
ECW November to Remember  11/6/00
ECW Deep Impact   (2000)   108min
6/11/06 WWE-ECW PPV crossover  (Manhattan Center, NY)  2 disks
12/17/11 WWE  TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS (1hr NBC special)  Nickleback and Mary J Blige perform
ECW Hardcore Revolution  (akklaim video   2000)
ECW The Best of Cactus Jack  (2000)  210min   ECW DVD

Hitman Hart: Wrestling in Shadows  A&E network  ( 2hrs)
The unreal story about professional wrestling   A&E network   ( 2 hrs)
The Secrets of Pro-Wrestling Exposed   NBC   11/1/98   (1 hr)
Andre the Giant: A&E Biography  special   1hr  (tape starts 1-2min late)
Headliners & Legends: VINCE MCMAHON (MSNBC) 1hr Special  11/2/99  (like a biography of VM)
A&E WRESTLING SPECIAL WEEK (11/15 -19/99) ---- a series of 1 hour specials  (list below)
11/15: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Lord of the Ring
11/16: Owen Hart - Life and Death of Owen Hart
11/17: Mick Foley - Madman Unmasked
11/18: Jessie Ventura - The Body Politic  (starts 10min late)
11/19: Andre the Giant - Larger than Life
11/25/98 LENO:  Hollywood Hulk Hogan announces retirement from Pro-Wrestling and candidacy for pres.  (15 min)
12/99 Politically Incorrect - with WCW stars discussing/arguing wrestling
3/00 SNL with the ROCK, Conan with the BIG SHOW, Jay Leno with the ROCK
GLOW - Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling  VOLUMES 1 and 2     2hrs total 
             RARE 1980's video of beginning of women in the wrestling scene    DVDmaster
JCW - Juggalo Championshit Wrestling (1hr 20min) 2000  ICP and wacky rude announcers is more garage league than ECW
combo tape: A&E -Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling, NBC Pro Wrestling Exposed, Hitman Hart - wrestling in shadows
1980's NBC Saturday Main Event  Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant
AWA Wrestling: All Star Wrestling -  Sgt. Slaughter & Co.   (1hr)
WWF:  AUSTIN 3:16 Uncensored  1998 (1hr) 
WWF:  Brains behind the Brawn  (1989)  the managers!   (90min)

WWF: ‘Cause Stone Cold Said So (Steve Austin)   1998  (1hr)
WWF:  Brett Hitman Hart  (2005  4 DVD special)
WWF: D Generation X      1998   (1hr)
WWF: World’s Greatest Wrestling Managers (official WWF dvd)
WWE: Diva's Undressed  (golden thong award too)   2002   (2hrs)
WWE: McMahon  (2 DVD set)   2006
W.E.W.- Women’s Extreme Wrestling – Nude Pin Down PPV special  (wrestling and hot chicks) (1hr)
WWW: World of Women's Wrestling - Survival Session     (1999)  30min
WWW: World of Women's Wrestling - Nowhere to Hide     (1999)  30min
WWW: World of Women's Wrestling - Thunder in the Ring (1999)  30min
Wild Women of Wrestling Collection - Beauties & Bullies (disc 1)  2004 re-release of vintage women's  wrestling  (2hrs)
LPWA - Super Ladies of Wrestling  - No Holds Barred
IWF - Muscle Rock Madness   30min  1980's upstart league
Great American Bash – 1986 Turner Video    - vintage footage of old American Bash events
The Roddy Piper Story -  WWF 3 disk video set “Born to Controversy”
Jake the Snake Roberts – Pick your Poison  (official WWF video)  2 disks
6/25/07  WWE Tribute to Chris Benoit  (partial)  (before its known that he killed his family)
WWE: Ric Flair & the Four Horsemen  (200min  WWE video)  2 DVD set
WWF: Most Memorable Matches of 1999     (90min)
WWF: 1997 Slammy Awards  Show  (1hr 15min WWF video)
WWF: Piledriver - wrestling album II  (1987)  45min
WWF: The Hulkster - Hulk Hogan  (1986)  45min
1988 NWA Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup  (125min)
NWA Wrestling: The Danger Zone - most powerful & devastating moments  (1987)  65min
WCW: Best of Starcade  1983 – 1990    (1hr) 1999
3 disks of homemade edits of Professional wrestling spots/interviews/shows/etc:
      -- Jenny Jones, Tonight Show, Regis & Kathy Lee, A&E Biography  (circa 1990’s)
Sgt. Slaughter  -  1990 AWA Wrestling video  (30min)
AWA - Verne Gagne All-Star Wrestling: THE ROAD WARRIORS - road to the championship  (1985 AWA video)(30min)
WWF: HULK HOGAN'S  -  Rock 'N' Wrestling  Volume 3  (cartoon episodes)  1999   (45min)
12/17/11 WWE  TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS (1hr NBC special)  Nickleback and Mary J Blige perform
TMW The Best of Masato Tanaka (2001)   93min
WWE - Greatest Stars of the 90's  (3 DVD set)
12/22/12 WWE Tribute to the Troops SPECIAL on NBC primetime (1hr)
10/4/19 WWE Smackdown ON FOX (first time primetime on FOX Friday night - has pre-show too (many WWF/WWE veterans present)
Misc VHS videos recorded from TV shows - transferred to DVD:
8/3/14 WrestleMania 30 - world television premier  (pre-wrestlemania hype show aired on NBC (1hr)  Hulk Hogan/Stone Cold/The Rock
4/30/99 WWF Backlash PPV  - THE ROCK wins the Title from HHH!!! 5 discs = 10hrs = BackashPPV, followed by next Ntiros 
7/5/99 WWF Raw?? &?? 7/5/99 WCW Nitro?? Brett Hart, MEGADETH PERFORMS Crush 'Em, Goldberg returns
11/99 WCW nitro show,  ECW, WWF (schwartznegger guest)  (2 discs) 4hrs
1999 Summer slam, First Smackdown, First ECW on TNN   (2 discs)
1999 WWF PPV No Mercy, WCW Nitro   (2 discs)
date?:  WCW Monday Nitro + WWF Monday Raw  (from VHS tape) (2 discs)
date?:  Before March PPV - WCW monday Nitro  - emotional Hacksaw Jim Dugan comes back from Cancer (speach)
date?:  WCW Nitro   Sting vs DDP  and Ric Flair in insane assylum (2 discs)
6/1/98 WCW Nitro (live from MCI center - washington DC)  video glitchy
date? WWF Raw & WCW Nitro - combo   Sean Michaels denies hitting other wrestler with car
ECW - Year of Living Dangerously - Plus WCW nitros / WWF raws in same time frame (GREAT STUFF!)  (4hrs)  Mae gets body slammed off stage!
WCW -(date?  PPV  Great American Bash  - Randy Savage keeps heavyweight title
WCW  Nitros (edited)   This is the NWO era stuff.
4/2/00 Wrestlemania 2000  PPV feed  (Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim CA) + Nitros + Raw
3/26/01 WWF Monday Raw X-over with?? WCW nitro final show

Professional Wrestling WWF & WCW - TV shows/events from 1998 - 2000  (VHS taped by fan)  Videos may jump around --Sorry dates unknown

WWE - Invasion  & Part of WCW Super Brawl  (from Cleveland OH) (2 discs)
WCW - Halloween Havok & nitros (NWO wolfpack vs NWO back-red drama)  (2 discs)
WCW - Nitro & Tunder - some WWF live  (tape marked 4/2000)   (has audio wobble)  (2 discs)
WCW - Nitro & WWF Raw is War episodes  (circa 4/1999)  (Rey Mysterio unmasked) (2 discs)
WCW - Nitros & WWF Raws - Rock/Stone cold era  (4hrs misc)  DATE?